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Planning Board Minutes 01/08/2013
        Call to Order

Chairman Paul White called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Present: Donna Cook, Jim Jansz, Phil Lowe, Joe McMahon, Tina Vanasse, Paul White, Code Enforcement Officer Brandon Woolley, Recorder Maureen Scanlon.

Guest present: Joshua Loiselle.

II      Correspondence – None

III     Open to Public Questions

        Josh Loiselle asked the Board if they had reviewed the proposed draft of the Wireless Communications Facilities (Towers) ordinance that he had submitted for their review at the December 11, 2012 meeting.  He mentioned that he drafted this ordinance in an effort to assist the Board in “fine tuning” the existing ordinance.  

RECORDER’S NOTE: A copy of this submittal was not given to the Recording Secretary at the December meeting.  However, a copy was submitted to the Recording Secretary before the start of this (1/8/2013) meeting.  Therefore, a copy of this draft ordinance is attached to and does hereby become a part of the original set of these minutes.  
Chairman Paul White explained to Josh that it is this Board’s intention to address this matter after they have had the opportunity to address other items that they have already identified as needing to be done.  If they complete the already identified items before the Annual Town Meeting in June, then they may have the opportunity to address the proposed changes to the “Towers” ordinance, otherwise, it may have to wait until they can address it at a later date.  They will try to address as much as possible before the deadline date for items to be addressed at the Annual Town Meeting.  Brandon Woolley stated that he has looked into this matter and has found that even though the ordinance on the town’s website is marked as a “proposed” ordinance, he has found that it was adopted by the town’s residents and it is not “proposed” but an actual ordinance.  
IV      Review of Minutes (December 11, 2012)  

Tina Vanasse made a motion to accept the December 11, 2012 meeting minutes as presented.  It was seconded by Phil Lowe.  Motion carried with all in favor except Paul White who abstained from the vote.

V        Old Business

a.      Update from Maureen Scanlon on the Site Plan Review – Camp Micah (“The Micah Dome” project) – Map 17, Lots 12 & 13 (Located at the end of Moose Cove Lodge Road)

Maureen Scanlon advised the Board that the applicant has requested that this project be withdrawn until a later date.     

b.      Update from Maureen Scanlon on the Subdivision Review – (Pheasant Ridge) Hertel Family LLC – Map 10, Lot 16 A

Maureen Scanlon advised the Board that she has received the Mylar copy and the additional paper copy of the recorded plan for this project from Craig Geaumont as requested by the board.    

c.      Goal Setting Items

1.      Voting Matrix (finalizing process)

No discussion at this time.

2.      Generic Specifications for Hydrant/Fire Pond

No discussion at this time.

3.      Review of Escrow Funds for “Outstanding” Subdivisions

Brandon mentioned that this has turned out to be a bigger project than he originally anticipated.  He recently spoke to the property owners to see what their intentions are for the Fitch Long Hill subdivision project.  He noticed that there is now a “For Sale” sign on the property.  Basically, due to financial constraints and with the economy slowing down they decided to hold off on the development of the site.  Brandon stated that after the discussion last month on time frames and the time that has elapsed, he found additional information that pertains to this project.  In 2005 Ward Fitch went before the Planning Board for an extension because he thought his approval was only good for two years.  Apparently nothing was found in the town’s ordinance but the record shows that the applicant came before the Board and it was determined that substantial completion was begun so an extension was not required for the subdivision.  Therefore, the Board has already ruled on the question of the time period and extension, so it stands as it is.  He has informed them that there are still funds being held in escrow for professional services that may be required when they decide to finish the development of the subdivision.  They were fine with the town retaining these funds for this purpose.  The research into this account of escrow funds is now considered complete by the Board.  

Brandon explained that the next subdivision he looked into is the Nason’s Brook subdivision.  He has found that there are several items with this subdivision that really support the need for the “Actions Needed” list that we have been developing.  First of all there is a discrepancy as to the true amount of funds that should still be in this account.  There actually should be fewer funds in this account and he will follow-up with the Town Clerk to correct this problem.  There was also a requirement for a fire pond and an easement for this subdivision that has never been done.  There is plenty of supporting documentation for the requirement of the easement and the Fire Chief’s agreeing to the fire pond as an alternative water source for fire protection.  The fire pond is there but it’s not being maintained.  Brandon explained that he will be addressing some additional items that he also reported to the Board this evening.  The Board determined that since there are items that will need to be further addressed the funds in this account shall continue to be retained by the town at this time.  

There was some discussion amongst the Board regarding the fact that this task has turned out to be more time consuming than originally anticipated.   They asked the Code Enforcement Officer how much extra time they have imposed on his work schedule with their requests for follow-up items such as this project and others.  There was some discussion on the potential need for the Planning Board to recommend that the Board of Selectmen increase the Code Enforcement budget to accommodate more hours for what is not considered a luxury but a necessity to make sure procedures are done properly, fairly and consistently.     

VI      New Business (Miscellaneous Item – Planning Board Vacant Position)

Maureen Scanlon stated that former Planning Board Member, Rick Viles has asked her to notify the Board that he would like to fill the position recently vacated by Dick Perry.  The Board directed Maureen to advise the Board of Selectmen that they recommend Rick to be appointed to the position at their next meeting.       

V       Adjournment
Phil Lowe made a motion to adjourn the regular Planning Board meeting at 7:37 p.m. and move into an Ordinance Review Workshop.   It was seconded by Donna Cook.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maureen F. Scanlon
Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk