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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Public Facilities and Services

Many of the expenses that the Town will face in the next ten years are those related to legal mandates.  Table 2-1 in the appendix shows major capital expenses that are anticipated in the next ten years.  Facilities that are major expenses in many towns, such as water and sewer systems, are not provided in Sebago. The Town must continue to contribute to SAD 61 capital and operational expenses.

Maintenance of Town roads will continue to be an important on-going expense.  Issues that must be resolved include standards for public easement roads that receive Town services and winter maintenance of sub-standard roads.

Goal:   Plan for, finance, and develop an efficient system of public facilities and services to accommodate anticipated growth and economic development.


1.      General. Develop, maintain and improve municipal buildings, equipment and services to meet the needs of town officials and the public and comply with laws, regulations and codes.

A.      Inventory. Inventory all municipal assets including the equipment, facilities and manpower of the Town and the Fire and Rescue Departments.

B.      Capital investment plan. Develop a ten-year capital investment plan for all municipal services, and update it annually during the budget process.

C.      Land acquisition/sale. Develop a strategy for public land acquisition for anticipated Town needs, such as recreation, public facilities, and open space. Dispose of surplus property as appropriate.

D.      Safety program.  Update and maintain a safety program and manual.

Selectmen/Town Manager/Department Heads/2006

Selectmen/Town Manager/Department Heads/2006

Selectmen/Town Manager/Department Heads/Tax Acquired Property Committee/2007 and ongoing

Selectmen/Town Manager/Department Heads/2009

2.      Public safety. Maintain an adequate level of police protection and public safety services.

A.      Public safety needs. Annually review police, fire and rescue protection in terms of current population and changing context and recommend changes to the Town as needed.

B.      Road signage. Require road signage that provides all information necessary for emergency vehicles.

C.      911. Implement and maintain the enhanced 911 program.

D.      Fire code.  Adopt the most recent National Fire Prevention Association Code.

Fire Chief/ Rescue Chief/ Town Manager/ Selectmen/ Ongoing

Public Works Director/ Town Manager/ Selectmen/Ongoing

Administrative Staff/ Town Manager/ Addressing Authority

Planning Board/Town

4.      Recreation. Develop and maintain a high quality, all-inclusive municipal recreation program.

A.      Plan. Develop a plan for future recreation needs which evaluates existing facilities and programs and takes into account changing future recreational needs.

B.      Fee-based programs. Develop and implement fee-based recreational programs, and offer scholarships to participants from low to moderate income families.

Recreation Director/Town Manager/Selectmen/2007

Recreation Director/Town Manager/Selectmen/2007

5.      New technologies. Utilize and upgrade new technologies to involve, inform and educate the public.

A.      Computer technology.  Utilize the most up-to-date computer technology through upgrades and maintenance and make computer generated information available to the public.

B.      Franchise. Negotiate a new franchise agreement for town wide cable television service that include public access and equipment.

Town Manager and Selectmen/Ongoing

Town Manager and Selectmen/2005

6.      Solid waste. Plan for and provide cost effective means of solid waste disposal.

A.      10-year plan. Develop a ten-year plan for solid waste disposal, including, but not limited to, equipment replacement, manpower needs, and a strategy for disposal of demolition and construction debris and other materials not suitable for disposal at a contracted facility.

B.      Ordinance. Develop and enact a solid waste ordinance in accordance with existing contractual arrangements for transportation and disposal that will meet the needs and best interests of the public.

Solid Waste Committee/2006

Solid Waste Committee/Town/2005

7.      Land use controls. Provide for an effective system of land use controls.

A.      Land use ordinance. Adopt and implement a land use ordinance that will guide growth, development and land use according to the wishes of the community.

B.      Fee system. Upgrade, as necessary, the fee system to recapture costs of building inspectors, subdivision development, and code enforcement.

C.      Subdivision impact. Review subdivision applications with regard to the impact on existing municipal services, including roads, schools, public safety, and public works.

Planning Board/Town/2007

Code Enforcement Officer/Planning Board/

Planning Board/Ongoing