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School Board Minutes 9/13/2010
September 13, 2010

A Regular School Board Meeting was held on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the Crooked River Adult and Community Education Building.   

Call to Order and Roll Call

Wayne Warner called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were:  Janice Barter, Kenneth Brown, Beth Chaplin, Jean Clancy, Jody Gray, Richard Merritt, Laurie Mondville, Leslie Niemy, Donna Norton, Laura Ordway, Philip Shane, and Karla Swanson-Murphy.

Administrators present were:  Kathleen Beecher, Zane Clement, June Conley, Kirsten Goff, Ted Finn, Andrew Madura, Roseanne Schacht, Joshua Sturk,
Paul True, Cheryl Turpin, and Patrick Phillips, Superintendent of Schools.

Darlene Perry, Bonnie Wetmore, and several educational technicians were also present.  


A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Janice Barter, to approve the agenda with the addition of the agenda addendum. Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 30, 2010.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Summer School Reports
Superintendent Phillips introduced Kathleen Tragert and Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg who gave an update on the summer academies held this summer.   

Kathleen Tragert reported on the Eighth Grade Summer Academy as follows:

  • Mrs. Tragert’s focus was on the transition of students from Grade 8 to Grade 9.
  • Some of the hardest things that students go through is the transition from one school to another.
  • The goal was to have a smooth transition for students.
  • She collaborated with many people at the high school.
  • The summer academy was held from July 6 through July 29.  It was held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  One day a week was a full day.
  • 19 students attended the academy.  Twelve students came everyday, two attended sporadically, and 4 missed 2 days.  

Goal 1 – Academics
  • Mark O’Connor and Kathleen Tragert worked on academics with the students.
  • Students were told they had to read a book and do a book project.  Students were taken to Bridgton Books and they got to buy their book. They were very excited. Students got an ice cream on the way back to school.   
  • Katie Cash–Staley checked in with students as they read their book and planned their book project.  They had 12 days to do this.
  • Mark O’Connor is a naturalist and shared his knowledge of plants with the students.
Part of everyday was used for math.  Each student had an individual project. The focus for students was “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?”

Goal 2 – Increase Career Aspirations

The goal was to help students imagine themselves doing something.
A variety of activities were shared.
One day was spent on a local forest industry career day.  Students visited some wetlands on Jugtown Road. Students learned what a forester does.  They then went to Ryeville Sawmill and saw the process from start to finish from logs being brought to the mill and, ultimately, processed into lumber.  Students also visited the Hancock Store which was the highlight of the trip.  They had a tour of the facilities and saw the various jobs you could have.  Students then went to the conference room and there was a meeting type setting where the students were going to be buying the lumber.  The also saw the computer systems used in connection with the lumber.  On the return trip, students stopped at the high school and Mr. Dyer showed the students the pellet boiler.  The students then went to Lake Region Pizza for lunch.  They had a tour of the restaurant and saw what was involved in running the business.  

Students went to Bath Irons Works another day and saw many jobs including  welders and maintenance-type jobs.  The students had a private tour by an engineer who had worked at Bath Iron Works for 35 years.  A Navy ship was on site that had been built there and had gone out to sea trials.  Things had changed so fast that the computer system on the ship had to be completely replaced. There were Navy Seals and Navy people everywhere.
Students attended two programs at Pineland Farms.  They learned about the farm industry in Maine including growing food, milk production, and bringing the goods to retail.

3rd goal – Student Motivation
This was done by building community in the summer school.  They tried to instill in students that whatever they put into the summer school they would get just as much out of it.  The students kept coming back.  It was great.

On the second day, Lynne Harrison did a ropes course behind the high school. There were many challenges and it took one and a half hours for everyone to get through the course.

3rd goal – Student Motivation (continued)

The Boys to Men program came into school.  This was an important beginning.  It was an opportunity for students to explore how their gender affects who they are as a student.

Courtney Kennedy, the Health Coordinator, came in one day and explained why students need to stay healthy as a student.  They made healthy snacks.

Students went to the high school to do a scavenger hunt.

Philosophy – fully immersed in an educational experience.

For another year, more academics and more time together as a community of learners would be recommended.  Mrs. Tragert is working with the new student advocate so he can follow the students and see how summer school has affected them.  When progress reports come out, she will be checking to see how the students did.  Mrs. Tragert saw a student at Hannaford who had attended summer school and asked how things were going.  They said they were paying attention in class.  Mrs. Tragert was excited about the summer academy.  She could feel the energy.  She thanked the Board for the support and the resources to go on the trips.

