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Planning Board Minutes 05/12/2009
7:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I       Call to Order
        Rick Viles called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Present: Steve Burgess, Jim Libby, Phil Lowe, Joe McMahon, Rick Viles, Paul White, Code Enforcement Officer, Bob DeVilleneuve, and Recorder, Maureen Scanlon.

Guests present: Ron Tabor, Mike Borsetti, Sherry & Joe Miller, John Swanson, Mose Russo, Ramona & Gary Sleeper, Linda Panzera, George Sawyer (Sawyer Engineering & Surveying), Ralph & Rebecca Foley, Don & Marilyn Loring, Beverly Vucson, Heather True (Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District), Colin Holme & Gordon Stuart (Lakes Environmental Association).

II      Review of Minutes (March 24, 2009 Land Use Ordinance Meeting &      March 31, 2009 Land Use Ordinance Public Hearing)
Phil Lowe made a motion to approve the March 24, 2009 Land Use Ordinance Meeting and the March 31, 2009 Land Use Ordinance Public Hearing minutes.  It was seconded by Joe McMahon.  Motion carried with all in favor.

III     Correspondence – None

IV      Open to Public Questions – None

V       Old Business

a.      Site Plan Application Review – Sebago Warming Hut –  
                 Map 21, Lot 54A
As the Clerk of Works for this project, Jim Libby confirmed that the water supply source to this site is not considered a public water supply.  He reviewed the regulations on the water supply and answered the Board’s previously raised questions.  It was stated that a site walk has been done at the location and a Public Hearing was held on this project.  The Board confirmed that the application is complete and all fees have been paid.

Steve Burgess made a motion to approve the Warming Hut application as submitted.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried with all in favor except for Jim Libby who abstained from the vote.  

b.      30% Expansion – Ronald & Maureen Tabor –
      Map 41, Lot 2
     A site walk was held at this (6 Cottage Road) location on April 19, 2009 at
     9:00 am.  Ron Tabor was present at tonight’s meeting to answer the Board’s
      questions regarding the site plan review application that he submitted for this
      property.  The Board confirmed for Mr. Tabor that the setback requirement for
      a full foundation is 20 feet; however in his case where there will not be a full
      foundation, the setback requirement is only 15 feet.  Rick Viles stated that the
      Board would like to see re-vegetation of the property after trees are removed
      at a ratio of two (smaller) trees for every (large) tree removed.  Jim Libby
      expressed concern regarding erosion control at the water line to eliminate
      materials from flowing into the water.  There was quite a bit of discussion as
      to what temporary and more permanent erosion control measures can be
      made, in order to give Mr. Tabor guidance as to his options.  Sherry Miller
      suggested contacting the Portland Water District who gives out free mulch for
      this specific purpose.  The Board requested that an erosion control plan be
      put in place with the Code Enforcement Officer assuring compliance.  Mr.
      Tabor agreed to comply with this request.         

Steve Burgess made a motion to approve the 30% expansion with erosion  
 control and re-vegetation requirements to be determined by the Code
 Enforcement Officer.  It was seconded by Rick Viles.  Motion carried with all
 in favor except for Rick Viles who abstained from the vote.       

VI      New Business

a.      30% Expansion (Part of a previously approved plan) – David & Janet Brennan – Map 23, Lot 40
This is part of a previously approved 30% expansion project.  A site walk was previously held at this location.  The small section that connects to the garage is the portion that needs to be reviewed at this time due to the fact that it is a little larger than was originally planned, however it is still within the 30% expansion limits.  It was suggested that perhaps the Board would like to perform another site walk at this location to review the change to the original plan.  Unfortunately there was no representative present at tonight’s meeting regarding this proposed project.

