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2012/01/05 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force
Minutes from Meeting of January 5, 2012

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm at the Sebago Town Offices.

In attendance were Task Force members Jim Smith, Tim Smith, Alan Greene, Ann Farley, Carl Dolloff, and Allen Crabtree. Fire Chief Brent Libby and Fire Chief Ken Littlefield were absent.   Absent were Task Force member Phil Strike and Anita Chadburne.  Guests present were Edythe Harndon, Phil Lowe, Ed Fitzgerald, and Architect Jeff Fleming.

Minutes from the December 14 meeting were approved as written.

Building Design – Jeff presented a revised building design to the group and there was discussion of the changes.  Jeff has included two bunks rooms and a lounge in a separate R1 fire protected section at the back of the office section of the building in order to meet code and avoid the need for building-wide sprinklers.  The office section will be 3,072 square feet, the same as the original plan, only the rooms and layout has been rearranged.  Total building size is still just under 10,000 square feet.

Ed wanted to know if all the doors entering the apparatus bay would be rated as fire doors.  Jeff said yes.  Ed wanted to know about the alignment of the mass casualty trailer and the boat as depicted on the plan.  Alan said that he would mark up a copy of the plan with revisions to how the apparatus shown would be positioned in the apparatus bay.

Alan suggested that a heated floor slab would eliminate the need for floor drains, and Jeff agreed to making the changes.  Alan also suggested that it would be cost effective to have the first six feet of the apron in front of the door radiant heated to eliminate ice buildup and reduce the costs and difficulty of ice and snow control in the winter.  There was general agreement.  Eliminating the floor drain would allow eliminating the storage tank and separation facility, saving money.

Phil Lowe asked if a gable over the side door would be helpful in redirecting run off.  Jim and Jeff said that it would be expensive and probably not needed.

Phil Lowe also suggested about access doors to the overhead storage to allow items to be put there without having to go through the building.  Jeff said that it could be done, but would add to the cost.  He will look into it.  He also said that the design would call for 40-pound floor loading for the storage area.

Ed suggested that if additional trees were cut with more excavation on site that the building would be more visible from the road, and suggested that the facade of the building side be enhanced so it didn’t look like a blank wall.  Jeff said that there were several windows on the north side in the plan but additional visual enhancement could be made.  

Tim Smith joined the meeting late (there was a 19:00 hours EMS meeting tonight), and said that he liked the revised layout.  Anita had sent an e-mail with similar comments earlier.

Site Plan – Ed said that he had left the public hearings unconvinced that the site selected was the best one but had visited the site in the pines at the town pit and also the preferred site at the Shaw Brothers pit and came away convinced that the selected site was a good choice.  He said that moving the building back on the lot and taking advantage of bank run gravel from the site would reduce site development costs.

Ed wanted to know if the building, paved area and compacted fill areas together would exceed 20,000 square feet, and come under the DEP provisions of Section 4B line 3.  Jeff said that the total was about 20,000 square feet.  Jim said that DEP was not overly concerned with this because of the overall site location in a gravel pit and didn’t believe this would be an issue.

Jim presented a new site plan and site development estimates from Jon Whitten.  By moving the building back, increasing the amount of gravel excavated and then used as fill on the site, and other changes the overall site development estimate is reduced from $230,373 to $217,635, a reduction of $12,738.

Phil said that these changes would allow for less fill and result in a lower site, and recommended that even more borrow could be obtained with more aggressive excavation during site development.

Jim said that moving the building on the site would eliminate the concerns about the “S” curves needed to roll apparatus, would result in a more even 6% slope or less.  

Alan suggested removing the fire hydrant from the site development estimates, but Phil suggested leaving the item in as a placeholder with no funding, as it is now shown.

Jim said that the DEP permit has not yet been received, nor have they received the new site plan.  He will contact DEP and provide this information as soon as possible.

There was considerable discussion about putting the revised site plan before the Planning Board.  At the December 14 meeting there were plans to have this ready for the January 10, 2012 Planning Board meeting but the site plans are not yet complete, nor has there been a meeting with Jon Whitten to review them to make sure that they meet the Site Plan Review checklist requirements.  Phil Lowe said that items need to be presented to the Planning Board 10 days before a regularly scheduled meeting in order to be placed on the agenda.  There was consensus that we did not want to present anything until the site plan is complete and reviewed by the Task Force, and not until the DEP permit is in hand.  This means that the matter could not go before the Planning Board before their February meeting and that the time line of having Planning Board approval of the site plan would not be received until their March meeting at the earliest, and possibly not till their April meeting.  That will delay sending out the RFPs for site development work.

Jeff and Phil both said that it is important that the site plan application be complete before submitting to the Planning Board, otherwise there is the possibility of having to go through the process not twice but three times, muddling the water so to speak.

Phil, Jim and Jon will meet the week of January 16-19 to go over the revised site development plan and the Planning Board site plan review checklist.  Jon will make a presentation to the entire Task Force on Jan 26, and the packet will be submitted to the Planning Board by February 3 for their February 14, 2012 meeting.

Site Selection – There was discussion about how to present the site in a more favorable light.  Ed felt that the average citizen was not able to get a realistic appreciation of the site from the public meetings and is not convinced that it is the best choice for the town.  

It was suggested that a scale model of the building on a topographic representation of the site would be very helpful, especially showing the gradients.  Jeff suggested that a 24x36 tabletop model could be done for perhaps $2,000.  It would be available at the town office for people to see, and would be useful during public hearings and the referendum.  There were concerns about public backlash for spending too much on such a model.  Building a scale model could be a part of the architectural services contract, which will be reviewed at bid opening on Monday, January 9 at 8pm.  All Task Force members are invited to attend.

Using CAD software a virtual tour of the building site could be developed for use at public hearings.

An artists rendering is another option, showing in three dimensions the building on the site.  Ed said that his students might be interested in doing something like this at SMCC and would consider it.

It was suggested that grade stakes showing the lot lines, access road and building footprint would be very helpful to show citizens where the building would be located.


·       Alan will mark up a copy of the floor plan with apparatus positions and give to Jeff  
·       All Task Force members are invited to the Board of Selectmen meeting on January 9 for the architectural services bid opening.
·       Ed will check with his SMCC class about developing artist’s renderings of the building on the site.
·       Allen will check on the possibility of federal or state reimbursement for the building.
·       Jim and Phil will work with Jon on the revised site-engineering plan during the week of January 16 to 19.  
·       Jon will make a presentation to the Task Force at their January 26 meeting prior to submitting the revised site plan review application to the Planning Board by February 3 for their February 14 meeting.  .

Next meeting of the task force is Thursday, January 26 at 7:00 pm at the town offices to review the revised site plan prior to submitting it to the Planning Board for their February 14 meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.