Superintendent Phillips thanked Kathleen Tragert on behalf of the Board and himself.  She put her energy and imagination into the broad goals that were set for the program and made it happen.  

The high school committee spent the summer examining the high school to see what needs to change to get students engaged and to get better results.  This is the first illustration of the underlying changes at the high school.

Mrs. Niemy commented that it was a wonderful program.  The District needs to follow through and get the programs into the vocational center.  

Mrs. Tragert mentioned that students saw students they knew working at a business.  It would be good to have these people back in and talk about their work experience.  It may be something that can be added next summer.

Some pictures were shared.  

Grade 5 Summer School

Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg shared about the Grade 5 Summer School.  

It was a very positive experience.
It was an outgrowth of concerns raised at the elementary and middle school. The purpose was to make a smooth transition from elementary school to middle school.
Eleven students came all 12 days.  One student never came.
The curriculum was based on recreating the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Students explored what it was like to lived through that time period.  
Paul Jacques gave tours of the middle school, shared how the middle school schedule works and students practiced opening lockers.  The students had their own laptops they could use for the 4 weeks.

Grade 5 Summer School

A morning meeting was held each day and group activities were planned to build  relationships between each other.  The students were from the three elementary schools. Students did model making – architectural building – made a structure out of dowels.  Students created snacks.  Students made a stream table to get a sense of how erosion could happen on a slope.  Various sediment sizes were used.  
Students researched the Civilian Conservation Corps. topic and made a small slide show.  The organization was started during the Depression.  It was one of the more profound parts of the New Deal.   

Students did a project on school grounds and community service with the Lakes Environmental Association.  The major project was making water bars on the trail between Lake Region Middle School and Lake Region High School.  Water bars were put at the top of the hill to decrease the water speed down the hill.  This was to keep erosion from happening.

The focus of the camp was how to be middle school students.  The focus was not as much on academics as the 8th grade to 9th grade summer academy.  An interview was held with a gentleman at Sebago State Park.  He worked with the Civilian Conservation Corps. to help build Sebago Lake State Park.  Another building is located at Shawnee Peak which was part of the Bridgton Fair Grounds at that time.   

Ted Bridge-Koenigsberg was thanked for the presentation.

Ted Finn – Lake Region High School Work  

Mr. Finn distributed a calendar of what is planned for each month.  What data will be used for evidence and who is responsible for providing the data.
The Advisory Committee met last week.  They broke up into 5 sub-committees.  
A Boys to Men representative worked with one of the groups.  Jamie Riel worked with another groups.
  • The next meeting is on October 12.
  • Don Weafer was thanked for coming up with the calendar idea.
  • A “Laker Pride” Barbeque was held last week and 250 people were in attendance including most of the high school staff.
  • The Draft Action Plan was distributed to the Board at the last meeting.  
  • Mr. Finn asked the Board if they had any questions.  There were no questions.

Principals/Directors – Elementary

Stevens Brook Elementary School, Cheryl Turpin  

  • The opening of school went very well.
  • Classrooms are already into a routine.  
  • Kindergarteners have learned their way around the building.
  • 181 parents have picked up drive-through numbers.  
  • A kick-off assembly for PBIS was held. The theme is STARRS – SBES Together Acting Responsibly, Respectfully, Safely
Stevens Brook Elementary School, Cheryl Turpin  (continued)

  • Picture day is on September 27.
  • The NECAP’s will be given at the beginning of October.
Songo Locks School, June Conley

  • There was a smooth opening.
  • The school is working on the procedures for walking down the hallway and behavior in the cafeteria.
  • The PBIS theme for Songo Locks is ROCKS – Respect, Own Choices, Cooperation, Keep Safe. The kick off is planned for September 22.    
  • Open House is split by grades; Tuesday, September 14 will be grades 3-5 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday, September 15 will be grades K-2 from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Parking will be available for parents in the SLS parking lot.  Staff members will park elsewhere.
  • Fall pictures will be taken on September 27.
  • NECAP Tests have arrived.  Staff is getting ready to give them beginning on October 1.
  • Early Release day is on Wednesday, September 22.  Staff will be working on running records and spring writing prompts.
  • At 3:00 on Friday, Grade 3-5 teachers will be doing a NECAP webinar.
Sebago Elementary School, Kirsten Goff  

  • The school has been working on the PBIS procedures.  The Kick-off will be on Wednesday.  The theme is Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.
  • Nurse interviews will be held on Tuesday, September 14.
  • NECAPs have arrived.
  • Pictures will be given on September 29.  
  • On the early release day, staff will be working on RTI probes in math and reading.

