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School Board Minutes 08/31/2009

Lake Region School District
Regular Meeting
August 31, 2009

There was a Regular Board meeting of the Lake Region School Board on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria at Lake Region High School.  


Chairperson Warner called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were:  Janice Barter, Mody Botros, Beth Chaplin, Jean Clancy, John Fillmore-Patrick, Jody Gray, Richard Merritt, Laura Ordway, Philip Shane, Nikki South, and Janet Ver Planck.

Administrators present were:  Kathleen Beecher, June Conley, Kirsten Goff, Lisa Caron, Roger Lowell, Andrew Madura, Peter Mortenson, Cheryl Turpin, and Patrick Phillips, Superintendent of Schools.


A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Janice Barter, to approve the agenda with the deletion of  Item 7.B.(7) and the addition of the agenda addendum.  Motion carried unanimously.  


A motion was made by Nikki South, seconded by Jean Clancy, to approve the Minutes of the Special Meeting of June 29, 2009.  Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Jean Clancy, to approve the Minutes of the Board Workshop of August 11, 2009.  Motion carried unanimously.  


Superintendent Phillips introduced Karry Joly and Jan Hatch, the School Nurses, who shared information on the H1N1 preparations as follows:
  • Back to school means the return of an intensive public health alert to keep the H1N1 at the lowest possible levels that we can.
  • Jan Hatch attended a Statewide Summit to get important information.
  • The State is doing a lot of public relations on what to expect as the flu season begins.
  • There will be an extensive effort to immunize as many students as possible from the ages of 6 months to 12 years of age with the H1N1 vaccine.  
  • The seasonal flu impacts individuals who are middle age to older.
  • Studies have shown that the median age that children are contracting the H1N1 virus is 12 years old.  The median age for hospitalization is 20.
  • If a child gets the seasonal flu and then is exposed to H1N1, the mortality rate doubles.  It is important to get as many children vaccinated as possible for the seasonal flu.
  • The State is providing the seasonal flu vaccine.  The District will be holding school-wide clinics.  The Federal government will be providing the vaccine for H1N1 when it is ready.  Trials are being done to determine the dosage levels.   The original target date was October.
  • The District will partner with Bridgton Hospital for conducting the flu clinics.  The District has contracted with Bridgton Pediatrics to get the serum.  It will be stored at the Bridgton Hospital so that it will be kept at the proper temperature.  
Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                         Page 2

H1N1 Presentation (continued)

  • Parents and staff are encouraged to watch for the signs and symptoms of the flu.  If anyone has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater and one of the other signs of influenza such as a cough, sore throat, or sneezing, they should stay home.  This will help to keep the cases of the flu down.  
  • The criteria for closing schools will be under constant review this year.
  • Employees and students who are sick should not return to school until after 24 hours of not having a fever without using fever reducing medications such as Advil or Tylenol.
  • Students should be taught to cough into their sleeve.
  • Hand sanitizer should be used often.  
  • At the current time there is no plan to cancel mass group events.  If the number of cases of H1N1 increase this may become a recommendation.  The schools will need to keep current information.
  • The District will be getting daily updates from the Maine CDC and Department of Education.
  • Information will be posted on the District’s web site.
  • A letter regarding these precautions will be sent home with students in their back to school packets.
Superintendent Phillips added that the two nurses, Janice Barter, Andy Madura, and he are meeting on a frequent basis as a small H1N1 response committee.  Signs will be made up for the front doors reminding people not to enter if they are sick.  Hand sanitizer will be located at the front of each building for the public to use.  Andy Madura added that the custodial staff will be cleaning sanitized areas first such as door knobs, desks, etc.

Karry Joly added that a bulleted list of precautions will be given to staff to share with students.  A video on keeping germs down in the classroom will be available for staff to use.

The Leadership Team is discussing how to make provisions when students are out of school for a while. Lesson plans will be on the school’s web site, work can be sent home with other students, and the use of Skype are possibilities.

Jean Clancy asked if there would be a fee for immunization shots.  There will be no fee for staff and students.  Grandparents are also allowed to have the shots.

If we have a clinic, the District is arranging for assistance from the nursing interns from St. Joseph’s college.  They can help to administer the vaccine, use the time as part of their classroom experience, and get credit. Jan Hatch attended a workshop on how to set up a clinic including the flow of people and setting up waiting stations.  These stations will monitor people following their shot for 10 minutes to be sure there are no reactions.

