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School Board Agenda 08/11/2008
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Patrick R. Phillips, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  August 5, 2008        
  RE:  Board Workshop   
                There will be a Board Workshop on Monday, August 11, 2008
                at 7:00 p.m. at Wayne Warner’s House. (Directions enclosed)

          NOTE:  There will be a Board picnic at 5:00 p.m. prior to the
       1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2.      Approval of Agenda

3.      Presentations
         A.  Facilities Review Committee – Andy Madura/Patrick Phillips
         B.  Augusta Meeting with Jim Rier

      4. Minutes
  A. Board Workshop of June 17, 2008
       5. Public Comments on Agenda Items

 6. Action Items
    A.  Job Description, First Reading
         (1) MLTI Technical Facilitator
     B.  Personnel
        (1) Nomination of Teaching Staff for the 2008-09 school year
            (a) Cynthia Ludwig as a Special Education Teacher at
                 Lake Region Middle School, replacing Sue Meuse who has
            (b) Stephanie Whiting as a Title I Teacher at Songo Locks
                 School, replacing Johanna Bartlett who has transferred to
                 another position    
             (c) Lisa Nelson as a District-wide Occupational Therapist,
                replacing MaryAnne Moison who has resigned
            (d) Reappointment of Dan Jenkins as a 2nd Year Probationary
                 Special Education Teacher at Lake Region High School

Agenda                          August 11, 2008                         Page 2

    B.  Personnel
         (2) Appointment of Educational Support Personnel for the 2008-09
              school year
            (a) Elaine Rowe as Administrative Secretary at Crooked
                 River Elementary School  
             (b) Sarah Gerry as a Title I Educational Technician III at
                 Songo Locks School.  This is a new position as a result
                 of Title I funding.
            (c) Jan Wilk as a part-time Title I Educational Technician
                 III at Sebago Elementary School (9 hours) and Stevens
                 Brook Elementary School, (12 hours), replacing Christine
            (d) Kayla Bailey as a Day Treatment Support Technician at
                 Lake Region Middle School, replacing Jennifer Coulombe
                 who has resigned
            (e) Sarah Champoli as a Day Treatment Support Technician at
                 Songo Locks School, replacing Jennifer Kelly who has                     
                  (f) Laura Spinner as a Day Treatment Support Technician at
                 Stevens Brook Elementary School.  This is a new position.
(3) Appointment of Christina Piland as a District-wide Special
    Education Permanent Substitute, replacing Kellisha DeCarlo who
    has resigned
        (4) Appointment of Additional Duty Positions per Memo dated August 5,

7.      Board Workshop
A.      Board Training for Freedom of Access Law
B.      MSBA Resolutions and Delegates
C.      Board Evaluation/Goals
D.      Policy Work   
(1)     Policy Review
(2)     Superintendent’s Evaluation Policy
(3)     Discuss need for Policy Committee
E.      School Board Chairperson Term Limit
F.      Discuss and set possible date for Facilities Tour

      8.  Information Items
          A.  Committee Reports
          B.  Superintendent’s Comments
          C.  Personnel
                (1) Resignations
                    (a) Mark Schrader has resigned as a Special Education Teacher
                        at Lake Region High School
                    (b) Christine Dinsmore has resigned as a Standards
                         Interventionist at Sebago Elementary School

      Agenda                   August 11, 2008                    Page 3   
                  (2) Transfers
                    (a) Evelyn Abrams will transfer from a Library Educational
                         Technician to a Title I Educational Technician III,
                        at Stevens Brook Elementary School, replacing Stevens
                         Brook Elementary School
                    (b) Carole Carey has transferred to a full-time Title I Teacher  
                          at Songo Locks School           
       9.  Adjourn

·       Directions to Wayne Warner’s House
·       Agenda Information
·       Minutes from Board Workshop of June 17, 2008
·       2007-08 Board Goals
·       Information re:  Freedom of Access Workshop