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Cable Television Ordinance Section 18
Reports and Records
11282018_102525_0.jpg 18.1 General Report Filing Requirements. The Town may require each Cable Operator to maintain and file such reports, contracts and statements which are reasonably necessary to monitor compliance with this Ordinance and the Franchise Agreement, including but not limited to ownership, accounting, auditing and operating statement, engineering reports, and other data, which the Town shall deem necessary or appropriate to administer the provisions of this Ordinance.

Records which shall be available for inspection and review by the Town shall include, but not be limited to:
(a) All correspondence among the Cable Operator and any of his agents, and all regulators or other government agencies pertaining to the operation of the Cable System in the Town necessary to monitor compliance.
(a)     All reports, applications, and other documents sent to, or required by, any government agency pertaining to the operation of the Cable System in the Town necessary to monitor compliance.
(b)     All oral and written complaints received by the Cable Operator or its agents from the Subscribers in the Town for the preceding two (2) years of the term of the Franchise, and the disposition thereof.
(c)     All financial records reasonably necessary to determine compliance with and carry out the provisions of this Ordinance and any Franchise Agreement necessary to monitor compliance.

18.2 Annual Report. No later than April 1 of each year during the term of a Franchise Agreement, each Cable Operator shall submit an annual report to the Town for the prior calendar year, which report shall include at a minimum:

(a) Total number of Subscribers in Sebago, including a breakdown of Subscribers ~taking basic Cable Service, Cable Programming Service and premium services as of December 31 of the prior calendar year.
(b)     The increase or decrease in the number of Subscribers over the prior calendar ~year for Sebago.
(c)     A specific description of any line extensions in Sebago in the prior calendar~~year.
(d)      Any price or programming changes in the prior year.
(e)     A description of any technological upgrades or enhancements in Cable Service over the past year.
(f)     A listing of any system outages in Sebago over the prior year in excess of one hour, including the affected locations, the date, time, duration, cause of the outage, and steps taken to address the outage.
(g)     A summary of customer complaint records for the prior year, including an identification of any significant customer service issues raised in Sebago in the prior year and any resolution or changes in service resulting.
In addition, upon written request of the Grantor, Company shall provide not more than annually a report listing the following:
(a) A summary of the most recent FCC proof of performance tests and measurement records interpreted in laymenís language describing the Cable Systemís compliance or lack of compliance with the FCC Technical Standards set forth in 76 C.F.R. ß76.601 et seq. as the same may be modified in the future, identifying any instances of non-compliance and describing all measures taken or under way to achieve compliance;
(b)  A list of any material violations by the Cable Operator of the technical rules of the FCC, including but not limited to violations of rules and regulations regarding signal quality and safety during the past 12 months, and describing all measures taken or underway to achieve compliance; and
(c)  A copy of the Cable Operatorís most recent S.E.C. Forms 10 K and 10Q.
After delivery of the Annual Report, each Cable Operator shall, at the request of the Town, attend a meeting with the Town to review and discuss any issues or questions raised in the grantorís review of the Annual Report.