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2010/10/06 Minutes
Sebago Harbor Master Ordinance Committee

Minutes from Meeting of October 6, 2010

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm.
In attendance were Committee members Jim Smith, Dick Perry, Phil Lowe, Bruce Hart and Allen Crabtree.  Bob DeVilleneuve was absent.

Guests present were Tina Vanasse, Bob Cort, Ted Harriman, and State Representative Ralph Sarty.

Tina Vanasse took notes – these are her minutes of the meeting.  Thank you Tina.
Allen opened the meeting giving Ralph an overview of what we are trying to do and asking Ralph his insights and guidance for the process of dealing with the state.

·       Writing a Harbor Master Ordinance within the existing state laws.
·       Exploring the possibilities of a rule change to define Long Beach as an anchorage.

Ralph emphatically state that there was no chance of the legislature passing any new laws specific to Long Beach or any other pond or lake in the state.  Legislation pertaining to inland waters means the legislation affects all ponds and lakes in the state.

Best advice for an ordinance was to keep moorings within 200’ Safety Zone designated by the state. This would protect the town from any liable issues pertaining to moorings.

Bruce again brought up the rule change drafted by George Powell. Ralph thought this was the best avenue to take because the Commissioners of Conservation and Wild Life and Department of Conservation have the authority to promulgate rules.

Commissioners Martin and Powell have only 6 weeks left in this term and would probably be hesitant to promulgate the rule change at this time. (We have until January to get information to the commissioners for them to promulgate a rule change.)

Phil brought up the different zoning for the town according to the density of the population and suggested that perhaps we might look at the same concept for moorings with Long Beach considered a Zone A being, high density area.

Another discussion of GPS points 200’ off the point at Quest and Rock Craft with a line drawn between may have merit but there needs to be more discussion.  This concept would require markers described by the state for safety the entire length of the “harbor line”.
Dick and Tina will obtain a map of Long beach and grid the anchorage for 200’ and 500’ ( in case there is a rule change)

Vocabulary: promulgation: to make known officially
Riparian principle: all land owners whose property is adjoining to a body of water have the     right to make reasonable use of it.
Riparian rights also depend upon “reasonable use” as it relates to other riparian owners to ensure that the rights of one riparian owner are weighted fairly and equitably with the rights of adjacent riparian owners.

Next meeting of the Harbor Master committee is on Tuesday, October 26, at 6pm at the town offices.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.