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Planning Board Minutes 06/11/2013
I       Call to Order

Chairman Paul White called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Present: Jim Jansz, Phil Lowe, Joe McMahon, Tina Vanasse, Rick Viles, Paul White, Donna Cook (also recorder of minutes), Code Enforcement Officer Brandon Woolley.
Guests present: Edie Harnden, Josh Loiselle, Ann Farley, Scott Anderson- Verizon Wireless, Chip Fredette-Verizon Wireless, Charles Frechette, and Jessie Duplin.

III     Correspondence
        The Board received a power-point presentation from presenter Josh Loiselle and a memo with two (2) miscellaneous items for discussion from Planning Board Secretary.

IV      Open to Public Questions - None 
V       Review of Minutes (May 14, 2013)  

Phil Lowe made a motion to accept the May 14, 2013 meeting minutes as presented.  It was seconded by Donna Cook.  Motion carried with all in favor.  

VI       Old Business

a.      Sketch Plan Review – (Property currently owned by Ronald & Jane Rodgers) (Applicant is Ed Libby) – Map 16, Lot 3 & 3A (544 Hancock Pond Rd. & Land Lot)
The Applicant was not in attendance. The CEO stated that Mr. Libby had said in an e-mail, dated May 3, 2013, that he would not be here as he felt a denial of his two (2) waivers in essence meant that his sketch plan application was denied as well. Discussions by the Board were that they felt the Applicant would come back before the Board with an updated sketch plan, but since the Applicant stated this was his only submittal, the Board said they would discuss options.
A waiver decision letter was submitted by Donna Cook. The Board reviewed and discussed it with changes to the letter being made. This letter will be sent to Mr. Libby by June 13, 2013 to meet the deadline of notification. Included with the Waiver Decision letter will be the signed Sketch Plan Review letter (below) and a copy of the approved minutes.

Further discussions were had regarding the Sketch Plan submitted by Mr. Libby. The motion was made by Tina Vanasse and seconded by Phil Lowe to deny the sketch plan as presented. Motion carried with six (6) in favor of and one (1) abstaining from the vote. The Sketch Plan Review letter was signed by all Board members with one abstaining.

b.      Goal Setting Items

1.      Voting Matrix (finalizing process)
No discussion at this time.

2.      Generic Specifications for Hydrant/Fire Pond
No discussion at this time.

3.      Review of Escrow Funds for “Outstanding” Subdivisions
No discussion at this time.

VII     New Business

a.      Cell Tower Ordinance Discussion  

1.      Cell Tower presentation by Josh Loiselle
Josh Loiselle made an informative presentation regarding his proposed options to update our current tower ordinance with the power point correspondence the Board had received. There were two guests present from Verizon Wireless who added to the discussion stating there was a Model Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance that could be downloaded. The Board decided that a workshop should be held. The workshop will be 7 p.m., June 25, 2013; at the Town Office. Donna Cook will download the ordinance and get a copy to the Board members prior to the workshop date.

b.      Two miscellaneous items as per Planning Board Secretary, Maureen Scanlon’s memos.

1.      The first memo was regarding the issuance of “draft” copies of the Planning Board minutes to resident’s who request them. The Secretary is asking if she has our OK to distribute “draft” copies to residents with the understanding they are only “draft” and not binding until the minutes have been approved by the Planning Board and once minutes are approved, the “draft” copies must be destroyed and approved minutes given the resident. The Board gave their ok for the Secretary to hand out draft copies to residents who request them.
2.      The second memo was regarding the current vacant position on the Planning Board. Both candidates, Joe McMahon and Josh Loiselle were present. After discussions between the Board and the candidates, the Board recommends that Joe McMahon be re-appointed as a Planning Board Member to fill the vacant position. A letter with the Board’s recommendation was drafted and will be presented at the June 18, 2013 Selectmen’s meeting.
3.      Jim Jansz asked what the Board’s next course of action is to be regarding the changes that passed or didn’t pass to the Town’s Ordinances that were voted on during the Town Meeting. The Chairman stated that for the ordinance that didn’t pass, the language would remain as it is in the current ordinance. For the items that passed, we could add this to our next meeting agenda to discuss next actions.

VIII    Adjournment
Tina Vanasse made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 p.m.  It was seconded by Donna Cook.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna M Cook
Planning Board Member/Deputy Clerk