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School Board Agenda 11/07/11
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Dr. Kathleen Beecher, Interim Superintendent
DATE:  November 3, 2011   
 RE:   Regular Board Meeting Agenda

           There will be a Regular School Board Meeting on Monday,
        November 7, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Songo Locks School.   

        Note:  The Facilities Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. at
               Songo Locks School.  

       1.  Call to Order and Roll Call

      2.  Approval of Agenda

       3.  Minutes
          A.  Minutes of Regular Meeting of October 3, 2011
           B.  Minutes of Regular Meeting of October 17, 2011
       4.  Presentations
       5.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

      6.  Administrative Comments
           A. Secondary Principals
           B. Adult Education, Carrie Castonguay
       7.  Action Items
          A.  Policy, First Readings
              (1) Student Education Records and Information, File Code JO
              (2) Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information
                   Rights, File Code JO-E
           B.  Job Descriptions, First Reading
              (1) 504 Coordinator (.2), Sebago Elementary School Health
                   Care Attendant (.8), GDA-R, 3.29.11
              (2) Career Counselor/Advisor, GCA-R, 3.22.1
          C.  Board Goals, Second Reading
          D.  Revised Vote on Lease/Purchase of Financing of Bus/Wheel Alignment
          E.  Grant Approvals
              (1) CPPW Grant for $1,964 to Build a Rope Element at Lake Region
                   High School
              (2) CPPW Grant for $1,700 for Snowshoes to be used at Lake Region
                   High School
                  effective November 10, 2011, replacing Elizabeth Connell who
                   has resigned



Agenda                         November 7, 2011                       Page 2    

  7. F. Personnel
          F.  Personnel
              (1) Nomination of Vanessa Stacey as a part-time Health/Physical
                   Education Teacher (.60) at Songo Locks and Stevens Brook
                   Elementary Schools, effective November 10, 2011, replacing
                   Elizabeth Connell who has resigned
              (2) Appointment of Literacy Tutors for 2011-12
                  (a) Jessica Frye will be a Literacy Tutor (7.5 hours per day)
                       at Stevens Brook Elementary School, effective October 31,
                       2011 for the remainder of the 2011-12 school year. (This
                       is a one-year only position.)  
                   (b) Jessica Hunt will transfer from a Kindergarten Educational
                       Technician to a Literacy Tutor (7.5 hours per day) at
                       Stevens Brook Elementary School. (This is a one-year only
              (3) Appointment of Kayla Nowell as a Student Support Center
                   Monitor (Educational Technician III at Lake Region Middle
   School, effective November 14, 2011 for the remainder of the
   2011-12 school year, replacing Sheila Rollins who has resigned
              (4) Appointment of Jamel Torres as an Educational Technician
                   III for the Alternative Education Program at Lake Region
                   High School.  This is a new, one-year only position.
               (5) Appointment of Adult Education Employees for 2011-12
                   (a) Madelyn Litz as a Career Counselor and College
                       Transitions Coordinator    
                   (b) Ryan Adams as an Adult Learning Center Instructor
                   (c) Meghan McLaughlin as an Adult Learning Center Instructor
                  (d) Kristia Merriam as a Family Literacy Co-Coordinator and
                       GED Instructor
                  (e) Phoebe Monteith as a Family Literacy Co-Coordinator and
                       GED Instructor
              (6) Appointment of Additional Duty Positions per the Spreadsheet
                   dated November 7, 2011
              (7) Appointment of Gail Brooks as a part-time Standards
                   Interventionist/Tutor at Songo Locks School, effective
                   October 24, 2011  

 8. Discussion Items

 9. Information Items
    A.  Committee Reports
   B.  Superintendent’s Report
   C.  Personnel
       (1) Anna Walker will be on a maternity family medical leave of absence
            from September 16, 2011 through November 22, 2011.  It was originally
            reported that she would be working part-time during November.
       (2) Cynthia Wentworth has submitted her intent to retire, effective the
            end of February 2012.

   10. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

11. Executive Session
   A.  Student Matter, pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. 405(6)(B)

11. Adjournment

  • Agenda Information
  • Minutes of October 3, 2011
  • Minutes of October 17, 2011
  • Policies/Job Descriptions as listed on the agenda
  • School Board Goals (To be sent separately)
  • Additional Duty Positions Spreadsheet dated November 7, 2011