For a school to be closed in any situation, it is necessary for 15% of the students to be out due to an illness.

Mody Botros expressed his concern that the rest of the community is isolated from this information if they do not have children in the schools.   Janice Hatch mentioned that there is open communication going on regarding the issue with the Bridgton Public Health Official and other municipal health people in each town.
The Maine Emergency Management Association (MEMA) will be helping with clinics.  The District is trying to pull in as many resources as possible.

Ms. Hatch and Ms. Joly were thanked for the presentation.
Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                         Page 3

Administrative Comments

Peter Mortenson – Lake Region Middle School

  • Middle School staff met today in the high school auditorium.
  • A new State report on “What it means to be a Middle School” was reviewed.  It fits well with the Lake Region Middle School’s philosophy.  Larry Thompson, the former Principal, was a forerunner in middle school philosophy.  
  • Twenty students registered on the new registration day.
  • MEA data was reviewed for pedagogical practices to help improve scores.  They are continually improving.
  • Mr. Yorkey planned an improved new orientation day for 6th graders and other new students.  Students worked in small groups and developed a social contract.  On Thursday, seventh and eighth graders will do the same.  
The school will be back to normal operation on the September 8.
Superintendent Phillips asked Mr. Mortenson if he had changed the schedule.  The schedule was changed somewhat to make the groups more even.  There are eight teachers on the sixth grade team.  Last spring there was a Teaming Committee established to examine the options.    
The bell schedule was set.  
An email was sent out to the staff and Mr. Mortenson was impressed with the number of people who participated electronically.
The school is 25 years old this year and a lot of celebrations are planned.
There is a recommitment to “Bright Futures.”

Lisa Caron – Special Services Director

  • Ms. Caron thanked Mr. Madura’s crew for their work in adding additional space in the Special Services Office for the evaluation department.  They also put in new carpeting and dividers to make a private working space.  If necessary, students can be evaluated in the new space.
  • Special Service has an opening for an occupational therapist and a part-time social worker.
  • Twenty people have been hired since the start of last year.  The educational technicians recently hired all have their Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Summer Training programs:
  • “Behavior Analyst Technician Training” (ABA) – Lora Perry, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) from Providence Health taught the 40 hour training.  There were thirty-five participants.
  • “Positive Behavioral Supports” was offered and 62 people were in attendance.  Fifty staff members are already trained.  This training will help with everyday work.  The training would benefit all staff in M.S.A.D. #61 and there is also a 3-hour training for bus drivers that is available.  
Superintendent Phillips thanked Ms. Caron for all her work in preparing for the trainings.

Cheryl Turpin – Stevens Brook Elementary School

  • Projected enrollments are 283 students.  
  • Meetings were held with staff on August 31.
  • MEA data was reviewed.
  • On September 1, grade level meetings will be held and staff will be digging deeper into the data.

Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                                         Page 4

Cheryl Turpin – Stevens Brook Elementary School (continued)

  • During the summer, Ms. Turpin held three luncheons to get to know the staff at Stevens Brook.  Over the 3 days 47 people attended.  To get staff input, she asked the staff to give her 3 things they liked about the school and 3 things they would change.   The staff will look at the things to change.
  • One of the things to change was the dismissal.  A change will be made to have buses dismissed first and then students will be dismissed at the parent pick-up area.  
  • A Parents – Principal Night was held on August 20.   Fifteen parents with two or three children each were in attendance.  The purpose of the event was to meet the parents.  They were asked to share something they love about the school and something they would change.
June Conley – Songo Locks School

  • Student enrollments are projected at 487 students.  There are 100+ kindergarten students.
  • Kindergarten Orientation went well last week and there was very positive feedback from parents.
  • The staff meeting filled the cafeteria.  There was a discussion regarding the goals, visions, and ideas of where to go as a K-5 staff.
  • The school will be ready to accept students on September 8.  
Kirsten Goff – Sebago Elementary School

  • Projected enrollments are at 99 students.
  • A staff meeting was held.
  • A schedule was set up for the SES Together group
  • Kim Tibbetts and her mother have been working in the gardens at Sebago Elementary School and they look very nice.  
  • Everything is going well at Sebago except the school is still recuperating from a lightning strike.  They are still having trouble with printers and the internet.  Three phones were hit and 3 security cameras are being replaced.  All the damage is covered by insurance.  
Kathleen Beecher – Assistant Superintendent

