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2011/11/30 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes from Meeting of November 30, 2011

Meeting opened at 7:07 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Task Force members Jim Smith, Tim Smith, Alan Greene, Phil Strike, Ann Farley, and Allen Crabtree. Fire Chief Brent Libby was there from Standish.  Fire Chief Ken Littlefield was there from Sebago.   Absent were Task Force members Carl Dolloff and Anita Chadbourne.  Guests present were Architect Jeff Fleming, Benson Bowditch, and Phil Lowe.

Public Hearing Dry Run

Allen presented a power point prepared for the December 6, 2011 public hearing.  The group commented on the slides and made several suggestions for improvement and changes, including:

Response times – emphasis improvement of response times with the more centrally located site.  Change “about 15 minutes” to ave 17.1 minutes improvement to keep consistency with the numbers.  Alan wondered where the population center for Sebago is now and where would it be in the future.  He felt that the new location would better serve the town now and in the future.

Costs – make two slides to make it clear that the site purchase and development costs are separate from financing of the building.  Make clear what is in site development.  Add the cost of maintaining replacement of Engine 2 with the CIP as an additional cost.

Access Road – Alan will mark a road segment illustrating a 6% slope.  Jim commented that the slope on a handicap ramp is 8%.

Traffic safety concerns – Brent said that the 45mph speed limit in front of their central station is the same speed limit at the Shaw Brother site, and they have never had an accident nor do they have traffic signals.  Traffic signals would cost about $10k.

Insurance ratings – Phil Lowe discussed his findings.  The Shaw Brothers site would mean no change to insurance rates, but we need as a town to work on reducing our town-wide ISO rating from a 9 to an 8 for savings for everyone.

Notice of Public Hearing

Jim will borrow the movable sign, Ann will have Bob Burns post the hearing on the Veteran’s Park sign, Allen will post the hearing on the town website.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 14 December, at the town offices, 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.