Jennifer Hills, a Kindergarten Educational Technician, spoke regarding the loss of the half hour per day for educational technicians.  Educational technicians do not have time to meet with the classroom teacher.  They are unprepared to do their jobs.  Educational Technicians are arriving at the same time as students and many leave before the students leave.  It was requested that the half-hour per day be reinstated.

Bonnie Wetmore, President of the Lake Region Teachers Association, spoke on behalf of the teachers that they believe it is important to have this additional time.  Educational technicians are invaluable and teachers need more time to work with them.

Noreen Casey, a Kindergarten Teacher, spoke on behalf of reinstating the half hour per day for educational technicians.  


Terry Reed, a Physical Education Teacher, is in charge of the walking program in the mornings.  Educational technicians are invaluable to that program.  They do not have time to get to their stations prior to the walking program and in the afternoon they leave before there is time to talk with them about the program.  


Vote to Authorize Lease Purchase of a Commercial Van and Tractor

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Janice Barter, to move that the vote entitled, “Vote to Authorize Lease Purchase of a Commercial Van and Tractor” be approved in form presented to this meeting and that a copy of said vote be filed with the minutes of this meeting.


        Voted:  That under and pursuant to the provisions of Title 20-A M.R.S. Sections 1001 and 1055, the Superintendent of Schools be and hereby is authorized to execute and deliver a lease purchase agreement with Androscoggin Bank, or its nominee, in the name and on behalf of Maine School Administrative District No. 61 for a commercial van and tractor, with an aggregate purchase price of Forty Three Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Dollars ($43,660), in such form as the Superintendent may approve (the "Lease Purchase Agreement"); and that the appropriate officials of Maine School Administrative District No. 61 be and hereby are authorized to execute and deliver on behalf of Maine School Administrative District    No. 61 such other documents and certificates as may be required in connection with the Lease Purchase Agreement; and that no part of the proceeds of the Lease Purchase Agreement shall be used, directly or indirectly, to acquire any securities and obligations, the acquisition of which would cause the Lease Purchase Agreement to be a "private activity bond" or an "arbitrage bond" within the meaning of Sections 141 and 148, respectively, of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"); and that the Lease Purchase Agreement issued pursuant hereto be designated as a qualified tax-exempt obligation within the meaning of Section 265(b)(3) of said Code; and that the Superintendent be and hereby is authorized to covenant on behalf of the District to file any information report and pay any rebate due to the United States in connection with the issuance of the Lease Purchase Agreement, and to take all other lawful actions necessary to insure the interest portion of the rental payments under and pursuant to the Lease Purchase Agreement will be excluded from the gross income of the owners thereof for purposes of federal income taxation and to refrain from taking any action which would cause such interest portion of the rental payments to become includable in the gross income of the owners thereof.

Janice Barter reported that Androscoggin Bank was the lowest bidder at 2.4%.  The District has worked with the bank in the past and is willing to continue working with them.

Vote to Authorize Lease Purchase of a Commercial Van and Tractor (continued)

Sherrie Small mentioned that the loan is for a commercial delivery van and a tractor.  The purchase of the items was approved during the budget process.  This is a 3-year lease-purchase.
Andrew Madura added that it is the continuation of the vehicle replacement plan.  This will take a 1982 maintenance van off the road.  The current delivery van will become the maintenance van.  The tractor is used for snowblowing and sweeping.
Motion carried unanimously.

Bond Bank Loan Agreement – Construction Project

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Laurie Mondville, to move that the Votes entitle, “Votes to Authorize Loan Agreements to Borrow Not More Than $13,837,000 from Maine Municipal Bond Bank” be approved in form presented to this meeting and that a copy of said Votes be included with the minutes of this meeting.


