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2011/01/13 Agenda
Mooring Regulations Ordinance
Thursday, January 13, 2011
6:00 – 8:00 pm, Sebago Town Offices

We are now at the point in the process of developing an ordinance where we have roughed out a template for a mooring regulations system for the Town of Sebago, albeit imperfect.  At our January 13 meeting we want to step back from discussions of specific wording in the draft ordinance and instead look at some of the basic concepts and issues that have arisen from discussions in our meetings so far.  

It is important that we remember the past use of our waters for boating while we also deal with today’s needs and think into the future when pressures for our limited water resources become more critical.  We also need to think beyond just moorings on Sebago Lake to all the waters in town.  With those admonitions in mind, here are some of the key issues and questions that have been raised during our meetings:

1.      Does the system of two zones (shorefront and designated mooring zones) provide for a fair balance between shorefront owners, backlot owners, and other water users in Sebago?

2.      Should there be two permit fee schedules – one for the shorefront zone and one for the designated zone?  How much should permit fees be?

3.      Should mooring permits be renewed annually?  

4.      Should mooring permits be permanently assigned to the map and lot of the permit holder?  How would transfers of ownership be handled?  

5.      How should Sebago best and fairly recognize established (historic) mooring areas?  How should the ordinance best deal with congested mooring areas vs. other areas of our lakes and ponds?

6.      Over what time frame should the mooring regulation ordinance be implemented?  Should the ordinance be phased in, dealing first with congested mooring areas and later other areas with little or  no congestion?  How would this work?

7.      Would a system for Association Mooring Plans work in Sebago?  

8.      What authority should the Advisory Committee have and what should its membership be?

9.      Other topics of interest, time permitting.

10.     Schedule the next meeting and make follow-on assignments.