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School Board Agenda 10/04/2010
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Patrick R. Phillips, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  September 28, 2010                
  RE:  School Board Meeting
      There will be a Regular School Board Meeting on Monday, October 4, 2010    at 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria at Sebago Elementary School.

      Notes:  There will be a Personnel Committee meeting on Monday,
              October 4, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at Sebago Elementary School.

      1.  Call to Order and Roll Call

        2.  Approval of Agenda

        3.  Approval of Minutes
           A.  Regular Meeting of September 13, 2010
            B.  Special Meeting of September 23, 2010
4.  Presentation
    A.  Lindamood-Bell Presentation
   B.  School Health Coordinator – Courtney Kennedy  
5.  Administrative Comments
   A.  Principals/Directors – Secondary  
    B.  Other

6.  Public Comments on Agenda Items
   7.  Action Items
      A. Educational Technician Hours, Educational Support Personnel
       B. Donation by Glen Niemy of $500 for Cross Country Uniforms for
          Lake Region High School students  
       C. Policies – First Readings
         (1) Employee Use of District Credit Card, FC-DJC
         (2) Travel Expense, FC-DLC
       D. Personnel
         (1) Nomination of Teachers for the 2010-11 school year
             (a) Jeanine Nadeau as a Grade 6 Language Arts Teacher
                  at Lake Region Middle School, effective October 4,
                  2010, replacing Kate Parkins who resigned.  (This is
                  a one-year only position.) Ms. Nadeau will be on
                  B+0 Step 2.
Agenda                                  October 4, 2010                                         Page 2
         D.  Personnel (continued)
            (1) Nomination of Teachers for the 2010-11 school year
                (b) Susan Shea as a Teacher for the Title I Pre-School
                     Program at Stevens Brook Elementary School.  This is
                     a new position paid with ARRA Title I funds.  (This is
                     a one-year only position.)  Ms. Shea will be on B+0
                     Step 10.     
             (2) Appointment of Educational Support Personnel for the
                 2010-11 school year
                (a) Kelley Damboise as a Day Treatment Support Technician
                     at Songo Locks School, retroactive to September 27,
                     2010, replacing Sue Shea who transferred to another
                (b) Ashley Paine as a Day Treatment Support Technician
                     at Stevens Brook Elementary School, effective
                     September 29, 2010, replacing Kyla Rowe who resigned
                 (c) Lori Fowler as an Educational Technician III for the
                    Title I Pre-School Program.  This will be funded by
                     ARRA I funds.  (This is a one-year only position.)
                 (d) Lisa Roberts as a Grade 5 Educational Technician at
                     Stevens Brook Elementary School.  This is a new
                     position funded by the Jobs Bill. (This is a one-year
                    only position.)
            (3) Appointment of Additional Duty Positions per the Memo
                 dated September 30, 2010
             (4) Appointment of Laura Shaw as a part-time (.60) Licensed
                 Practical Nurse at Sebago Elementary School.         
             (5) Appointment of Wenda Saunders as School Physician for the
                 2010-11 school year
         E.  MSBA Proposed Resolutions
        8.  Discussion Items
           A.  2010-11 Budget   
            B.  Waiting for Superman:  What Our District is Doing
           C.  Facilities Tour
        9.  Information Items
           A.  Committee Reports
           B.  Superintendent’s Report
               (1) MSMA Annual Fall Conference – Registration Deadline
                    October 12 (Board members are asked to let us know
                    by October 8 if they plan to attend)
           C.  Personnel
               (1) Judith Floster will transfer from an Educational
                    Technician II to an Educational Technician III at Lake Region
                    Middle School
               (2) Christine Bennett will be on a maternity Family and Medical
                   Leave of Absence beginning approximately January 18, 2011 for
                    twelve weeks.
               (3) Ruth Murphy has resigned as a Middle School Football Co-
               (4) Lynne Harrison has resigned as Winter Weight Room Advisor
               (5) Lynne Harrison has resigned as Sophomore Class Co-Advisor
               (6) Brian Clark has resigned as Sophomore Class Co-Advisor

Agenda                                  October 4, 2010                         Page 3

     10.  Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

     11.  Executive Session
           A.  Student Matters – M.R.S.A. 405 6.B.
      12.  Adjournment

  • Agenda Information
  • Minutes of September 13, 2010
  • Minutes of September 23, 2010
  • Employee Use of District Credit Card
  • Travel Expense Policy
  • Memo re:  Additional Duty Positions
  • Minutes Curriculum Committee Meeting
  • Personnel Committee Agenda for October 4, 2010

    School Board Only:

  • MSBA Proposed Resolutions
  • MSMA Annual Conference Information