VOTED:  That in connection with the Maine School Administrative District No. 61 (the “District”) school construction project previously approved by the District’s voters on November 3, 2009 (the “Project”), in accordance with applicable law, the District be authorized to enter into a Loan Agreement or Loan Agreements between the Maine Municipal Bond Bank (the "Bond Bank") and the District (collectively, the ‘Loan Agreement”) to effect borrowings from and the issuance of bonds  to the Bond Bank in the aggregate principal amount of up to $13,837,000 (the “Bonds”), which Loan Agreement, and any form of bond annexed thereto, shall be on such terms and in such form not inconsistent herewith as the Treasurer  in consultation with the District’s bond counsel shall approve, said approval to be conclusively evidenced by the execution thereof, and such Loan Agreement hereby is approved in all respects;

That the Loan Agreement may provide for any amount or proportion of the Bonds issued hereunder to be issued either as tax-exempt bonds, as taxable bonds, or both (and which taxable bonds may include qualified school construction bonds (“QSCBs”) pursuant to sections 54A and 54F  of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), build America bonds pursuant to section 54AA(g)  of the Code, or both);  provided that the aggregate principal amount of QSCBs issued hereunder shall not exceed $10,013,498; and that the aggregate amount of all Bonds issued hereunder shall not exceed $13,837,000;

        That the Loan Agreement shall provide for the District’s issuance of Bonds to the Bond Bank at such rate or rates of interest per annum as will result in an interest cost rate to the District of (i) six percent per annum for interest on any of the Bonds that is federally


          tax exempt, (ii) eight percent per annum for interest on any of the Bonds that is federally taxable, in either case as calculated by the

          “Interest Cost per Annum Method,” or at such rate or rates per annum as will result in a lesser interest cost rate to the District as determined by the Bond Bank;

        That the Loan Agreement may provide for the Bonds to be payable in up to twenty (20) substantially equal annual installments, provided that, in the case of QSCBs, the term shall not exceed the applicable maximum term established by the United States Treasury Department;

That the Loan Agreement may provide for any of the Bonds to be made callable, with or without premium, prior to their maturity, in the discretion of the Treasurer;

That the Chair of the Board of School Directors and the Treasurer, acting singly, be authorized in the name and on behalf of the District to execute and deliver the Loan Agreement and such other instruments, documents, certificates and agreements, and to take or cause to be taken such further actions for and on behalf of the District as may be necessary, convenient or appropriate to effect the transactions contemplated by the foregoing votes and the documents referenced therein, and that the Secretary of the District be authorized to attest to the foregoing and attach the District's seal to any of the foregoing.

This vote was discussed at the Finance Committee meeting.  Another bond will also be sent in the Spring.  $700,000 is due on the bond anticipation note in November.  This money will help to cover that amount.

Donna Norton asked about the bonding for the construction project.
Superintendent Phillips explained that $4.4 million in traditional tax-exempt bonds will be used for the new construction building as it does not qualify for the use of the 0% interest bonds.

The District received approval from the Department of Education for $10,000,000 in 0% interest bonds.

Richard Merritt questioned the 6% interest rate in the vote.  The law was changed on the bonds to that Districts are reimbursed for any interest charges paid.  

On October 6 the Federal rates will be set.  

Motion carried unanimously.

Educational Technician Hours, Educational Support Personnel Association

Superintendent Phillips introduced Darlene Perry, the President of the Lake Region Educational Support Personnel Association, who requested to be on the agenda.  

Educational Technician Hours, Educational Support Personnel Association

Darlene Perry requested that the Board consider reinstating the half-hour that was reduced from educational technicians’ time.  Due to receiving the recent Jobs Bill, the District should have the money available to pay the necessary costs.  This is being requested for the students’ sake as was mentioned
previously by the educational technicians and teachers.  The reduction of the half-hour per day is having a negative impact on the student body.    

Darlene Perry was thanked for the bringing the request to the Board.

There was a discussion regarding the history of that line item.

The Administrators had reduced the half-hour from educational technicians with a number of other reductions as a way to live with the budget reality.  
The cost of reinstating the educational technicians would be $100,000.
The guidelines for allowing the funds to be used for this purpose will need to be investigated.  

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to send the topic to the Finance Committee to see if it can be paid out of the Jobs Bill.

Superintendent Phillips mentioned that this will be a very complicated difficult decision.  The District values its employees and educational technicians play a very important role.  This issue of reducing the half hour has been talked about for a couple of years.  It was not new to the budget this year.  The Board will need to look at the decision over the long term.  If it is restored, don’t want to have to take it away again.  In investigating the number of hours that educational technicians work in the State, most work at the current level.  