  • At the end of the school year, some teachers worked with writing prompts with Sue Card.  Leveled rubrics were developed to align with Lucy Calkins.  As writing is not one of the curriculum areas being reviewed this year, the information will be given to teachers but it will not be a major focus this year.  
  • The Curriculum Review Cycle documents have been posted on the First Class Web Site  
  • The Reading, Science, and Math Curriculum have been posted on the web site also.
  • This year, Social Studies will be aligned to the 2007 ME Learning Results.  A preliminary meeting was held this summer to begin the work.
  • Core Reading Programs – Two meetings were held this summer and four core reading programs were reviewed.  The group selected two programs to pilot this year, STORYtown and Literacy by Design.  The company will supply materials for two teachers at each grade level and the District will pay for the additional teachers. There was an overwhelming response by teachers who wanted to pilot.  
  • On September 14 and 15 the rep will come to explain the programs and they will come again in January or February.  
  • A Literacy specialist will come from Houghton Mifflin for the October or March workshop days.
  • Math materials for the Middle School were approved in the Spring by the Curriculum Committee and have been purchased.  A Math specialist came and worked with the teachers last week.  The program is very middle school focused.
  • The RTI Committee was broken up into Sub-Committees – Positive Behavioral Instructional Supports (PBIS) came out of a sub-committee.
Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                                 Page 5

Kathleen Beecher – Assistant Superintendent (continued)

  • A Data and Assessment Sub-Committee has been working for the past year.  They have normed RTI assessments for grades K-8.  The Committee met twice over the summer and developed assessments that take about 1 minute each for core reading and math skills.  The assessments are given and teachers find the lowest 20 % - universal screening.  More intervention is then given to the lowest 20%.  
Roger Lowell – Lake Region High School

  • Lake Region High School has had the lowest turnover it has had for years.  
  • There are six new Exchange students this year.  They add so much culturally and socially to the school.
  • Homecoming Festivities begin a week from Friday.  The timing is built around our game schedules.
  • The parade will be in Bridgton this year, followed by a bonfire.  
  • The school is 40 years old this year.  
  • The Prom will be held at Pineland this year.

Update on 1:1 Laptop Program

Josh Sturk gave a presentation on the 1:1 Laptop Program.

  • 1,100 Macbooks have been set up for students in grades 6-12.
  • The wireless network has been upgraded at Lake Region Middle School
  • Walk-throughs for the High School and Vocational Center have been done.
  • Four meetings with parents have been held with 50 families per meeting to explain the laptop program.




Board Email Policy

A motion was made by Janet Ver Planck, seconded by John Fillmore-Patrick, to approve the Board Email policy as a second reading with the following change:  

  • Change “should” to “shall”
Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                                 Page 6


A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by John Fillmore-Patrick, to approve the following personnal items as a block.

  • Kristen Curley as a Special Services Teacher at Lake Region High School
  • Larry Forbes as a part-time (30%) Music Teacher at Lake Region Middle School
  • Brandi Spofford as a Day Treatment Support Technician at Stevens Brook Elementary School, replacing Jessica Nelson who has transferred to another building.
  • Patricia Shaw as a part-time Guidance Secretary at Lake Region Middle School
  • Tracie Peterson as a Day Treatment Support Technician at Songo Locks School
  • Michael Toohey as a Special Education Technician III at Songo Locks School
  • Appointment of Wenda Saunders as the School Physician
  • Appointment of Additional Duty Positions
  • Jenni Null – Recertification Chairperson
  • Jenni Null – Fine Arts Coordinator, K-12
  • Deborah Gahm – District Library Media Coordinator, K-12
  • Peter Robertson – Guidance Co-Director, K-12
  • Amy Vacchiano – Guidance Co-Director, K-12
Motion carried unanimously.

 A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Nikki South, to approve the above block.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Job Descriptions

Assistant Superintendent Job Description

A motion was made by John Fillmore-Patrick, seconded by Richard Merritt, to approve the Assistant Superintendent’s job description with the following changes:

  • Change “develops” to “oversees the development of “
  • Delete “Chapter” keep “Title”
  • Move “K-12” to after “Assures curriculum”
Motion carried unanimously.

