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Cable Television Ordinance Section 4
Franchise Agreement
11282018_101701_0.jpgThe Municipal Officers of the Town may contract on such terms, conditions and fees as are in the best interest of the Town and its residents with one or more Cable Operators for the operation of a Cable System within the Town, including the granting of non-exclusive Franchise Agreements for the operation thereof.

Prior to issuing a request for proposals to any Cable Operators for Franchise Agreements or renewals, the Town shall hold a public hearing or conduct some other process to determine any special local needs or interests with respect to Cable Service and shall allow for a period of public comment on the request for proposals.

Franchise Agreement applications, including renewal applications, and any submittals in response to a request for proposals or solicitation of bids and related documents, are public records. Upon the filing of such documents, the Town shall provide reasonable notice to the public that such documents are open to public inspection during reasonable hours.

Each Franchise Agreement between the Town and a Cable Operator shall contain but is not limited to, the following provisions:

(a)     A statement of the area or areas to be served by the Cable Operator;
(b)     A line extension policy;
(c)     A provision for renewal, the term of which may not exceed ten (10) years;
(d)     Procedures for the investigation and resolution of Subscriber complaints by the Cable Operator;
(e)     An agreement to comply with the requirements of 30-A M.R.S.A. 3010 regarding consumer rights and protection and any amendments thereto;
(f)     Penalty provisions to enforce and compel compliance with Franchise Agreement provisions;
(g)     Any other terms and conditions that are in the best interests of the Town;
(h)     A provision for access to, and facilities to make use of, one or more local PEG Access Channels; and
(i)     A provision for the assessment of reasonable fees to defray the costs of public notice, advertising and other expenses incurred by the Town in acting upon applications for initial and renewal Franchise Agreements.