An amendment was made by Donna Norton, seconded by Laurie Mondville, to send the topic to both the Personnel Committee and the Finance Committee.

There was a discussion on the amendment:
  • The Personnel Committee should look at the number of educational technicians and review what they do.
  • The District has added the new pre-school program, the student advocate.  These programs will need to be looked at to see if they can be sustained.  The same should be done with the educational technician positions.
  • The District has spent about $100,000 of the Jobs Bill money to date.  Superintendent Phillips cautioned the Board with the use of the money in case of further curtailments by the State.  There has been no binding commitment from the State that there will be none.  It depends on the revenues for the next few months.
  • This is a good opportunity for the Finance Committee to find out if the Jobs Bill can fund the additional money needed, the Administrators can see if the current hours are meeting the needs of the teachers and students or if the additional half hour is needed, before the Personnel Committee meets.  The goal is how students are affected.
Vote on the amendment:  12-Yes, 1-No, 0-Abstentions.  The amendment carried.

Vote on the main motion:  Motion carried unanimously.

Addition of two Educational Technician positions; one at Sebago Elementary School and one at Stevens Brook Elementary School

A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Jean Clancy, to approve the addition of two Educational Technician positions; one at Sebago Elementary School and one at Stevens Brook Elementary School.  

Superintendent Phillips explained that both classes have a large number of students. Enrollments increased at the end of the summer. During the budget season the administrators were conservative with their numbers.  As was approved at the last meeting a Kindergarten Class had to be added at Stevens Brook Elementary School.  The 3rd grade class is up to 24 students in a class. Four students moved in over the summer. Due to the size of the classes and the social emotional makeup of the classes, it is recommended that an educational technician be added at both schools.  The educational technician at Stevens Brook Elementary School will be able to support two classrooms.
The Personnel Committee had been emailed regarding this need and anticipated job postings were approved.

Superintendent Phillips compared the actual enrollment numbers with the projected enrollments as follows:

K-5  – 890 Projected – Actual 909 students
6-8  – 460 projected – Actual 433 students
9-12 – 516 projected – Actual 601 students

Increases in enrollments are due to people moving into the District.

It was recommended that an educational technician be added to the classrooms rather than add another teacher as class sizes would be very small.
The positions would be funded with the Jobs Bill. They are already included in the $100,000 spent to date.
Motion carried unanimously.  
Overnight Field Trips

A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Laurie Mondville, to approve the Overnight Field Trips for 2010-11.
Janice Barter mentioned that an Overnight Training Camp was held for the Football Team in August before school started.  This was not approved by the Board.  The list should include year-round activities.  A request should come before the Board before it happens. It was decided that dates of actual trips will be included under Information Items on the Board agenda.

Motion carried unanimously.


Teacher Evaluation System

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Laurie Mondville, to approve the Teacher Evaluation System, File Code GCN, as a second reading.

Superintendent Phillips distributed the rubrics that will be used with the Teacher Evaluation system.  He added that this is the first time he can remember where the evaluation system will be used to expand and deepen what good teaching looks like.  The system is based on “The Skillful Teacher” model.

Concern was expressed as there is no reference to student achievement in the policy.  

  • A question was asked on who would be doing the teacher observations.  Superintendent Phillips responded that the principals will be doing the observations.  Some of the high school department heads will be observing teachers as well but they will not be doing formal observations.  The principal does the summative evaluation.  
  • Rubrics are used to evaluate the teacher, however, the rubrics are not readily available during a walk-through. The teachers and administrators will be reviewing the rubrics and it is possible that they will be prioritized to narrow the focus.
  • A question was asked if a teacher can give input if they disagree with an observation.  Teachers have a place on the form to write comments and also can type up or write up their own opinion of what was going on during the observation.  This would get attached to the observation form and filed in the teachers personnel file.
  • Evaluating teachers based on student achievement needs to be developed more fully before it can be added to the policy.
  • It was requested that after a year of using the evaluation system, a report be made to the Board on how the process went and any changes that need to be made.  Superintendent Phillips responded that there may be an update sooner than a year.  On Thursday, 12 teachers and 12 administrators will be working with Kathy Spencer on “The Skillful Teacher” guidelines.  
Vote:  11-Yes, 2-No, 0-Abstentions.  Motion carried.  

Job Descriptions

Student Advocate

A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to approve the Student Advocate job description, Locator 2.46, as a second reading.  

