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Solid Waste Ordinance - Section 10
The following definitions apply to this ordinance.

a.      “Board” means the Board of Selectmen.

        “Commercial Hauler” means any person, firm, corporation, or partnership whose business is handling or hauling waste for compensation.

        “Construction and Demolition Debris” includes lumber, bricks, masonry, asphalt, shingles, insulation and other similar materials.  It does not include asbestos.

        “Disposal” means the discharge, deposit, spilling, leaking or placing of waste into or on land, air or water.

        “Hazardous Waste” means any material or substance which, by reason of its compositions or characteristics, is defined as toxic or hazardous under the applicable laws, and any other material or substance which any governmental agency or unit having appropriate jurisdiction shall determine from time to time is harmful, toxic or dangerous or otherwise ineligible for transfer through or disposal from a licensed transfer station or licensed disposal facility.

        “Municipal Solid Waste” shall mean useless, unwanted or discarded solid material with insufficient liquid content to be free flowing, including by way of example, and not by limitation, rubbish, garbage, scrap metal, junk, refuse, inert fill material and landscape refuse, front end process residue from the processing of municipal solid waste, but shall not include septic tank sludge nor agricultural or hazardous wastes.

        “Non-Acceptable Waste” means any of the following: (i) hazardous waste; (ii) special waste; (iii) septic tank waste; (iv) liquid wastes or sludge; (v) water treatment residues; (vi) waste oil, propane tanks, and other flammable materials; (vii) metal industrial wastes or metal objects other than those commonly found and associated with ordinary household waste; (viii) abandoned or junk vehicles; (ix) dead animals or portions thereof, or any other pathological wastes; (x) tree stumps, yard waste, and brush; and (xi) waste which may reasonably be expected to cause jam-ups, slowdowns, stoppages, failures or damage to the transfer station or a licensed disposal facility.

        “Secure” with respect to transporting waste means containing said material in such a fashion as to prevent any of said material escaping from the vehicle during any stage of transporting said waste from initial location to the disposal site.

        “Solid Waste Facility” means the Town of Sebago licensed transfer station which has all applicable State permits, licenses, and approvals necessary to accept the municipal solid waste for temporary holding and processing pending transportation to a licensed disposal facility.

        “Town” means the Town of Sebago.

        “Waste” includes hazardous waste, solid waste, special waste, sludge, and septic tank waste.