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Sebago Maine Town Seal
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General Provisions

A.      TITLE

The Ordinance shall be known and cited as the Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Sebago, Maine, and will be referred to as “this Ordinance”.


This Ordinance is adopted pursuant to the enabling provisions of Article VIII, Part 2, Section 1 of the Maine Constitution, and the provisions of Title 30-A, Sections 3001, and 4352 of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated.

The purposes of this Ordinance are:

1.      To implement the provisions of the Town Comprehensive Plan.
2.      To encourage growth in the identified growth areas of the community and to limit growth in the rural areas.
3.      To promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the community.
4.      To encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the community.
5.      To promote traffic safety.
6.      To provide safety from fire and other elements.
7.      To provide an allotment of land area in new developments sufficient for adequate enjoyment and community life.
8.      To conserve natural resources.


The provisions of the Ordinance shall govern all land and all structures within the boundaries of the Town of Sebago, exclusive of the land and water area subject to the Town’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.

If a proposed use is not covered by this or any other Town Ordinance, State and Federal Law may be applied.

Whenever a provision of this Ordinance conflicts with or is inconsistent with other provision of this Ordinance or of any other ordinance, regulation or statute, the more restrictive provision shall control.


Should any section or provision of this Ordinance be declared by the courts to be invalid, such decision shall not invalidate any other section or provision of the Ordinance.


The effective date of this Ordinance shall be the date or the adoption by the legislative body on
June 7, 2014.


The Code Enforcement Officer, Planning Board and Board of Appeals each shall report annually to the Town Manager and Board of Selectman on their respective experience with the administration of this Ordinance during the previous year.  Their reports to the Manager and Board of Selectman shall include any recommended amendments they may have that would:
1.      Enhance their ability to more effectively meet their respective administrative responsibilities under this Ordinance.
2.      Enhance the implementation of the purposes of the Ordinance contained in subsection C, items 1-8 above.


  • This Ordinance may be amended by majority vote of the Legislative body.
  • The Board of Selectmen has the authority to review/adjust any and all fees as needed.