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2011/05/24 Public Hearing
Excerpt from Board of Selectmen Minutes 05/24/2011
Proposed Ordinances “Amended Town of Sebago Parking Ordinance” “Amended Town of Sebago Beach Ordinance” and Fire/Rescue Building Land Acquisition

Chairman, Ann Farley opened the Public Hearing at 6:01 p.m.

Fire/Rescue Building Land Acquisition

Ann Farley explained that it was a goal of the Board of Selectmen to look into the Fire/Rescue Building because Fire Station 2 is in such bad shape. ~Jim Smith explained, in detail, the proposed design plan and the “historical” background on the progression of this project to date. ~There was quite a bit of discussion on this subject with the highlights of the conversation as follows:

·       The Shaw Brothers may provide funding through a bond for a fifteen year period instead of the usual ten year period.
·       The Shaw Brothers property meets the ISO insurance rating for the five (5) mile radius in the Town of Sebago. ~Visibility for pulling out onto the road is very desirable whether you take a left or right hand turn. ~The Shaw Brothers will grant a 60 foot right-of-way, for the entrance to the building, to the town. ~Jim Smith is looking at sharing the costs for developing the entranceway with Shaw Brothers because they will also have the use of the roadway. ~~
·       The Town of Standish doesn’t have a fire engine in close proximity to the Ward’s Cove area; therefore, they would like to place one of their fire engines in this new building and maintain it for mutual aide in fighting fires in both towns. ~This would eliminate the need to purchase/replace another fire engine for the Town of Sebago. ~It was noted that the Town of Standish has had a similar agreement with the Town of Gorham for the past fifteen years and it is working out very well.
·       Funds from the CIP (Capital Investment Program) that were previously earmarked for Engine 2, Tank 2, and the Land Acquisition Fund could be used to purchase the land, and perform the preliminary site work if approved by the residents. ~~~
·       There was some concern about whether or not the Land Acquisition Fund was originally set up to purchase recreational land only. ~Jim Smith will look into the matter. ~~~~~~
·       Concern was expressed about the Shaw Brothers being the seller of the property and the holder of the bond being a potential conflict of interest. ~It was determined that these are two separate transactions that are not tied together therefore there would be no conflict of interest.
·       The consensus of the audience was that construction costs will continue to rise and it will never be less expensive to build this building. ~It will only get more expensive as time goes on. ~Therefore a definitive plan should be developed including the costs associated with purchasing the land and constructing the building. ~An assessment of the affect it would have on the property tax rates would be helpful to the residents when voting on the matter. ~Jim Smith will look into putting this information together with an estimate of how it will affect the tax rates. ~
·       There was some discussion on the pros and cons of combining the Fire and Rescue departments into one building. ~One question that has been broached to the Town Manager is what will be done with the existing Rescue Building. ~Jim stated that one possible option would be to make it a satellite building for law enforcement. ~
There being no further discussion, the Public Hearing was closed at 7:35 p.m