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School Board Agenda 12/15/2014

  TO:  Lake Region School Board
FROM:  Alan R. Smith, M.Ed., CAS, Superintendent of Schools
DATE:  December 9, 2014      
  RE:  School Board Meeting Agenda

       There will be a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board
       on Monday, December 15, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Room at
       Lake Region Vocational Center.

      Note:  Facilities Committee – 6:00 p.m. – Lake Region
              Vocational Center Conference Room
              The Curriculum Committee Meeting originally scheduled
              for December 10 was rescheduled to December 16, 2014 at
              4:30 p.m. – Central Office Conference Room.  
       1.  Call to Order and Roll Call

       2.  Approval of Agenda
       3.  Minutes
           A. Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 1, 2014   
       4.  Presentations
       5.  Public Comments on Agenda Items

      6.  Administrative Comments
           A.  Elementary Principals/Directors
           B.  Lisa Caron, Director of Special Services      
       7.  Action Items
           A.  Personnel
              (1) Nancy Irish as a Payroll Specialist at the Central
                   Office, replacing Amanda Fusco who has resigned
              (2) Additional Duty Positions


School Board Agenda                     December 1, 2014                   Page 3

 8.  Discussion Items
 9.  Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items

10.  Information Items
     A.  Superintendent’s Evaluation – Board members please bring your
         completed form to the December 15 meeting
     B.  Committee Reports         
     C.  Superintendent’s Report
11.  Adjournment


  • Agenda Information  
  • Minutes of December 1, 2014

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