A revised copy of the job description was given to the Board prior to the meeting.
Mr. Finn updated the Board on the Student Advocate position.  Mr. Riel is doing a great job transitioning students.  He has been talking with students, parents, and teachers to make critical relationships.

Motion carried unanimously.

Outing Club Advisor

A motion was made by Jean Clancy, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to approve the Outing Club Advisor job description, Locator 4.09.6, as a second reading.  

  • The position has not been filled to date.  
  • The position is funded this year by a grant, “Communities putting Prevention to Work”, a P.R.O.P. grant.  A person will be hired to help create an outing club.  It is hoped that it will be able to sustain itself for a future year.
  • “Teams to Trails” an organization that supports high school outing clubs, has provided two $500 mini-grants to be used by the Outing Club over the next 2 years.
  • The Outing Club will be an after-school activity and students will go on outings in the community and on our own school grounds.  It may include mountain biking, snow-showing, skiing, etc.  It will provide activities during the fall, winter and spring.  The goal is to make lifelong learners of what the outdoors can offer.
Motion carried unanimously.   


A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to approve the appointment of Deborah Pyne-Young as a School Nurse at Songo Locks School for the 2010-11 school year.  

Superintendent Phillips mentioned that this is a full-time RN position at Songo Locks School.  Jan Hatch will be transferring to a half-time position at Sebago Elementary School, along with a half-time LPN who will be hired shortly.

Motion carried unanimously.
Appointment of Additional Duty Positions
A motion was made by Donna Norton, seconded by Jean Clancy, to approve the appointment of the Additional Duty positions per the memo dated September 9, 2010.  

There was a question as to why the motion was tabled at the last meeting.    Mr. Shane explained that he had a discussion with Mr. True.  He stressed the need to get coaches hired in a more timely manner so they could be approved prior to beginning their coaching position.  There was a misunderstanding that the coach in question was just an assistant to the coach and not coaching himself.   
Mr. True told the Board that he would try hard to bring coaches names before the Board prior to the start of the season.

Mr. True reviewed the hiring process as follows:

  • Hiring a coach or extra-curricular position is sometimes difficult due to the number of applicants for the position.

Appointment of Additional Duty Positions (continued)

  • Extra-curricular positions are one year positions.  All positions are posted.
  • Mr. True inquires if the person is planning to come back to the position.  If the person has done a good job and there have been no issues, he will reappoint that person.   
  • If a person will not be returning, the position is posted on Serving Skills.Com and put in the local newspaper.  
  • Positions are not advertised in the Portland Press Herald due to the cost.  
  • Word of mouth is also a way of spreading the word that there is an opening.
  • Applications are sent to Julie Ridlon and forwarded to Mr. True.
  • This is a tough area to attract coaches.  There are usually 1 to 4 applicants.
  • Interviews are held and a decision is made on a candidate.  Sometimes a Committee format is used for the selection process.  
  • The person is then recommended to the Superintendent and put on a School Board agenda.
  • Mr. True meets with coaches during pre-season meetings, meetings during the season regarding expectations, etc., and to find out how things are going.  
At the end of the season, a written evaluation is done, shared with the coach and signed by the coach.
  • The observation is then sent to the Central Office, along with a copy of the contract, to initiate payment.
  • It is hoped that all fall and winter positions are filled by May or June.  If a person is not found for the position, the name comes to the Board late.
A question was asked as to whether there was any student or parent input in the evaluation process. Mr. True responded that sometimes there is student input but typically there is none.  Mr. True is not opposed to it.

Amanda Nadeau was an addition to the original list.  She is replacing a person who resigned from that position.  

It was suggested that Mr. True begin the application process in March or April instead of waiting until May or June.

The District needs to get the best coaches possible for the kids.  If students have a good experience they are more likely to stay in school. This will lead to positive school spirit.  If students or parents do not have a good experience with a coach, it is more likely that students will drop out.

Mr. True was asked if the stipends were too low to attract good coaches?
Mr. True responded that stipends are on the low end to what coaches around the State are being paid.  The trend is that numbers are down.  District’s are having a hard time fielding JV teams.  It is not a coaching issue.  

Mr. True will be talking with student athletes at a Captain’s Breakfast once a month.  He will be having discussions as to why students are not participating.  

Appointment of Additional Duty Positions

It may be that the sports scene is changing and sports like Lacrosse may become more popular.

