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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Exhibit A

Identify any circumstances in the past ten years when Buyer/Transferee was unable to pay any of its debts when due including the date, creditor, matter at issue, amount and current status.
Provide evidence of Buyer/Transferee’s authority to conduct business in Maine, including a copy of all filings made to obtain such authority.
Describe in detail the ownership and management structure of the Seller/Transferor Maine cable systems upon completion of the transaction with Buyer/Transferee. Provide an ownership flowchart that identifies the legal entities that will be in the chain of ownership of the Buyer/Transferee upon completion of the transaction, including the nature of each entity and who will own each such entity.
Identify all cable systems currently owned, managed or operated by Buyer/Transferee, including the locations and numbers of subscribers for each, and a list of the name and address of all municipal franchise authorities with a contact person with each franchise authority.
Describe in detail Buyer/Transferee’s plans for any rebuilds or upgrades of the cable system serving Sebago after the closing, including (a) the specific time schedule for the rebuild or upgrade (b) the anticipated cost of the rebuild or upgrade, (c) a detailed description of the nature of the rebuild or upgrade, and (d) a detailed description of the architecture of the rebuilt system.
Provide a copy of the anticipated complete rate schedules and service offerings to be offered to subscribers in Sebago by Buyer/Transferee after the closing of the transaction.
Provide a copy of any Buyer/Transferee customer service standards, repair or maintenance policies, complaint resolution policies, or other similar customer policies or protocols that will be in Sebago after acquisition by Buyer/Transferee.
Describe in detail any and all planned management changes, operational changes, technical changes, changes to customer service functions (including changes in the telephone, MIS and billing systems), and changes in engineering and technical support, for the cable system serving Sebago.
9.~Provide a copy of the latest SEC Forms 10-K and 10-Q of Seller/Transferor and