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2010/10/26 Minutes
Sebago Mooring Regulations Ordinance Committee

Minutes from Meeting of October 26, 2010

Meeting opened at 6:10 pm.

In attendance were Committee members Jim Smith, Dick Perry, Bruce Hart and Allen Crabtree.  Committee member Phil Lowe was absent.
Guests present were Ted Harriman, Gene Rowe, Bruce Weymouth, Ken Williams, Bill Harrop and Roger Mercaldi.  Guests absent were Tina Vanasse and Martha Strickland.

1.      Water Safety Zone Rules – Bruce reported on his phone conversation with George Powell in Augusta.  George is open to a rule change expanding the water safety zone to allow municipalities to regulate moorings, and felt that a rule change would not require going to the legislature as a change to the law would.  Neither George nor his boss would be affected by personnel changes with the new governor.  He told Bruce that  he would welcome any suggested rule change language and a letter with supporting arguments from Sebago.

Assignment -  Bruce and Allen will review the May 21, 2008 draft rules from George and propose any changes, and will draft a letter from the town.  These two drafts will be brought back to the Committee for review at our next meeting.

2.      Review of Draft Ordinance – the remainder of the meeting was spent discussing line-by-line the 2nd draft of the ordinance.  The 2nd draft incorporated large parts of the Town of Harrison’s mooring ordinance which established a 2-tier mooring system – one for the zone from shore to 100’ out, and the other from 100’ to 200’ out.  The committee felt that this was a good approach and adopted it to Sebago’s ordinance.

There was general agreement to change the name of the ordinance from “Harbor Master Ordinance” to “Mooring Regulation Ordinance.”   The committee was able to review through Section 7.2 and will continue its review at the next meeting.  A marked-up copy of the changes made will be distributed under separate cover.

Allen pointed out that the ordinance currently is silent on the number of mooring permits that any one individual can hold, how applications for multiple permits would be handled, the placement of swim area floats, and a grandfather clause for existing moorings.  There was discussion on these, and he will propose language in the next draft to address these points.  There was discussion about charging for the Shoreland Mooring Zone permits vs being free, and whether there should be any number-of-moorings-per-foot-of-shoreland included in this zone.  Also, Bruce recommended changes to the purpose to make the preservation of traditional mooring communities a town goal.

Assignment -  All committee members and interested public are asked to continue to review the ordinance, paying close attention to those sections revised as a result of tonight’s meeting to see that that changes reflect what the group agreed to, and those where Allen is suggesting new language to address areas of concern that were not completely resolved.  Any comments or suggestions should be forwarded to Allen before the next meeting.

3.      Mooring Space Requirements – Dick had prepared an analysis of the Long Beach Area to see how many moorings could be placed within the 200’ water safety zone.   Using a mooring circle based on 15’ water depth, a 20’ boat, and an allowance for mooring tackle, he determined that a total of 63 boats could be moored using a 76’ mooring circle at Long Beach.  There could be 25 boats moored at Safe Harbor using the same principle.

The 76’ feet mooring circle tracks with the 80’ number in section 7.3(e)(i) of the draft ordinance.  The 80’ came from the Harrison ordinance.

There was a short discussion on the demand for moorings in these two areas, with suggestions to check with the Portland Water District Records, the Long Beach Association records, etc.  We need numbers to show demand as rationale for any rule change that we request from Augusta.

Assignment -    Committee members and guests are asked to contribute to quantifying the existing demand for mooring spaces at Long Beach and Safe Harbor and bring numbers to the next meeting.

Next meeting of the Harbor Master committee is on Tuesday, November 16, at 6pm at the town offices.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.