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Shoreland Ordinance Section 14
Table of Land Uses
All land use activities, as indicated in Table 1, Land Uses in the Shoreland Zone, shall conform to all of the applicable land use standards in Section 15.  The district designation for a particular site shall be determined from the Official Shoreland Zoning Map.
        Key to Table 1:
        Yes –   Allowed (no permit required but the use must comply with all applicable land
                use standards.)
         No –   Prohibited
         PB –   Allowed with permit issued by the Planning Board
         CEO – Allowed with permit issued by the Code Enforcement Officer
         LPI –  Allowed with permit issued by the Local Plumbing Inspector


        RP –    Resource Protection
        LR –    Limited Residential
        SP –    Stream Protection

        Table 1 – Permit Stipulations:  (See Chart on Pages 14 & 15)

  • In RP not allowed within seventy-five (75) feet horizontal distance, of the normal high-water line of great ponds, except to remove safety hazards.
  • Requires permit from the Code Enforcement Officer if more than one hundred (100) sq. ft. of surface area, in total, is disturbed.
  • In RP not allowed in areas so designated because of wildlife value.
  • Provided that a variance from the setback requirement is obtained from the Board of Appeals.
  • Functionally water-dependent uses and uses accessory to such water dependent uses only.
  • See further restrictions in Section 15-L-2.
  • Except when area is zoned for resource protection due to flood-plain criteria in which case a permit is required from the PB.
  • Except as provided in Section 15(H)(4).
  • Single family residential structures may be allowed by special exception only according to the provisions of Section 16(E), Special Exceptions.  Two family residential structures are prohibited.
  • Except for commercial uses otherwise listed in this Table, such as marinas and campgrounds, that are allowed in the respective district.
  • Excluding bridges and other crossings not involving earthwork, in which case no permit is required.
  • Permit not required but must file a written “notice of intent to construct” with CEO.

Table 1– Land Uses in the Shoreland Zone

                Land Uses                                                            ___Districts__________________

                                                                                                               SP                 RP                   LR

Non-intensive recreational use not requiring structures such as hunting, fishing and hiking
        Yes                Yes                  Yes
Motorized vehicular traffic on existing roads and trails
       Yes                Yes                  Yes
Forest management activities except for timber harvesting & land management roads.
        Yes                Yes                  Yes
Timber harvesting
       Yes               CEO                 Yes
Clearing or removal of vegetation for activities other than timber harvesting
       CEO              CEO 1              Yes                                                                    
Fire prevention activities
       Yes                Yes                  Yes
Wildlife management practices             
        Yes                Yes                  Yes
Soil and water conservation practices
       Yes                Yes                  Yes
Mineral exploration
       No                 Yes 2                Yes 2
Mineral extraction including sand and gravel extraction
       No                 PB 3                  PB
Surveying and resource analysis
       Yes                Yes                   Yes
Emergency operations
       Yes                Yes                   Yes
       Yes                PB                    Yes
       PB                 PB                     PB
Principal structures and uses:
    A.    One and two family residential, including driveways

       PB 4              PB 9                  CEO
    B.    Multi-unit residential
       No                 No                     PB
    C.    Commercial
       No                 No 10                No 10
    D.    Industrial
       No                 No                     No
    E.    Governmental and institutional
       No                 No                     PB
    F.    Small non-residential facilities for educational,                                                                                                          
             scientific, or nature interpretation purposes.  
        PB 4              PB                     CEO
Structures accessory to allowed uses
       PB 4              PB                     CEO
Piers, docks, wharfs, bridges and other structures and uses extending over or below the normal high-water line or within a wetland.
           A.    Temporary
           B.     Permanent

      CEO 11         CEO 11              CEO 11
      PB                   PB                     PB
Conversions of seasonal residences to year-round residences
      LPI                  LPI                    LPI
Home occupations
      PB                   PB                     PB
Private sewage disposal systems for allowed uses
      LPI                  LPI                    LPI
Essential services
      PB 6                PB 6                  PB
A.  Roadside distribution lines (34.5kV and lower)
       CEO 6             CEO 6              Yes 12
B.  Non-roadside or cross-country distribution lines
      involving ten poles or less in the shoreland zone
       PB 6                PB 6                 CEO
C.  Non-roadside or cross-country distribution lines
      involving eleven or more poles in the shoreland zone
       PB 6                PB 6                  PB
D.  Other essential services
       PB 6                PB 6                  PB
Service drops, as defined, to allowed uses
      Yes                  Yes                   Yes
Public and private recreational areas involving minimal structural development
       PB                   PB                     PB
Individual, private campsites
      CEO                CEO                 CEO
       No                  No 7                  PB
Road construction
       PB                  No 8                  PB
Land management roads
      Yes                  PB                    Yes
Parking facilities
       No                  No 7                  PB  
       PB                  No                     PB
Filling and earth moving of < 10 cubic yards
       CEO               CEO                 Yes
Filling and earth moving of > 10 cubic yards
      PB                   PB                    CEO  
      Yes                 Yes                   Yes
Uses similar to allowed uses
      CEO               CEO                  CEO
Uses similar to uses requiring a CEO permit
      CEO               CEO                  CEO
Uses similar to uses requiring a PB permit
      PB                   PB                     PB