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Planning Board Minutes 10/09/2007

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2007 – 7:00 P.M.

PRESIDING: Cathy Greene, Acting Chair


PRESENT: Cathy Greene, Steve Burgess, Jim Libby, Rick Viles, Paul White, Jim Smith
    (Code Enforcement Officer), Maureen Scanlon (Recording Secretary).  

Guests present: Roger Rossignol & Kevin Browne from Salmon Falls Architecture,
    Edward J. Fitzgerald, Ken Littlefield.

ABSENT: Rick Bates

CALL TO ORDER: 7:03 p.m.


Rick Viles made a motion to accept the minutes from the September 11, 2007 meeting.  Seconded by Steve Burgess.  Motion carried with all in favor.  



The two items under this category pertain to issues involving Kurt Christensen who was not yet present at this meeting.  Therefore, the Board Members decided to address New Business issues first and Old Business issues at the end of the meeting in the hope that Mr. Christensen will be present for the discussions.  


30% Expansion – Joan & Edward Fitzgerald
(Map 29 – Lot 47)

Jim Smith reviewed the submitted application in detail with input from Mr. Fitzgerald.  Jim explained that there is no place to move the existing structure on the lot since the septic system is located between the two buildings.  A preliminary site evaluation has been performed by a qualified contractor on the septic system and has been found to be in conformity with current State and Local Plumbing Codes to accommodate the waste water output for a two bedroom house.  Mr. Fitzgerald would like to have a foundation put under the existing structure, not a full basement, so that he can install a furnace.  Discussion ensued on the reason he is not able to put a full basement under this building.   

A Site Walk was scheduled to be performed at the property at 8:00 am on October 13th.

This item is to be included on the agenda for next month.

30% Expansion – Paul & Barbara Powers
(Map 23 – Lot 54)

Roger Rossignol and Kevin Browne, from Salmon Falls Architecture, represented Mr. & Mrs. Powers at this meeting.  Mr. Rossignol reviewed the details of the proposed plans for this expansion project which includes removing the roof from the existing cottage and removing a “bad” portion of the building from the rear section.  A new roof will be put on and an open deck will be added in the location where the building section was removed.  Jim Smith expanded on the details of the design plan.  Some discussion ensued regarding this project and the fact that essentially they will be raising the structure by three feet.  

A Site Walk was scheduled to be performed at the property at 8:30 am on October 13th.

This item is to be included on the agenda for next month.

30% Expansion – Robert & Jane Cort
(Map 20 – Lot 7)

Jim Smith presented photos of the existing building and explained the proposed design plan for this project.  Basically, Mr. & Mrs. Cort are planning to convert a section of their existing building, which will be used as office space and construct a 168 sq. ft. addition for a laundry room.  After some discussion it was decided that a Site Walk will not be required at this location.  

Steve Burgess made a motion to accept this project as submitted.  Seconded by Rick Viles.  Motion carried with all in favor.  

Misc. Item for Discussion – Agenda Cut Off Date – Jim Smith & Maureen Scanlon

Cathy Greene mentioned that this subject was discussed at the workshop that was held two weeks ago.  She explained that a two week cut off date was voted in by the Planning Board approximately three or four years ago.  From this day forward, a completed application must be submitted two weeks before a meeting date and available for review by the Board Members prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.  Some discussion ensued on this matter.  It was noted that adjustments could be made to the agenda if deemed necessary and if meeting time allows for discussion.  
Misc. Item for Discussion – Development Questions - Richard Merritt

Since Mr. Merritt was delayed in arriving at this meeting, the Board decided to discuss this subject at the end of the meeting with the understanding that he is on his way.  


Molly Lane Discussion - Kurt Christensen

Since Mr. Christensen was not present for this meeting, Jim Smith explained that a drainage problem on an existing house lot located on Molly Lane has been brought to his attention by the land owner.  This resident feels as though the Planning Board approved the design for the subdivision and therefore the town should be responsible for resolving the issue.  Mr. Christensen was the developer for the subdivision and has tried to remedy the situation for the landowner once already but the severity of the Patriot’s Day storm caused flooding to occur on this resident’s property.  Mr. Christensen has stated that he will try to resolve this problem again if any suggestions are available for accomplishing this task.  Quite a bit of discussion ensued on this matter.  It is felt that the location of the building on this lot has had an impact on the flow of water on the property.  Since building envelopes are not included in the drawing plans when submitted to the Planning Board this is not something that would have been addressed by them.  This is an item that has been discussed as needing to be required on future submittals.  The Board suggested that Mr. Christensen speak with the Engineer that originally designed the plan for recommendations on how to resolve this matter once and for all.

Linda Lane Driveway Entrance Discussion – Kurt Christensen

Mr. Smith explained that there is an outstanding issue with a driveway that was supposed to be relocated from the current location in the Linda Lane subdivision, but apparently was never moved.  Mr. Christensen stated to him that he no longer owns the property and therefore does not have the right to relocate the driveway.  The Board Members explained that he was granted a Conditional Approval on the subdivision plan for this project with the understanding that the driveway relocation would be completed before being issued a building permit.  Unfortunately, Mr. Smith was unaware of this when he issued a building permit on this property.  There was quite a bit of discussion on the problems that arise for the property abutter due to the current location of this driveway.  Jim stated that he will not issue an Occupancy Permit for this location until this problem has been resolved.  He was further advised that he may not issue a Certificate of Occupancy on any lot located within the subdivision plan, which was originally issued the Conditional Approval until this issue is resolved.  

Some discussion ensued regarding fire prevention/protection on Linda Lane.  It was stated that Mr. Christensen has decided to install sprinklers in each house as he builds it instead of making a water retention pond or installing a holding tank for water access in the event of a fire in this area.  It was noted that the originally granted approval included installing sprinklers in each building.  

Misc. Item for Discussion – Development Questions – Richard Merritt

Richard Merritt stated that an abutter to his property has presented him with the opportunity to purchase some of the land that is adjacent to his property.  With this in mind, he has asked the Board to look at his existing property which is currently considered a high density housing area.  He asked if he purchases this additional property will he be able to add three additional building units on the property.  Some discussion ensued on the minimal land requirements in relation to the allowable living space.  It was stated that this would not work for Mr. Merritt as presented, but if the current minimal requirements are lowered in the next year or two he may be able to purchase it as a separate piece of land and put a building or two on it.  He thanked the Board for their time and expertise in this matter.    

No further issues were brought up for discussion.

Rick Viles made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Jim Libby.  Motion carried with all in favor.   

ADJOURNMENT: 8:23 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: October 9, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Maureen F. Scanlon
Recording Secretary