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Planning Board Minutes 11/12/2014
I       Call to Order

Chairman Paul White called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Present: Donna Cook, Jim Jansz, Phil Lowe, Tina Vanasse, Paul White, Code Enforcement Officer Brandon Woolley, Recorder Maureen Scanlon.

Absent: Joe McMahon, Rick Viles

Guests present: Richard Bianculli, Jason Robitaille, Dana Batchelder, Ann Batchelder, Charlie Batchelder, Millie Batchelder, Steve Titcomb

II      Correspondence

The following correspondence was distributed to the Planning Board members in their meeting packets;

A copy of the Summer 2014 edition of the “Sebago Lake Watershed News” from the Portland Water District.  (Received at the end of September – no meeting held in October.)

III     Open to Public Questions – None

IV      Review of Minutes (September 9, 2014)
(Note: There are no minutes for the month of October because there was no meeting held.)

        Donna Cook made a motion to approve the minutes from September 9, 2014 as presented.  It was seconded by Tina Vanasse.  Motion carried with all in favor.

V       Old Business  

  • CEO Updates
  • NeuroRestorative Project Update
Brandon gave a quick update on this project.  He stated that he asked NeuroRestorative if they were prepared to submit the copies of their contracts for Biohazards and Sharps and their licensing.  They informed him that they have been verbally issued their license but have not received a copy of it yet.  They had hoped to have it to him by the date of this meeting, but were unable to do so.  He mentioned that they indicated that they may be coming back before the Planning Board for another expansion.  They are looking at adding another fourteen residents, which means that they would have to build another structure.       

  • Goal Setting Items
  • Voting Matrix (finalizing process)
No discussion

  • Review of Escrow Funds for “Outstanding” Subdivisions
No discussion

VI      New Business

  • Pre-application Meeting – Dana Batchelder  
Dana Batchelder explained that he would like to do some light manufacturing at his home/property located in the Village District next to the Sebago Elementary School.  He stated that he is not looking at doing anything specific.  He would like to do some light metal manufacturing such as welding, fabricating, machining (“job shop” type of stuff), and some creating of wooden rustic farm type furniture.  He doesn’t intend for this to be a retail location with items for sale located on the property.  If a customer comes to him and wants him to fabricate certain items such as a wood smoker, wood cutter, or trailer, then he will provide that service.  He will be using the same equipment that he is currently using for his hobby work.  He has checked with both of his closest neighbors and has not had any complaints from them regarding the noise level.  One neighbor mentioned that he is happy to see what Dana has already done with improvements to his property.  It was noted that as an abutter to his property the school would have to be notified if he decides to proceed with this project.  Brandon Woolley mentioned that he has already addressed several issues with Dana regarding this matter and feels as though he has a good handle on it.  The separation of his residence and the business was one of the items they discussed.  He mentioned that this is considered within the “allowable uses” stated in the ordinance.  The Board suggested that he review Section 7 of the Land Use ordinance because these are the items that they will be looking at during the approval process.  Phil Lowe suggested that Mr. Batchelder consider including any potential future growth, that he may be aware of, for approval during this approval process.  This will eliminate his having to come back at a later date for further approval from this Board.       

  • Pre-application Meeting – Richard Bianculli
Mr. Bianculli explained that he has recently relocated to Maine (where his wife was raised) from Rhode Island.  He and his wife intend to raise a family here and are interested in purchasing the property located at 432 Convene Road which is currently owned by Sandra Putnam and Brian O’Donnell.  They plan to live in the home located on this property and would like to utilize the existing barn structure as a wedding venue, or for other types of events such as family reunions.  His brother-in-law Jason Robitaille designed the site plans for this proposed project and was present at the meeting to answer any questions from the Board.  The rental period would be Thursdays through Sundays from noon till 10:00 p.m. during the warmer months of spring, summer and fall.  Mr. Bianculli proceeded to review the site plans and the proposed restorations to the barn structure.  The proposed site plan shows the locations of the house and barn buildings, the “ceremony area” which is an open air area on the property, the parking area and the proposed location for portable toilets.  The barn will be able to seat up to 150 people.  The parking area will have 56 parking spaces and will consist of grass or gravel.  For safety purposes there will be a lighted pathway on the property from the parking lot to the venue area.  This will eliminate any foot travel along the roadway.   A shuttle service will be available to people that don’t want to walk from the parking lot to the venue area.  It will also be available to people that may need a ride to a local hotel.  The lighting in the parking lot area will be facing into the parking area in such a way as to preserve the “dark skies” affect in this area.  These lights will only be on during night-time functions.  Clients of the facility will be responsible for retaining their own portable toilets and caterers.  The caterers will be responsible for all food, any necessary liquor licenses and the removal of trash generated by the function.  There are no plans for any other use of this facility when it is not being used for functions.   Paul White stated to the Board that this is a use that is covered by the “Schedule of Uses” under the category of indoor entertainment and recreation.  Since it is not a restaurant or hotel, it is permitted in this Rural District location with the Planning Board’s approval.  Brandon Woolley answered questions from the Board regarding the parking area and the entranceway to it.  It was noted that, if approved, there are no plans to start renting out the facility until the 2016 season.                       

VII     Adjournment
Phil Lowe made a motion to adjourn at 7:37 p.m.  It was seconded by Donna Cook.  Motion carried with all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Maureen F. Scanlon
Administrative Assistant/Deputy Clerk