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2011/12/06 Public Hearing
Town of Sebago
Fire/Rescue Building
December 6, 2011

Chairman, Ann Farley opened the Public Hearing at 6:01 p.m.

There were approximately 35 people in attendance, including the following who signed in:  Ben and Sue Bowditch, Marcia Christensen, Jim Libby, Mary MacKinnon, Cindy Wilson, Joey Westberry, Peter Pelton, Ted Davis, Claudia and Phil Lowe,  Kurt Christensen, Ed Fitzgerald,  David Littlefield, Ken Littlefield, Michael Foye, Jason Schoolcraft, Rick Dennen, Susan Gassett, Carl Dolloff, Phil Strike, Linda and Jim Panzere, Norm Story, Chris Balchunas, Allen Crabtree, Ann Farley, Jim Smith, Jeff Fleming.

Allen Crabtree gave a power point presentation on the proposed fire and rescue building for Sebago and responses to comments raised at the October 25, 2011 public hearing.  A copy of this presentation is attached.

There were a number of questions raised and comments made concerning the proposal, including:  

·       Does the paving include the ramp as well as the road.  Or will this be added at a later date?
·       What is the square footage of the three buildings that this new building would replace?
·       The cost for the Shore Road upgrade is too high – costs have been inflated to favor the Shaw Brothers site.
·       Has there been any discussion with Shore Road abutters?
·       The cost of the sediment pond ($30k) at the Station 2 site is too high.
·       The cost of demolition of old Station 2 is too high.
·       Why do we need a new building if we are only talking seconds less for response?
·       The cost of renovating Station 2 is too high ($324k).
·       Station 2 is a wreck, but it could be torn down and rebuilt for $250k.
·       The  new station should be built on town land on the ball fields, behind the cellar hole site for easy access to Route 114.
·       Rescue building is OK now and replacement is not needed.
·       New building should be done in two pieces, back section added later.
·       The site plan is poorly done and does not provide for drainage.
·       Drainage off the site will go down the road causing ice in the winter
·       Culverts need to be added and site plan redone properly.
·       There is a walkway on the plan that goes nowhere – no door.
·       Why are we specifying granite curbs on the site plan?  Too expensive.
·       Agree town needs a new station, just not in the pit.  This is the wrong site.
·       Station 2 is deplorable and needs to be replaced.
·       New station provides better response time and financing is favorable now.
·       How difficult will it be to get fire volunteers for the department?
·       The annual cost of the new building would be the same as 7 gallons of milk.
·       With student interns at the building plus 2 on-duty during 12-hour shifts we will have extra manpower for daytime calls.
·       Can we get a 15-year note for  new construction?
·       A new station at the Station 2 would be set back from the road.
·       The core issue is whether we need a new building – we do!
·       Where should it be built?  Shaw Brothers site is cheapest.
·       There is  not enough room behind Station 2 for a new station.
·       Not opposed to a new building, but the Shaw Brothers site is a bad site.
·       Building on the Station 2 would be a major cost on land that is not completely clear titled for the town.

The Fire and Rescue Building Task Force will address these comments and questions at future meetings, and if necessary will hold an additional public hearing.  None is scheduled now.

The audience was asked for a show of hands if they favored voting for the new fire and rescue building in a referendum or at an open town meeting or open special town meeting.  The response was nearly unanimous for a referendum.

There being no further discussion, the Public Hearing was closed at 8:35 p.m.