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School Board Agenda (Curriculum Committee) 01/16/2013
  TO:  Curriculum Committee
FROM:  Deborah Howard, Assistant Superintendent
DATE:  January 7, 2013
  RE:  Curriculum Committee Meeting

      There will be a Curriculum Committee meeting on January 16,
       2013 at 3:30 p.m. at the Central Office.


      1.  Attendance:
           Committee members:  Laurie Mondville, Chairperson,
          Janice Barter, Beth Chaplin, Elaine Heuiser,
           Erica Pond Green, and Jody Gray, Board Chair

          Administrators:   Deborah Howard and Kathleen Beecher,
                             Superintendent of Schools

       2.  Technology-Related Presentation and Questions –
           Joshua Sturk (30 minutes)

      3.  Additional Topics the Committee would like information
          about (Committee – 10 minutes)

      4.  Election of a new Chairperson (5 minutes)

      5.  Update of Math Presentations and next steps
           Deborah Howard (5 minutes)

      6.  Policy Review – (30 Minutes)
           A.  Bomb Threat, FC-JICIB
          B.  Bomb Threat Procedures, FC-JICIB-R
           C.  Computers, FC-IGAK
          D.  Drop Out Prevention, FC-IGBI
          E.  Drop Out Prevention Action Plan, FC-IGBI-R

      7.  Other (Committee – 10 minutes)
          A.  Calendar – Late Arrival/Early Release
               Deborah Howard