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2007/10/17 Minutes
Sebago Harbor Master Committee

Minutes from Meeting of October 17, 2007

Memorandum from Town Manager to Committee Members dated October 4, 2007

Dear Committee Members:

I am taking this opportunity to communicate with you all on the voyage we are about to take.  The Board of Selectmen have requested this committee to tackle the giant issue of Harbor Master Ordinance for the community.  In thought of this matter I believe we can develop an ordinance that:

a.      Preserves the ability for all Sebago Residents the ability to access the water and have an area dedicated for non water rights citizens to have the ability to morn their boat if they wish.
b.      Provide a document that controls growth and establishes rules and regulations n the 200 foot waterfront zone that will provide safe enjoyment for all.
c.      Protect and encourage the current historic anchorage areas of Sebago Lake.
d.      Have this document be a guide for the Town that does not impede on the unique historic waterfront usage that has developed the character of the town.

These guiding thoughts were brought to the Board of Selectmen on October 2, 2007 with explanation.  The Board would like us to move forward on this process giving them quarterly updates or as needed.

I have spoken with all of you on the scheduling for this and we will meet at 2pm every other Friday starting October 19, 2007 at the Town Office.

I will have an agenda ready for that date and encourage you all to give me a call if you would like discuss this before meet.

Till then.