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School Board Agenda 12/19/11
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Dr. Kathleen Beecher, Interim Superintendent
DATE:  December 13, 2011    
 RE:   Regular Board Meeting Agenda

           There will be a Regular School Board Meeting on Monday,
        December 19, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. at Lake Region Vocational Center.    

        Note:  The Personnel Committee will meet at 5:00 p.m. at
               Lake Region Vocational Center.   


      1.  Maine School Management Association – Working Session with the School
           Board – 6:00 p.m.
       2.  Regular Board Meeting - Call to Order and Roll Call – 7:30 p.m.

       3.  Approval of Agenda

       4.  Minutes
          A.  Minutes of Regular Meeting of December 5, 2011
       5.  Presentations
       6.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

      7.  Administrative Comments
           A. Secondary Principals
           B. Adult Education Director, Carrie Castonguay  
       8.  Action Items
          A.  Emergency Revolving Renovation Fund Application for PCB’s
               at Lake Region High School (approved by Facilities Committee on
          B.  Request to retain the “East Wing” Modular at Lake Region High
               School until after the school construction is complete for needed
               Space (Approved by both Building Committee and Facilities
           C.  Donation
              (1) Jill Flagg, Kindergarten Teacher at Songo Locks School wrote a
                   grant to Target and received $700 for a Pineland Farms field
                   trip for Kindergarten students.
           D.  Job Descriptions, Second Readings
              (1) Director of Transportation, Maintenance and Food Service
              (2) Director of Adult and Community Education
           E.  Policy, Second Reading
              (1) Use of Facilities Fee Schedule – FC – KG-F




Agenda                         December 19, 2011                        Page 2    

       8.  Action Item
          F.  Policy, First Reading
              (1) Board Goals, FC-BA12
               (2) Purchasing and Contracting: Procurement Staff Code of
                   Conduct, FC-DJH, First Reading
           G.  Personnel
               (1) Jan Keiper will be the District’s Homeless Liaison.  This is
                   paid with Title I funds.     
       9.  Discussion Items
           A.  Superintendent’s Search

      10. Information Items
          A.  Committee Reports
         B.  Superintendent’s Report
         C.  Personnel
             (1)  James Thombs has transferred from a District Delivery
                   Technician to a Custodian (4 hours day) at Stevens Brook
                   Elementary School and a District-wide Maintenance Technician
                   (4 hours per day on school days, 8 hours per day on school
                   vacations and during the summer)
 11. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

12. Adjournment

  • Agenda Information
  • Minutes of December 5, 2011  
  • Policies/Job Descriptions as listed on the agenda
  • Personnel Committee Agenda
  • Curriculum Committee Minutes of November 16, 2011