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Cable Television Ordinance Section 7
11282018_101926_0.jpg (a) Any application for a cable television Franchise Agreement in the Town must contain the following information, except that in the case of a renewal Franchise Agreement, only the information listed under this Section 7(a)(1) through (2)(A), 2(B) and 2(C) shall be required:

(1) The name, address, and telephone, number of the applicant.

(2)The most recent 10-Q or 10-K of the Cable Operator or its ultimate parent company as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the event the Cable Operator does not, at the time of application, file 10-Q or 10-K filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it shall instead file with the Town the following: A detailed statement of the corporate or other business entity organization of the applicant, including but not limited to, the following and to whatever extent required by the Town:

A. The names and business addresses of all officers and directors of the applicant.
B. The names and business addresses of all officers, Persons and entities having, controlling, or being entitled to have or control 15% or more of the ownership of the applicant and each Parent, Affiliate or subsidiary of the applicant and the respective ownership share of each such person or entity.
C. The names and addresses of any Parent, Affiliate or subsidiary of the applicant, namely, any other business entity owning or controlling applicant in whole or in part or owned or controlled in whole or in part by the applicant, and a statement of the nature of any such Parent, Affiliate or subsidiary business entity, including but not limited to Cable Systems owned or controlled by the applicant, its Parent, Affiliate and subsidiary and the areas served thereby.
D. A detailed description of all previous experience of the applicant in providing Cable Service and in related or similar fields.
E. A detailed and complete financial statement of the applicant, its Parents, Affiliates and its subsidiaries, prepared by a certified public accountant, for the fiscal year next preceding the date of the application hereunder, or a letter or other acceptable evidence in writing from a recognized lending institution or funding source, addressed to both the applicant and the Town’s Board of Selectmen, setting forth the basis for a study performed by such lending institution or funding source to provide whatever capital shall be required by the applicant to construct and operate the proposed~ Cable System in the Town, or a statement from a certified public accountant certifying that the applicant has available sufficient free, net and uncommitted cash resources to construct and operate the proposed Cable System in the Town.
F. A statement identifying, by place and date, any other cable television Franchise(s) awarded to the applicant, its Parent, Affiliate or subsidiary, the status of said Franchise(s) with respect to completion thereof; the total cost of completion or such Cable System(s); and the amount of applicant's and its Parent's, Affiliate’s or subsidiary's resources committed to the completion thereof.

(3) In the case of an application for an initial franchise for a new cable system serving Sebago, the applicant shall provide a detailed description of the proposed plan of operation of the applicant which shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

A. A detailed map indicating all areas proposed to be served, and a proposed construction time schedule for the installation of all equipment necessary to become operational throughout the entire area to be served, and the time of commencement of construction and anticipated operation date.
B. A statement or schedule setting forth all proposed classifications of rates and charges to be made against Subscribers and all rates and charges to be made against Subscribers and all rates and charges as to each of said classifications, including installation charges and service charges and deposit agreement.
C. A detailed, informative, and referenced statement describing the actual equipment and operational standards proposed by the applicant. In no event shall said operational and performance standards be less than those contained in Title 47 C.F.R. Subpart K (Sections 76.601, et seq.), of the Rules and Regulations of the FCC, as amended in the future, and shall in addition comply with Section 13 herein.
D. A copy of the form of any agreement, undertaking, or other instrument proposed to be entered into between the applicant and any Subscriber and between the applicant and any lessee of any Channel, including provisions for reimbursement in the event of interruption of service.
E. A detailed statement setting forth in its entirety any and all agreements and undertakings, whether formal or informal, written, oral, or implied, existing or proposed to exist between the applicant and any Persons, firm, or corporation which materially relate or pertain to or depend upon the application and the granting of the contract.

(4) A detailed statement setting forth in its entirety the proposed Cable System design. Such statement shall include proposals concerning system architecture, Channel capacity, Channel uses, access, programming facilities, studio location, point to point service, two-way service, Subscriber privacy, and interconnection.

(5) Such other information as required by the Town at the time of the Franchise application.

(6) No Franchise, including Franchise renewals, will be granted hereunder without notice to the public and a public hearing.