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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Regional Resources
Another component of the comprehensive plan is to recognize and evaluate resources that are shared with adjacent communities and the region. Planning issues relating to shared resources impact all surrounding communities. Sebago has several major resources which it shares with adjacent towns. These are Sebago Lake, Peabody Pond, Hancock Pond, Southeast Pond and Barker Pond. Sebago also contains a portion of the watershed of Cold Rain Pond and Middle Pond. Because planning decisions in Sebago have the potential to affect the surrounding towns and Sebago Lake, particular attention must be given to these resources.

Goals:   Work cooperatively with other communities to manage shared resources.


1.      Shared water resources. Ensure that new development or redevelopment along any of the shared water resources be such that regional impact is minimized.

A.      Regional development. Contact neighboring communities regularly to assess any regional development activity, especially proposals affecting regional water resources such as Sebago Lake, Peabody Pond, Hancock Pond, and Barker Pond.

B.      PWD Coordination. Coordinate regularly with the Portland Water District to help minimize the negative effects of development in the watershed or in proximity to the shoreline of Sebago Lake.

C.      Sebago Lake issues. Encourage the State, county or COG to form a committee to address issues concerning Sebago Lake such as water quality versus economic growth, boating safety, and law enforcement. This group should include members from each town bordering the lake, the Maine Department of Inland fisheries and Wildlife, the Portland Water District, the Sebago Lake Boating Association, and local business and residents.

Planning Board/Ongoing

Selectmen/Code Enforcement Officer/ Planning Board/Ongoing

Selectmen/Planning Board/Ongoing

2.      Recycling, composting.  Strive to maximize the use of recycling and composting by Sebago residents.

A.      State contact. Consult with the Maine Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling in order to obtain technical and/or financial assistance for expanding Sebago’s recycling and composting efforts.

Selectmen/Town Manager/Public Works Director/Ongoing