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Solid Waste Ordinance - Section 2
Authority of the Board
a.      The Town Manager or her/his designee shall have the authority to hire or appoint a “Solid Waste Manager” for the town.

b.      Establishment of Rules

1)      The Board has the authority and responsibility to establish rules as permitted or required by this ordinance.
2)      The Board may adopt or change any rule proposed in accordance with this ordinance only after consideration of said changes at a public meeting.
3)      The Board shall provide public notice seven (7) days in advance of the effective date of any rule adopted or changed by the Board except in the case of an “emergency.”

c.      The Board has authority to establish fees for disposal of construction and demolition debris, white goods, furniture, metals, and other acceptable waste, not to include municipal solid waste, generated within the borders of the town at the solid waste facility or facilities with which the town has disposal contracts.  Those rules shall be based on but not limited to the following criteria:

1)      In the event that weight is difficult to determine, fees shall be levied on the basis of volume, determined as closely as possible.  If reliable scales become available to the Town, fees shall be based on the basis of weight.
2)      All fees shall be levied in advance of disposal or deposit in receptacles at the solid waste facility for transfer to disposal site(s).
3)      Fees shall be based on the cost to the town for disposal and transportation of those wastes.

d.      The Board has authority to establish rules with respect to permits, such as placement of permits on vehicles, as deemed necessary.

e.      The Board has authority to establish operating hours for all town-owned solid waste facilities.  These hours shall be established with the goal of providing the maximum safety and convenience to the greatest number of persons at the lowest possible cost.

f.      Board Authority as It Pertains to Commercial Haulers.

1)      The Board has authority to establish additional rules applicable to commercial haulers of waste including but not limited to requiring said haulers to transport collected materials to an end disposal site other than town-owned facilities.  

2)      The Board shall also have authority to require additional information for licensing of commercial haulers as deemed necessary.

g.      The Board has authority to establish any other rules pertaining to the definition of illegal disposal deemed necessary for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the town.

h.      The Board has the authority to establish additional rules regarding the transportation of waste within the borders of the town as are necessary to protect the health and safety of the residents of the town or to comply with State and/or Federal mandates.