Steve Burgess made a motion to table this item until a representative is available to answer questions.  It was seconded by Paul White.  Motion carried with all in favor.
b.      Proposed RV Park (Hawkes Road) – John Swanson (Jonathan C. Blount Trustee) – Map 9, Lot 25
George Sawyer from Sawyer Engineering & Surveying presented a preliminary plan for a proposed Recreational Vehicle Park on Hawkes Road.  John Swanson, the property owner, was also present to answer any questions regarding this project.  Mr. Sawyer explained that this project is basically in the conceptual phase and they are presenting it to the Board in order to address any potential concerns that they may have at this time.  Several concerns were brought up by the Board members and members of the audience regarding items such as compatibility with the existing neighborhood, traffic control, rights-of-ways being overburdened for access to the lake, the existence of vernal pools on the property, and septic system designs (since a small Laundromat is planned to be located on site for use by the individuals staying at the park).  It was noted that this project would go before the DEP for a full site location review which means that among other items, a full traffic study will be required.  There was also a concern brought up regarding the fact that if this property has deeded rights-of-way to the waterfront, would those rights apply to the temporary residents staying at the RV Park.  If they are allowed to access the water via a right-of-way this means that there is a potential for either an overburdening of the right-of-way or the potential for trespassing over property that is not included in the right-of-way.  However, if those rights do not extend to the temporary residents it would then mean that there is a potential for 84 vehicle owners (there are 84 lots planned for this site) coming to the Town Office looking for temporary beach passes to the Town Beach.  There was quite a bit of discussion on these aforementioned concerns and others that were broached such as parking issues.  An abutter to the property expressed concern about people parking in areas such as the edge of his property while looking for a place to bring their canoe to the water, etc.  Other issues raised by the Board consisted of items such as the reiteration of the need for a traffic study being done in this area.  It was noted that Hawkes Road has been recently paved and is in much better condition; however, it is already a dangerous situation when you pull your vehicle out onto the Rte. 114 traffic corridor.  It was also mentioned that some of the proposed site lots appear to be relatively close to the abutting property lines.  Specifically referenced was lot number one.  The Board would like to see a common buffer placed between this property and the abutting properties.  It was also mentioned that this area already has a problem with water runoff that ices up across Anderson Road in the winter months.  This is something that should be taken into consideration if the layout of the land is modified in any way.  A few more items brought up for discussion consisted of issues such as ownership rights and how they relate to temporary residents that may be staying at the RV park for the whole summer season or even for one week stays, noise levels and fire safety.  If the property owner decides to proceed with this project (down the road), a Public Hearing will be held in order to allow citizens to express their concerns that may need to be addressed.       

c.      2006 Hancock & Sand Pond Watershed Survey – Colin Holme (Lakes Environmental Association)
Over the past few years, the Hancock and Sand Pond Association has been working with the Lakes Environmental Association and the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District to correct erosion sources that have been impacting Hancock and Sand Ponds.  This project is part of a federal grant that has followed up the watershed survey that was completed in 2006.  To date, several large sites have been addressed on the West Shore Road, Hancock Pond Road, Wabanaki Road, and Sand Pond Way.  Funds have also been allocated to correct smaller water quality issues on residential sites.  Because the Sebago Planning Board reviews both shoreland zoning applications as well as larger scale development in and around lakes, Heather True, Project Manager for the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District, Colin Holme and Gordon Stuart from the Lakes Environmental Association met with the Planning Board this evening to give a brief overview of this current project as well as general planning considerations for reviewing development which may impact water quality.  Each of them presented information and answered questions according to  
their expertise during the presentation.  A copy of the Hancock and Sand  
Ponds Watershed Survey Report from April 2006 is attached to and does    
hereby become a part of these minutes.  
d.      Miscellaneous Items
There was some discussion on finalizing the proposed Shoreland Zoning
Ordinance in order to have it available for formal adoption by the citizens of
Sebago at the Annual Town Meeting on June 6, 2009.
             No further issues were brought up for discussion.
VII     Adjournment: 9:40 p.m.
Joe McMahon made a motion to adjourn at 9:40 p.m.  It was seconded by
Steve Burgess.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maureen F. Scanlon
Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk