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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Economic Development
Sebago's economy will most likely continue to follow its recent pattern. Most local businesses cater to the tourism trade, and most local workers commute to jobs outside Sebago. The health of the local economy is closely tied to trends in the New England region. Protecting the quality of the natural environment of Sebago will be important in maintaining its role as a desirable vacation destination.
Goal:   To promote an economic climate that increases local job opportunities and the overall economic well being of Sebago's citizens.


1.      Natural environment. Protect the quality of the natural environment of Sebago, in order to maintain its role as a desirable vacation destination.

(see natural resources goals, policies and strategies)

2.      Small-scale businesses.        Encourage only small-scale businesses that serve the needs of local residents and visitors.

A.      Small business location.  Identify, and control through the Town’s Land Use Ordinance areas suitable for small-scale commercial development.

B.      Regulations for small service businesses. Include provisions in the Land Use Ordinance regulating small service businesses in accordance with the stated policy. Each application should be reviewed with regard to its impact on existing municipal services, and its impact on the character of the area.

C.      Town cooperation.  Continue Town cooperation with and support for the volunteer efforts of community groups and businesses that contribute to Sebago’s quality of life and local economic health.

Planning Board/Town/ 2007

Planning Board/Town/ 2007


3.      Home businesses. Support home businesses that are appropriate to residential areas.

A.      Home business regulation. Include provisions in local ordinances which allow for home businesses throughout the town, but control the scope of the businesses to those that are compatible with their surroundings.

Planning Board/Town/ 2007