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Planning Board Minutes 04/10/2007

TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2007 – 7:30 P.M.

PRESIDING: Richard Bates, Chair


PRESENT: Richard Bates, Cathy Greene, Richard Viles, Steve Burgess, Paul White, Robert Nicholson (Town Manager), Jim Smith (Code Enforcement Officer)


CALL TO ORDER: 7:32 p.m.

REVIEW OF MINUTES: None – No meeting in the month of March.





Mr. Bates introduced Maureen Scanlon to the Board Members.  

Mr. Nicholson also introduced Maureen Scanlon to the Board Members and explained some of the duties that her position encompasses.  This includes taking the minutes at the Planning Board Meetings.  He asked that if additional services are required of her for the Board, that a request explaining the additional tasks be submitted to him in writing so that he can plan accordingly.  

Mr. Nicholson plans to attend the Planning Board meetings on a regular basis. He stated that he is looking forward to working with the Planning Board and requested a letter from the Board as to what they would like him to achieve for them over the next year.  He further explained that he has been working with Jim Smith and Maureen Scanlon on making improvements on record keeping and perhaps starting to perform in-house Deed Splitting that would not only be more cost effective, but also make this information more accessible in a timely manner.  

Mr. Nicholson expressed concern over the fact that there are now two vacant positions on the Planning Board.  He suggested that perhaps a small stipend per meeting be given to Board Members in an effort to stimulate interest in filling these open positions.  


(MAP 2 – LOT 3)
Mr. Nicholson stated that he is here this evening to address any Planning Board questions
regarding the proposed Sand & Salt Shed.  He presented a slide presentation while Jim Smith narrated each photo which showed the Town Garage location that is the proposed site for the new Sand & Salt Shed.  Bob reviewed the construction specifications of this building and stated that the CIP program has accumulated the funding for this project.  He further reviewed the design details of the building.  IE: The door must face south per State requirements so heat enters the building via sunshine.  He also reviewed the site plan details that are set by the State of Maine which will allow the town to eventually
receive partial funding back from the State.

Mr. Charles M. Frechette from Sebago Lake Marina expressed concern over where the existing sand pile will be located during construction of the new building.  His concern is that due to relocations of the sand pile more areas will become contaminated with salt.  He suggested that the pile be covered with tarps to avoid rain water from coming in contact with the sand and create further salt seepage.  Mr. Nicholson agreed that this is a concern that will be addressed.  Unfortunately, the existing sand pile is currently located in the spot where the new building will be constructed.  Therefore, the pile will need to be moved during the construction process, and then it will be moved inside of the building immediately after completion.  Discussion ensued on the fact that there are wells for drinking water located in this area (behind the existing garage).  Ted Shane (former Public Works Director) gave further input on this matter and suggested that the best spot to temporarily relocate the sand pile would be directly in front of the current location.                 
The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) has approved the plans for the building, but it was never asked by them as to where the sand pile will be moved to during construction.  

Mr. Nicholson explained that the town employees will be doing the initial ground work preparation and a contractor will perform the additional services such as constructing the building and installing electricity.  He also noted that the floor of this building will be concrete as required.  

Mr. Bates asked if the application has been completed yet.  He was informed that it has not as of yet and discussion ensued on what is required to move forward.  At this point, the application needs to be submitted, a DEP Storm Water Submission is required, and we will advertise for a Public Hearing on this issue next month including notification to all of the Abutters.  At the request of the Planning Board Members, Jim Smith has agreed to oversee and assure that the application process is completed properly.  There was some discussion on a site walk not being required since all members of the board are familiar with the site location.  However, Cathy Greene suggested that an overlay of the existing plan be provided that shows the boundaries and abutters.

Rick Viles made a motion to waive the site walk.  Seconded by Steve Bourgess.  Motion carried with all in favor.  


