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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Transportation Systems


The Maine Department of Transportation has identified 47.53 miles of roads in Sebago. 17.47 miles are classified as collector roads, and 30.06 miles as local roads. 19.01 miles are state-maintained: Routes 11, 114 and 107; Convene Road (Rd. 616); and Mack's Corner Road (Rd. 648). Routes 11 and 114 coincide for most of their length in Sebago, and serve as the main route along the western shore of Sebago Lake. They link Long Beach, East Sebago and North Sebago, continuing north to Naples and south to Standish. Route 107 and Road 648 bisect Sebago from northwest to southeast, connecting Sebago Center with East Sebago and Bridgton. These main roads are all two-lane, bituminous surfaced.

An assessment of road condition for state-maintained highways is available from the Maine Department of Transportation. On a scale of 0 to 5, where 0 is "out-of-service" and 5 is "perfect", the median score for state-maintained roads in Sebago was 3.73 for ride quality and pavement condition. They range from 3.28 (Long Hill Road) to 4.19 (Route 114).
The heaviest traffic volumes are in East Sebago. Traffic counts on Routes 11 and 114 showed increases in annual average daily traffic of 20% since 1987. The annual average daily traffic west of the intersection of Routes 11 and 114 was 3802 vehicles in 2000.

In the three-year period between 1997 and 2000, there were 60 accidents reported in Sebago.  Thirty-eight percent of all accidents resulted in injuries.  There were no fatal accidents during this time.
Snow plowing of public easement roads and private roads is an issue in Sebago. 81% of those surveyed in 1989 felt that private roads should meet some minimum standards in order to receive

Town services.  Standards supported by over half of those surveyed include: minimum width, adequate drainage, and adequate grading of the surface.
Several Town roads currently are not maintained during the winter, because there are no residences on them and they do not meet minimum modern standards. The Town is researching its legal responsibilities concerning these roads.

Based on population projections prepared by the Maine State Planning Office, Sebago is not expected to see much growth between 2005 and 2015 (139 people, or about 9%, resulting in about 57 to 62 new housing units). Since none of the Town’s roads are congested or near their carrying capacity, this growth is not expected to require any transportation improvements beyond normal maintenance and repair. Growing commuter traffic between the Sebago Lakes Region and the Greater Portland area is not expected to have much of an impact on Sebago’s roads, but may impact major highway corridors that do not pass through Sebago such as Routes 302 and 25.

Parking Facilities
Parking facilities in Sebago generally are adequate, with individual businesses providing sufficient spaces for their customers. The Town Beach and boat ramp share a small parking area, which can get congested during the summer.  The Town’s Site Plan Review Ordinance requires certain parking standards for new businesses based on the size of the facility.

There are no major bridges within the town. Most stream crossings have culverts, and there are 4 small bridges: the Folly Road bridge, the Peabody Pond Road bridge, the Old Route 114 bridge, and the Dyke Mountain Road bridge.

Rail Lines
There are no active rail lines in Sebago, and passenger service currently is not available from Portland.

The nearest air field for small planes is in Fryeburg. Commercial airline service is available from Portland International Jetport.

Pedestrian Ways
There are no sidewalks or significant pedestrian pathway systems in Sebago. Crosswalks at Long Beach and Nason’s Beach are marked on Route 114.

Public Transit
The Regional Transportation System, Inc. (RTS) provides scheduled bus service from Sebago to Portland on Fridays and from Bridgton, Naples and Standish on other weekdays. In addition, door-to-door demand-response service for the elderly, disabled and some low income residents is available with a two-day advance request.