This year there are 198 students participating in athletics.  For the past five years, there have been around 210 students.  

Superintendent Phillips added that high school enrollments have declined over the last few years also.  

He asked Mr. True if the District is involved with “Sports Done Right” or a similar program.  “Sports Done Right” has gone by the wayside.  Several of the strategies and beliefs of the program are being used in the District.

Mr. Mortenson and Mr. Finn are asking students through surveys what will enhance your involvement in school.  

Mr. True was thanked for the information.
Vote:  11-Yes, 2-No, 0-Abstentions.  Motion carried.  

A motion was made by Lesley Niemy, seconded by Janice Barter, to approve the appointment of Joshua Sturk as the Staff Development/In-Service Coordinator for the 2010-11 school year.
Superintendent Phillips explained that Mrs. Conley had decided to step down from the Professional Development Committee due to the increased number of students at Songo Locks School and the time needed for the Staff Development/In-Service Coordinator position.  Mrs. Conley was thanked on behalf of the Board and Mr. Phillips for doing this position for many years. She has been involved with the Everyday Math in-service work, RTI, and many other areas of professional development.  

Joshua Sturk has volunteered to step up and take over the position.  He has recently completed a Certificate of Advance Study in Leadership and is looking forward to a new set of responsibilities.  

Motion carried unanimously.  



Bidding Timeline of Phase II

Andy Madura reported that he hopes to have the bidding timeline for Phase II at the next Facilities Committee meeting.  A PDT representative will be going to the EPA Office in Boston to discuss the plan for removing the PCB’s.   

Request of Student Social Security Numbers

Superintendent Phillips reported that there has been a fair amount of controversy regarding parents giving student’s social security numbers to schools.  The plan is to use the numbers in conjunction with the Department of Education and the Department of Labor as a way to track work base data.  The Maine Civil Liberties Union wants parents to be aware that they are under no obligation to give out the social security numbers.  Maine School Management

Association, with the aid of Drummond Woodsum, has drafted language that will be going out to parents. Parents have every right to not send in the social security numbers.

Committee Reports

Facilities Committee

Philip Shane reported that the Committee met prior to the Board meeting and discussed the following:   
  • Alan Crabtree and Jim Smith discussed the future of Sebago Elementary School based on the 10-Year Facilities Plan.  A group will be put together to do a study.  
  • The Committee will meet on October 18, before the Board meeting.  The plan is to meet at every other Board meeting.
  • Mr. Madura gave an update on the construction at Lake Region High School.  The bus garage area is currently being excavated.  Retention ponds near the Hazelton’s property will also be worked on.  
There was an update on the Bridgton Memorial School.  The Brownfield study is still in process and the soils test is planned for the next phase.

Personnel Committee

The Committee has not met.  The next meeting will be on October 4 prior to the Board meeting.

Finance Committee

Janice Barter reported that the Committee met prior to the Board meeting.  She was elected as Chairperson. The Committee discussed the following:
  • The Lease-purchase that was approved was discussed.
  • The Bond Vote was also reviewed.
  • The meeting schedule was reviewed.
  • There was a discussion on the budget process for the upcoming year.
Liaison Committee

The Committee has not met.  

Curriculum Committee

The next meeting of the Curriculum Committee will be on September 20 at 4:00 p.m. at the Central Office.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Phillips reported that he had touched on everything he was going to report on throughout the meeting including professional development and the Skillful Teacher Seminar Series.

Opening enrollment numbers were as follows:

  • Sebago Elementary School          –   101
  • Songo Locks School                –   503
  • Stevens Brook Elementary School   –   305
  • Lake Region Middle School         –   433
  • Lake Region High School           –   601  

A meeting wizard will be sent out to new Board members for a training on the Freedom of Information Act.  

  • Andrea Capano will be on a maternity Family and Medical Leave of Absence, effective approximately January 3, 2010 through February 28, 2010.
  • Kate Douglas Parkin submitted her resignation as a Grade 6 Teacher at Lake Region Middle School.
  • Lenay Hartford will be a half-time Day Treatment Support Technician at Songo Locks School for the 2010-11 school year.
Margaret Mains will be a Long-Term Substitute Grade 6 English/Language Arts Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Kate Parkins who has resigned.



A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Laurie Mondville.  Motion carried unanimously.
The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                      _______________________

                                                                                 Date Approved