Teaching Principal Job Description

A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Teaching Principal job description as a second reading.   Motion carried unanimously.
Minutes                                   August 31, 2009                               Page 7


Scheduling Board Committee Meetings

There was a discussion for setting the first meeting for each Committee.
Personnel Committee – meets prior to the Board on the 2nd Board meeting of the month – September 14 will be the first meeting. (The date has changed to September 16 at 5:00 p.m.)  
Facilities Committee – Met prior to the Board meeting – (will meet the first meeting of each month)  
Finance Committee – Sherrie Weese will arrange a date.
Liaison Committee –  Patrick Phillips will select a date
Curriculum Committee – Kathleen Beecher will set the date with the Committee following the meeting  

School Board Evaluation
Wayne Warner read each number of the Board Evaluation Questionnaire and reported on how many Board members had replied in each column.  As there was a large turnover of Board members, several could not complete the form.    

Chairperson Warner commended the Personnel Committee for improving the evaluation form.  It is easier to go through and to understand.


Committee Reports

Facilities Committee

Phil Shane reported that the Committee met prior to the meeting.  The following items were discussed:

  • There was an update on the Songo Locks modular project and the delays.  There is a push on to have the school ready for September 8.
  • Summer projects were discussed
  • The highs school roof in the gym and weight room area were redone.
  • Painting was done at the high school
  • Painting and carpeting was done at Stevens Brook Elementary School  
  • Crooked River Elementary School is all set to go ahead with the Adult Education Program/Learning Center and the Special Education Department.  
  • Sebago was set back with the lightning strike
  • Construction project update – Bus Garage – LRVC, LRHS
  • A meeting was held with PDT on the project
  • A Public Information Campaign for the project was discussed to get information out to the voters for a November 3 referendum vote.  
Andy Madura commented that the State has just signed a contract to use Transfinder as the transportation software.  The State will pick up the cost of the program and M.S.A.D. #61 will be used as a pilot site.  

Minutes                                 August 31, 2009                                 Page 8

Superintendent’s Report
  • Andy Madura and his maintenance and custodial crew were thanked and given a round of applause for all their work this summer at the Opening Assembly.  
  • It is anticipated that Songo Locks School will be ready for school to start on September 8.   There have been a few minor set backs due to sub-contractor delays.  There will be a walk through with Schiavi on Tuesday.  
  • There was a meeting in Augusta last Friday regarding the financial status of the State.  
  • Revenue forecasts are more rosy than what is actual.
  • Districts were warned to be prepared for some amount of curtailment over the next couple of months
  • Our District’s percent of subsidy went down from 16% to 10% so we should be less vulnerable  this year.
  • The Commissioner heard suggestions from a lot of Superintendents on how to save money which included the following:  
  • Investigate health insurance – one of key recommendations
  • State-wide bargaining with the Teachers Association
  • Cross-District sharing – purchasing, etc.
  • Things are beginning to turn around on the economic standpoint.
  • Public Information Campaign for the Referendum
  • Attend Selectmen’s Meetings
  • Press coverage – Story for the Bridgton News
  • Several programs on Lake Region TV to get information out
  • Information on District’s Web site
  • Facilities Committee – Brochure to hand out at sports events
  • Icon on student laptops
  • Provide food and entertainment at meetings at the high school to get people out.
  • Wood fuels boiler will be installed prior to January 1.
  • PDT Architects will work with Wood Fuels to place the stack and silo for the system.
  • Facilities tour – The Superintendent will select two dates to have a Facilities tour of the District’s schools.  A day tour and late afternoon or evening tour date will be given as choices.
The Strategic Work plan will be disseminated to the Leadership Team and the Board.  The action plan
will be finalized at the next School Board meeting.  

  • Lisa Nelson has resigned as an Occupational Therapist
Beth Boos has resigned as a Special Education Technician
Laura Spinner has resigned as a Special Education Technician




A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Richard Merritt, to go into Executive Session to discuss negotiations, pursuant to M.R.S.A. 405 6.D.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Board went into Executive Session at 8:45 p.m.  Bonnie Wetmore and Barry Johnson were invited to attend.  
Minutes                                   August 31, 2009                               Page 9


The Board returned to Public Session at 9:48 p.m.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the Lake Region Teachers Association Negotiated Agreement.  Vote:  3-Yes, 8-No, 1-Abstention.  Motion carried.


A motion was made, and seconded, to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50 p.m.
                                                                                     Date Approved