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School Board Agenda 05/20/2013
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Kathleen Beecher, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  May 14, 2013  
  RE:  School Board Meeting

       There will be a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board
       on Monday, May 20, 2013 in the Great Room at Lake Region
       Vocational Center.         

       Note:  The Facilities Committee will meet on Monday, May 20 at
              6:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at Lake Region
              Vocational Center.

 1.  Good Kid Awards

 2.  “Bus Safety Poster” Awards
      3.  Call to Order and Roll Call

      4.  Approval of Agenda
       5.  Minutes
           A.  Minutes of Regular Meeting of May 6, 2013

       6.  Presentation
       7.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

      8.  Administrative Comments  
           A.  Secondary Principals
        B.  Carrie Castonguay, Director of Adult and Community

School Board Meeting             May 15, 2013              Page 2

      9.  Action Items
          A.  2013-14 School Calendar, Second Reading  
           B.  Policies, Second Readings  
               (1) General Fund – Fund Balance Policy, FC – DG
              (2) Investment Policy, File Code DFA
          C.  Job Description, Second Reading
              (1) Director of Adult and Community Education, 3.22
          D.  Personnel
              (1) Nomination of Amanda Doherty as a Kindergarten
                   Teacher at Stevens Brook Elementary School for the
                   2013-14 school year, replacing Jennie Greene
              (2) Reappointment Annual Non-Teaching Employees per the
                   Memos dated May 16, 2013  
               (3) Reappointment of the following Educational Support
                   Personnel for the 2013-14 school year
                  (a) Christine Dinsmore as a Special Education
                       Technician III
                  (b) Kariann Woolf as a Day Treatment Support
               (4) Appointment of Tim Flanders as a District-wide
                   Technology Technician (.5) - M.S.A.D. #61,
                   (.5) - M.S.A.D. #72), effective May 20, 2013,
                   replacing Anthony Calileo, who transferred to
                   another position   
               (5) Reduction-in-Force of the Drafting and Design
                   Instructor due to changes in local conditions (low
       10.  Discussion Items

       11.  Information Items
            A.  Committee Reports
            B.  Superintendent’s Report
            C.  Personnel
                (1) Retirements
                  (a) Mabel Olden has submitted her intent to retire
                       as a School Lunch Worker at the end of the
                       2012-13 school year.  Mrs. Olden has been
                       employed by the District for 16 years.                        
                   (b) Marie Bishop has submitted her intent to retire
                       as a Standards Interventionist at the end of
                       the 2012-13 school year.    
                (2) Transfer
                    (a) Anthony Calileo will transfer from a
                        Technology Technician at M.S.A.D. #61 and
                        M.S.A.D. #72 to a Technology Technician at
                        Lake Region Middle School, effective May 14,
                        2013, replacing Samantha Ellis who transferred
                        to another position.

School Board Meeting             May 14, 2013                   Page 3

                (2) Transfers (continued)
                    (b) Steve Porter is transferring from a Custodian
                        at Lake Region Middle School (40 hours year-
                       round) to a Delivery Technician (30 hours –
                        school year), effective May 6, 2013

      12.  Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

      13.  Adjournment

Agenda Information
Minutes of May 6, 2013
2013-14 School Calendar
  • Policies, as listed
  • Director of Adult and Community Education
  • Memo’s re:  Reappointment of Non-Teaching Employees