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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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Floodplain Management - Article III
Application for Permit
The application for a Flood Hazard Development Permit shall be submitted to the Code Enforcement Officer and shall include:
A.      The name and address of the applicant;
B.      An address and a map indicating the location of the construction site;
C.      A site plan showing location of existing and/or proposed structures, sewage disposal facilities, water supply facilities, areas to be cut and filled, and lot dimensions;
D.      A statement of the intended use of the structure;
E.      A statement as to the type of sewage system proposed;
F.      Specification of dimensions of the proposed structure;
G.      The elevation in relation to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) or to a locally established datum in Zone A only, of the:
1.      Base flood at the proposed site of all new or substantially   improved structures, which is determined:
a.      in Zones A1-30, AE, AO and AH from data contained in the “Flood Insurance Study-Town of Sebago, Maine,: as described in Article I; or
b.      in Zone A, to be the elevation of the ground at the intersection of the floodplain boundary and a line perpendicular to the shoreline which passes along the ground through the site of the proposed building:
2.      Highest and lowest grades at the site adjacent to the walls of the proposed building;
3.      Lowest floor, including basement; and whether or not such structures contain a basement; and,
4.      Level, in the case of non-residential structures only, to which the structure will be floodproofed;
H.      A description of a base flood elevation reference point established on the site of all new or substantially improved structures;
I       A written certification by a registered land surveyor that the elevations shown on the application are accurate;
J       Certification by a registered professional engineer or architect that floodproofing methods for any non-residential structures will meet the floodproofing criteria of Articles III. G.R; VI.G; and other applicable standards in Article VI.
K       A description of the extent to which any water course will be altered or relocated as a result of the proposed development; and,
L       A statement of construction plans describing in detail how each applicable development standard in Article VI will be met.