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2011/02/22 Minutes
Sebago Mooring Regulations Ordinance

Minutes from Meeting of February 22, 2011

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm with 20 people in attendance.

In attendance were Committee members Dick Perry, Phil Lowe, Bruce Hart, Jim Smith, Bob DeVilleneuve, and Allen Crabtree.  Tina Vanesse took notes.

Guests present were Gene and Ellen Rowe, Sherry Miller, Claudia Lowe, Joseph McMahon, Jim Otis, Cindy Wilson, Samuel and Mrs. Minervino, Sally Perry, Elaine Imbrogna, Bruce Weymouth, and Charlotte Price.

Water Safety Zone Rule Change

Bruce Hart discussed the history of the proposed rule change and his conversations in the past with George Powell, Director of the Boating Facilities Division for the Maine Department of Conservation.  The initial draft of a letter to Director Powell requesting a rule change to Chapter 3, Maine State Aids to Navigation System which would allow municipalities to designate an anchorage area on a great pond within the municipality’s jurisdiction and beyond the Water Safety Zone.

Comments and suggestions were made to the draft letter.  Several assignments were made:

1.~ Bruce Hart is to call Director Powell, brief him on what we are doing and hopefully get him to agree to meet with a delegation from the committee sometime in March.~

2.~ Phil Lowe is going to develop some words to support his suggestions to strengthen the letter (fluctuating water levels, etc).~ He will see about providing a chart of water levels that we could attach to the letter.

3.~ Dick Perry is going to try and quantify the impact of the water safety zone on Long Beach, the number of moorings that could be achieved if we extended it (line between Rockcraft and town line) and to a line that goes to a bottom depth of 30-35 feet (deeper is not practical for moorings).

4.~ Jim Smith is going to have the number of boats registered last year in Sebago generated so we can try and quantify the water use pressure.

5.~ Bob DeVilleneuve is going to quantify the number of shorefront properties we have in town (on Sebago Lake and on all great ponds)

6.~ Everyone should look at the proposed rule change language to make sure it meets our needs and we will discuss further at our next meeting.

Review of Draft Ordinance

The group discussed the proposed change from a two-zone system (Shorefront and Designated Mooring Zones) that was based on Harrison’s ordinance to a system with two types of anchorages (Designated Mooring Zones and Open Shoreline) based on congestion and need.  Safe Harbor would be the town’s initial Designated Mooring Zone where a mooring plan would be developed and mooring permits assigned based on a priority system.  Other areas in town could be designated as mooring zones as needed in the future.

The group was in agreement to the change to the new system, but there was a great deal of discussion on the extent of regulation for the Open Shoreline Zone (Section 7.4).  Bruce Hart felt that there should be no regulation, while Allen argued that if we are going to require that all moorings be registered that a minimum of regulation was necessary.  This issue of how much regulation, if any, should be associated with moorings in the Open Shoreline Zone, will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Also to be discussed next time are the rules for Designated Mooring Anchorages (Section 7.5) and Shorefront Owner Moorings (Section 7.3).  Section 7.3 was included to meet a requirement of state law, which obligates ordinances to provide for moorings to certain shorefront owners.  It was suggested that the minimum lot ownership be reduced to 50 feet from the 100 feet in the ordinance.

Mooring fees were discussed, with different opinions as to the proper amount to levy.  There were concerns that the program should be paid for with user fees (i.e. – mooring registration fees), but also concerns about an appropriate fee to be charged where no fees have been charged historically.  Fees will be revisited next meeting.

Changes to definitions included adding the words “and/or launching” to the definition of a marina after “or docking facilities” on page 4.

There was discussion about Section 7.2 and it was suggested to remove “within the Water Safety Zone” and replace it with “in accordance with”.  The last two sentences of Section 7.2 would be removed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22 at the town offices starting at 6pm.