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2011/11/16 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes from Meeting of November 16, 2011

Meeting opened at 7:07 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Task Force members Jim Smith, Phil Strike, Ann Farley, Anita Chadbourne, and Allen Crabtree.  Absent were members Tim Smith, Carl Dolloff, and Alan Greene, as well as guests Fire Chief Brent Libby, and Fire Chief Ken Littlefield.   Guests present were Architect Jeff Fleming, Benson Bowditch, Edythe Harndon, and Phil Lowe.

Estimate of Alternate Site Development Costs

Minutes from the November 2, 2011 meeting were reviewed, and the consensus was to include paving costs ($20,300) back in for all alternate site estimates.  The drainage swale expected to be required for the Shaw Brothers site and the Town Sand Pit site was estimated at $5,00 and was included; the drainage pond for the Station 2 site was estimated at $30,000 based on Teradyne figures.  Jon Whitten said that he had done an analysis of the turning radius out of the new building as sited and the turns for fire trucks were well within acceptable norms.  Phil suggested that the cost estimates include lines for keeping Station 3 open and continuing to fund Engine 3 in the CIP for the Town Sand Pit and the Station 2 sites.

The upgrade for Shore Road will be needed at some point in the future even if the new building is put at the Town Sand Pit.  It is showing signs of heavy wear, needs to be widened and a sidewalk added.  Phil Lowe commented that including this price with the new building would allow a much better financing rate rather than including it in the operating budget for paving.

Site and Road Grade Concerns

Phil Lowe said that town code required max of 6% slope on collector roads (which the proposed driveway would be at the Shaw Pit) and 9% for minor roads.  The 6% proposed meets code.  The slope could be reduced with increased fill on the access road, possibly coupled with moving the building back on the site.  

Jon estimated that the overall site might be lowered by as much as 2’ with lengthening the access road and reducing the slope.  Jim will work with Jon to quantify these numbers and the amount of fill involved, as this would influence site development costs.  Another test pit for an alternate septic location will be dug.

There was discussion that it would be helpful for citizens to better understand the concept of a 6% grade road if an example could be identified and marked.

Presentation for December 6 Public Hearing

Phil Strike presented response times for Engine 4 at the proposed site, Station 2, and EMS building to bottom of Long Hill Road.  Times were 38 sec, 57 sec and 100 sec respectively.

Shaw Brothers Meeting

Ann, Jim and Allen met with Tom Beagle and Dan Shaw at the Shaw Brothers building on November 15.  They said that alternative siting of the building on the Shaw Brothers land was discussed, and Shaw Brothers said that they would not be interested in siting the building either at their south access road nor in “flipping” the site to the south side of the proposed access road, siting their future use and development of their site.  

They agreed to offer the same financing if the building were built at another location.  They would want only two deed conditions – the first right of refusal if the town ever decided to dispose of the land, and the town’s agreeing that Shaw could continue to use their land as a gravel pit and would not seek at some point in the future to restrict Shaw Brothers gravel operations there.  

Finally they suggested that the RFP that is sent out for the site development work include an option for the operator to be bonded.  If Shaw were the successful bidder they felt they could do the site development work in 3 to 4 weeks.

Neal Courtney Recommendations

The recommendations were distributed and discussed.  Neil suggested taking the space now dedicated for two bays at the side of the building and moving the equipment to the front.  Expand all four bays in the front to 60’ by moving the 16’ of rooms into the rear where the two bays were located.  Anita said that Rescue should have secure storage and separate decon area from the bathroom.  Moving all the apparatus to the front would save the money for separate drains, exhaust and other separate systems.  Jeff said that sprinklers would cost about $80k, and that the Maine Life Safety code would allow an alternate for sprinklers if living areas were separate from apparatus bays.  Anita said that there should be two bunkrooms.    

Jim will work with Jeff to make changes to the floor plans.  Jeff thought that moving all the office/living space to the back would allow a cost saving.

Next meeting of the Task Force is 30 November at 7pm, town offices.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.