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Revised Draft of May 26, 2006

Attest:  A true copy of the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Sebago, as certified to me by the municipal officers of Sebago on the 26th day of May 2006.

                                                        Michele A. Bukoveckas-Town Clerk

Adopted at the Annual Town Meeting, June 3, 2006


The people of Sebago take great pride in the quality of life in their community. It is a small, rural town that has attracted vacationers for over a hundred years because of its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and strong sense of community.  As Sebago enters its third century, it faces the challenge of maintaining these values as its year-round population increases.

This Comprehensive Plan is the result of two independent committees’ studies, and public participation in two separate surveys. It is intended to be an action guide for the next ten years, highlighting public policies and strategies that the town can adopt to help achieve its goals for the future. It also is a compendium of information about the town that can be used as a reference work.

Sebago residents see the protection of natural resources and rural character to be of paramount concern. They would like to see change occur in their town at a slow to moderate rate, with any new development to be similar in scale and character to what currently exists. Tourist-related businesses, and seasonal and year-round residences are the major land uses in Sebago; it is a goal of the community to retain this mix.

The town supports small-scale commercial enterprises that serve local residents and visitors, and home businesses that are compatible with residential areas. The places that are seen to be most appropriate for new businesses are those that already have commercial uses. Both residential and commercial development should be in areas that are environmentally suitable for such uses, and can be conveniently served by the Town.

Revision of existing ordinances and preparation of new regulations affecting development will be important first steps in achieving the town's goal of encouraging orderly growth and development. Requiring detailed on-site analysis of natural resource conditions for all development proposals, and submission of design plans by developers are strategies that will be investigated by the Planning Board in order to ensure that new developments fit harmoniously with their natural and cultural environment.

Sebago Lake and other lakes, streams and wetlands are key natural resources for the town and the region. Protection of these water resources is essential to maintain the quality of water supplies and recreational uses, and the health of the regional economy. Cooperation at a regional scale as well as local action is proposed to deal with this issue. The Town does not provide public water or sewerage and does not plan to do so. Consequently, protection of ground water supplies throughout the town is a community goal that must be considered when minimum lot sizes are set.

Maintenance of a reasonable tax rate is seen as a priority by local residents. Careful fiscal management and reliance on volunteer services has helped achieve this goal in the past, and the Town intends to continue these practices. With increasing financial demands on the Town resulting from increased population and state requirements, long-term planning for capital expenditures, maintenance, and operating expenses will become ever more important. With school expenses comprising the major part of the Town's annual budget, working closely with SAD #61 officials to plan for equitable distribution of school costs, effective use of school funds, and academic excellence must be a primary goal.
In the past, the self-reliance of Sebago residents and their willingness to assist others in the community, along with the natural assets of the land, have been the elements that contributed most to the character and spirit of the town. It is anticipated that these qualities will continue to serve Sebago well in the future, as the community works together to achieve its goal of retaining its excellence as a place to live and visit.