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School Board Agenda 09/09/2013
  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Kathleen Beecher, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  September 3, 2013  
  RE:  School Board Meeting

       There will be a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board
       on Monday, September 9, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Crooked River
       Adult and Community Center.   

       Note:  The Facilities Committee will meet at 6:00 p.m. at
              Crooked River Adult and Community Center.       

       1.  Call to Order and Roll Call

      2.  Approval of Agenda
       3.  Minutes
           A.  Minutes of Board Retreat of August 14, 2013
           B.  Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 19, 2013

       4.  Presentation
          A.  Introduction to Common Core Mathematics
       5.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

      6.  Administrative Comments  
           A.  Elementary Principals
          B.  Carrie Castonguay, Adult and Community Education   
       7.  Action Items
          A.  Personnel
              (1) Appointment of Wenda Saunders as School Physician
                   for the 2013-14 school year
               (2) Nomination of Bonnie Coveney as a part-time music
                   teacher; 1 day/week at Sebago Elementary School and
                   3 days/week at Stevens Brook Elementary School,
                   effective August 26, 2013, replacing Nancy Capone
                   who retired  
               (3) Appointment of Norman Sanderson as a part-time
                   Custodian at the Educational Services Building and
                   Lake Region High School, effective August 26, 2013

Agenda                      September 9, 2013                 Page 2

          A.  Personnel
              (4) Appointment of David Vaughan as a District-wide
                   Computer Technician, effective September 9, 2013,
                  replacing Anthony Calileo who resigned
              (5) Appointment of Educational Support Personnel for
                   the 2013-14 school year
                   (a) Carisa Miner as a Educational Technician
                       III (PLATO) at Lake Region Vocational Center,
                       effective September 4, 2013, replacing
                       Joanne Eaton
                   (b) Erika Smith as a Special Education Technician
                       III at Lake Region High School, effective
                       September 3, 2013, replacing Kim Peterson who
                       transferred to another position
                  (c) Laura Rand as a Special Education Technician
                       III at Lake Region Middle School, effective
                       September 6, 2013, replacing
                       Christine Dinsmore, who resigned
                  (d) Alyson (Ally) Demers as a Special Services
                       Clerk at the Special Services Administrative
                       Office, effective September 5, 2013, replacing
                       Elaine Rowe who has transferred to another
               (6) Reappointment of Meghan McLaughlin as a Learning
                   Center Instructor for 2013-14
              (7) Appointment of Robert Beecher as an evening GED
                   Instructor for 2013-14
               (8) Reappointment of Erin White as a Permanent
                   Substitute at Lake Region High School
              (9) Appointment of Additional Duty Position
           B.  Board Goals, Second Reading
          C.  Donation
              (1) Stevens Brook Elementary School received a grant
                   for $500 from Active Schools Acceleration Project
                   to be used with the 100 Mile Club, BOKS, or Just
                   Move to help reduce child obesity.
              (2) Target donated $57.63 for Lake Region Middle
                   School’s activity account through its “Take Charge
                   of Education” program
       8.  Discussion Items

       9.  Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

     10.  Information Items
           A.  Personnel
               (1) Transfers
                  (a) Julie Johnson transferred from an Adult
                       Education Administrative Secretary to a
                       Guidance Secretary at Lake Region High School,
                       replacing Linda White who transferred to
                       another position

  Agenda                       September 9, 2013              Page 3        

               (1) Transfers
                  (b) Judith Floster transferred from a Special
                       Education Technician at Lake Region High
                       School to a Special Education Technician at
                       Lake Region Middle School, replacing
                       Wendy Bretton  
                   (c) Joanne Eaton is transferring from a Lake Region
                       High School Teacher (.5) and a PLATO Teacher
                       (.5) at Lake Region Vocational Center to a
                       PLATO Math Teacher (.8) for the 2013-14 school
                       year, replacing David Langley who has resigned  
                   (d) Elaine Rowe transferred from a Special Services
                       Clerk to an Adult Education Secretary at
                       The Adult and Community Education Center
              (2) Resignations
                  (a) Lisa Woodson has resigned as a part-time
                       English Teacher at Lake Region High School.
                  (b) Ashley Russo resigned as a Special Education
                      Technician at Lake Region Middle School  
                   (c) Alison Veilleux, a 7th/8th grade Mathematics
                       Teacher resigned effective August 30, 2013
                   (d) Christine Dinsmore resigned as a Special
                       Education Technician III at Lake Region Middle
                       School, effective August 22, 2013
               (3) Marlena Gloff-Straw will be a Grade 5 Long-Term
                   Substitute Teacher at Stevens Brook Elementary
                   School, replacing Elizabeth Shane who is on a
                   medical leave of absence

     11.  Executive Session
          A. Student Matter

      12.  Adjournment

  • Agenda Information
  • Minutes as listed
  • Board Goals
  • Finance Committee Minutes of August 19, 2013  
  • Lake Region High School Athletic Schedule
  • Curriculum Committee Agenda for September 18, 2013