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Personnel Rules & Regulations - Article XIV
Training and Education
Both the Town and its employees profit from the provisions of educational training opportunities reasonably related to the employee’s position for which provisions have been made in the budget.  It shall be the responsibility of the Town Manager to provide to Town employees reasonable opportunities for such in-service training and attendance at schools or conferences as will improve quality of performance and bring about more efficient and more effective operations.  

Employees may apply for job-related courses or training.  The Town will reimburse each employee 100% of the tuition cost only upon satisfactory completion of the pre-approved course.  This reimbursement will be authorized for up to 6 credit hours per fiscal year upon prior recommendation of the Department Head and approval of the Town Manger.

Reimbursement may be requested following each approved 3 credit course or program by submitting a tuition receipt and evidence of satisfactory completion to the office of the Town Manager.  To insure proper budgeting for tuition reimbursement, employees shall notify their department head and the Town Manager by April 1 of each year when possible concerning anticipated course work or training.

If an employee receives tuition reimbursement but discontinues his/her employment with the Town within one year of receipt of the reimbursement, the total amount of the tuition reimbursement must be refunded to the Town.