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School Board Agenda 06/06/2011
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Patrick Phillips, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  May 31, 2011
 RE:  Agenda for June 6, 2011

      There will be a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board
       on Monday, June 6, 2011 following Employee Recognition in
       the Cafeteria at Lake Region High School.   

       Note:  Employee Recognition will be held with a Reception
              in the cafeteria at Lake Region High School at  
              6:00 p.m. and awards being presented at 6:30 p.m.


       1.  Call to Order and Roll Call

        2.  Approval of Agenda

        3.  Approval of Minutes
           A.  Regular Board Meeting of May 16, 2011
           B.  Minutes from the Regular Meeting of May 17, 2011
           B.  Special Board Meeting of May 23, 2011
            C.  Emergency Board Meeting of May 23, 2011
            D.  Special Board Meeting of May 31, 2011
4.  Presentation
    A. Pre-Kindergarten Program – (Sue Shea)
5.  Administrative Comments
   A.  Principals/Directors – Elementary      
    B.  Other

6.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

  7.  Action Items
  A.  Wood Boiler Purchase  
  B.  2011-12 Budget
  C.  2011-12 School Calendar
  D.  Policies, Second Readings
          (1) Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint
               Procedure, FC-ACAA-R
          (2) Organizational Chart, FC-CCA
          (3) Field Trips, K-6, File Code IICA


Agenda                         May 31, 2011                       Page 2
        7.  Action Items (continued)
       E.  Job Description, Second Reading
                (1) Literacy Coach, 3.36
      F.  Policies, First Reading
           (1) E-Mail Policy, FC - EHAB
          (2) Employee Computer and Internet Use – FC-GCSA
          (3) Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules – FC-GCSA-R
          (4) Student Computer and Internet Use, FC-IJNDB
          (5) Student Computer and Internet Use Rules, FC-IJNDB-R
          (6) Agreement to Publish Student Information on the M.S.A.D.
               #61 School Department Web Site, FC-IJNDB-1
          (7) Laptop Computer Sign-out Form, FC IJNDB-2       
           (8) Local Wellness Policy, File Code EFCA-1
      G.  Donations
          (1) Hannaford has donated a check for $1,000 to Stevens Brook
               Elementary School representing the funds raised by parents
               and the community for the school during the 2010 Hannaford
               Helps Schools Program.   
           (2) CPPW Physical Activity Grants were awarded to the schools
               as follows:
              (a) Stevens Brook, Sebago and Songo Locks School received
                   $3,750 plus a $750 bonus award to purchase bikes,
                   snowshoes, and cross country ski equipment that will be
                   shared by all three schools.
              (b) Lake Region Middle School was awarded $1,250 plus a
                   $250 bonus award to increase the school’s inventory of
                   cross country skiis
              (c) Lake Region High School was awarded a grant for $1,250
                   plus a $250 bonus award to purchase equipment that
                   responds to the request of students including
                   kickboxing and boxing.  General weights and other
                   equipment will be purchased to support Physical
                   Education classes and physical activity before, during,
                   and after the school day.
              (d) Lake Region Vocational Center was awarded $1,250 to
                   purchase a P90X program in addition to other programs
                   and supporting equipment for improved fitness of
                   faculty and students during their 15 minute breaks
            (3) The Healthy Maine Partnership Coordinated School Health
                Program Grant  
            (4) The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department has donated
                $500 for the purchase of cross country equipment      
       H.  Personnel
              (1) Reappointment of Peggy Jo Gagnon as an Occupational
               Therapist for the 2011-12 school year
          (3) Reappointment of Interventionists, Permanent Substitutes,
              and the Substitute Caller for the 2011-12 school year
          (2) Appointment of Samantha Ellis as a Technology Support
              Technician at Lake Region Middle School and Lake Region
               High School, replacing Jeremy Hammer who transferred to
               another position


Agenda                          May 31, 2011                    Page 3

8.  Discussion Items
         A.  School Construction Project Update
         B.  MSBA Resolutions

           9.  Information Items
              A.  Committee Reports
              B.  Superintendent’s Report
              C.  Personnel
                  (1) Lindsay Deveau has submitted her intent to resign,
                       effective the end of the 2010-11 school year
     10.  Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

    11.  Executive Session
         A. Student Matter
     12.  Adjournment


  • Agenda Information
  • 2011-12 School Calendar
  • Minutes as listed on the Agenda
  • Policies as listed on the Agenda
  • Additional Information regarding the CPPW Physical Activity Grants
  • Information regarding the Healthy Maine Partnership Coordinated School
Health Program Grant  

Board Only
 MSBA Information