(MAP 19 – LOT 13 & 19)
Jim Smith reported that the Murphy’s had called and asked to be stricken from the agenda for this meeting, however, Ned & Carol Woodman are present at this meeting and have asked to informally address the Board.  Ned stated that it was originally planned by the Murphy’s to sell the cabins individually as condominiums and the restaurant separately.  He wanted to take this opportunity to ask if there is anything else required by the Board in case another buyer expresses interest in purchasing this property.  Jim Smith reviewed, in detail, the original request (by the Murphy’s) before it was withdrawn.  He explained that he contacted the MMA attorneys regarding the requirements for condominiums because he had some concerns that needed clarification.  He was advised that if a cabin is being rented seasonally, you can’t change its use to year round.  Based on the information supplied to Jim and passed on to MMA, they said that this was considered a sub-division by the sale of buildings, not because of the sale of land.  Obviously there is not enough land to provide a 40,000 sq.ft. lot for each building.  Therefore, under the law you are allowed to make them into condominiums.  Jim expressed concern about the septic systems that were initially installed in the early 1970’s.  He recommends that the Board require an inspection of the septic system by a third party that addresses what currently exists.  Cathy Greene stated that if another buyer presents themselves, it will have to go through a full sub-division review.  There was some discussion on what would be required under this process.  


(MAP 17 – LOT 12 & 13)
Mr. Tom Dubois from Main-Land Development Consultants introduced himself as representing Camp Micah to the Board Members.  He also introduced Mark Lipof, Camp Director, and Mike Fusco, Camp Maintenance Director, who were present to answer any questions.  Mr. Dubois reviewed the proposed site plan and the application packet that was submitted to the town.  He explained that this project encompasses property in both the towns of Bridgton and Sebago.  He submitted a copy of a letter from the Town of Bridgton to the Town of Sebago stating that they do not feel a combined meeting of both Planning Boards is necessary.  They have already reviewed the scope of the smaller portion of this project that affects their town.  Discussion ensued on the following items pertaining to this project; the engineered septic system, the potential increase in traffic (Most of the kids arrive by bus, only a few parents actually drop their kids off.), and the fact that approximately 30 more people will now be able to stay on site.  Further discussion ensued regarding the construction process, materials, and intended use of each building.  Most will be built of panelized construction since they are so small.  It has been requested that the Board treat this as an amendment to their original site plan submittal which was more extensive before it was downsized to the present scope.  

Rick Viles made a motion to waive the site walk.  Seconded by Steve Bourgess.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Mr. Dubois was asked to contact the Public Works Director for the Town of Sebago regarding the condition of the Sebago owned section of the road before the next meeting.  This approximately 1000 ft. section is the worst section of the road and the abutters will probably express concerns at the next meeting.    


(MAP 14 – LOT 30)
Mr. Hartly attended this meeting in order to present questions to the Board regarding a 40 acre piece of property that he has been working with the owners on, in an effort to make this a large subdivision.  Quite a bit of discussion ensued regarding his questions, the feasibility of the proposed design, and the potential impact on wetlands.  There was some specific discussion as to whether or not the 60 ft. of road frontage would be good enough to access lot #3 on the design.  Mr. Smith mentioned that if this had been brought to him as an access to a back lot it would have been acceptable and five years down the road an additional building permit would have been allowed.  Unfortunately, if this is being done all at once, it is considered a subdivision and must conform to the 150 ft. roadway frontage requirement on a 60 ft. wide right of way.  The Board made several suggestions on different ways of addressing the issues brought forth by Mr. Hartly.        


(MAP 21 – LOT 11)
Charles M. & Karen Frechette asked to address the Board regarding a piece of property that they recently purchased.  Charles explained that years ago the Marina had a sign posted on this property but it was removed.  They would like to put a sign back up on the property and occasionally display boats that are for sale on the site.  The Board requested that a site plan be done for the property.  It was also noted that there is a 25 ft. set back ordinance for each street adjacent to the property.  Some discussion ensued on this matter.  

Cathy Greene made a motion that all future meetings to begin at 7:00 p.m.  Seconded by Rick Viles.  Motion carried with all in favor.  
Some discussion ensued on future meetings and the progress of the Land Use Ordinance that is being developed.

No further issues were brought up for discussion.

ADJOURNMENT: 10:00 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: May 8, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen F. Scanlon
Recording Secretary