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Goals, Policies & Strategies


This chapter presents goals, policies, and strategies for community resources that are addressed in this Comprehensive Plan. In each section, a synopsis of pertinent information concerning a particular resource or issue is given, followed by goals, policies, and strategies for the planning period. Detailed information on each subject is found in Appendix A
Goals, policies, and strategies are differentiated in the following way:

·       Goals represent an ideal that the Town wants to reach in the future.
·       Policies are more specific principles that should be followed to achieve the overall goals.
·       Strategies are activities or actions to be taken to implement policies and reach goals.
A number of strategies will be necessary to implement the various aspects of the Comprehensive Plan. Of highest priority are two strategy components that must be undertaken during the first year of the planning period:

·               Development of land use and control ordinances.
·       Formulation of a detailed Capital Investment Plan.
Other strategies to be implemented in the ten-year planning period are listed in the following sections.