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School Board Minutes 02/15/2011

Lake Region School District
Board Budget Workshop
February 15, 2011

There was a Board Budget Workshop on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. in the cafeteria at Lake Region High School.  


Jody Gray, Vice-Chair called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  Board members present were:  Janice Barter, Kenneth Brown, Beth Chaplin, Jean Clancy, Richard Merritt, Laurie Mondville, Lesley Niemy, Laura Ordway, and
Philip Shane.   Donna Norton and Wayne Warner, Sr. were excused.  Karla Swanson-Murphy was absent.


A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Laurie Mondville, to approve the agenda as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Sherrie Small distributed and explained a power point presentation regarding the budget as follows:

Financial Impacts

An early estimate of the reduction in State subsidy for 2011-12 is $362,000.  The District is still waiting to hear what we will get this year.

ARRA Funding has ended.  The District has received $1.2 million over a two-year period.
There was a request to bring a list of what ARRA funded to the next meeting.

The Education Jobs Bill money is available for one more year which amounts to approximately $200,000.

Debt service payments begin on the High School/Vocational Construction/Renovations projects totaling $705,554.
If the District did not receive the QSCB bonds, the debt service would have been over $1,000,000 annually.

Leadership Team Proposed Budget

The Leadership Team was asked to keep in mind the effect on taxpayers while looking at:

  • New programs to enhance the educational programs.
  • Reducing programs that are not effective.
The proposed Leadership Team General Fund budget total is $26,521,005.

Changes Within the Proposed Budget


  • Reduction of 1 Literacy Specialist and the addition of two Literacy Coaches at the K-2 or 3 grade levels.
  • Net budget impact - $70,000.
  • Pre-K Program - $150,000 (This was a one-year program paid with ARRA funds.)

  • Reduction of one Team - $175,000.
  • Reduction of Creative and Fine Arts by 1/3 time - $100,000.
  • Addition of an 8th Grade Transition Program - $175,000.  (This is for a small group of students who need more time at the middle school before going onto high school.)
  • Decrease of 7.5 staff:
  • 4 Teachers
  • 1 Secretary/Clerk
  • 1 Educational Technician
  • 1 Permanent Substitute
  • 1 Leadership Stipend
  • Approximately - $283,710

  • Reduction of $48,000 in software/hardware.

  • Decrease in maintenance projects  - $100,000.
  • Debt Service - $705,554 for High School/Vocational Project.
Special Education

  • Increase of .6 Teacher for Linda Mood-Bell Literacy Program  (This is a highly intensive program).
Jobs Bill

  • SBES - Grade 1 Teacher
  • SBES - Grade 3 Teacher
  • SLS   -  Grade 2 Teacher
  • SES   -  1 Educational Technician
Lake Region Vocational Center

  • Reduction of School-to-Work Program
  • Addition of Law Enforcement Program
  • Addition of Coop Program

  • General Fund Budget - $26,521,000
  • Increase of $1,304,519 or 5.17%.  This is including the $705,554 for the debt service for the High School/Vocational Project.
  • Adult Education Budget - $738,315
  • Increase of $116,007 or 18.63%
2011-12 Proposed Budget – Implications General Fund and Adult Education

5.83% Budget Increase (General Fund and Adult Education) = Based on a subsidy decrease of $362,000.

  Town                   Assessment Increase                % Increase

Bridgton                    $566,096                        7.29%
Casco                     781,988                         14.64%
Naples                    631,126                                  9.68%
Sebago                        160,211                                  5.15%

Initial Finance Committee Meetings

The Finance Committee met four times to review the budget.  With their first look at the Leadership Team budget of $26.5 million, the Committee asked the Leadership Team to bring back what a list of $1.1 million in cuts would look like.  (This list was distributed to the Board.)

After reviewing the list, the Finance Committee, asked the Leadership Team to recommend $400,000 in cuts from the original list.  (This list was distributed to Board members.) They are as follows:

Level I Reductions (Less Impact)

Pre-K                                                                           $150,000
K-12 Supplies, equipment, Professional Development, etc.                              7,000
Special Education Teacher – LRHS                                                    57,000
Autism Consulting Teacher (.6)                                                      35,000
LRMS – In-School Suspension Monitor                                                 25,000
LRHS – In-School Suspension Monitor                                                 25,000
LRHS (.5) Chorus                                                                    28,000      
District-wide Curriculum                                                            19,000
Adult Education                                                             54,000

If LRMS Creative and Fine Arts time is reinstated                                                     100,000


For Board Consideration:

Level II Reductions (Greater Impact)

LRVC Coop                                                                       $  35,000
Science Teacher – LRMS                                                      45,000
Guidance Counselor – LRMS (.4)                                              16,000
Band/Chorus – LRMS  (.5)                                                            16,000
Technology Software/Hardware                                                             48,000
K-12 Supplies, Equipment/Prof. Development, etc.                                                     80,000
Athletics/Co-Curricular – LRMS                                                8,000
Athletics/Co-Curricular – LRHS                                                      12,000


Initial Finance Committee Meetings (continued)

The Finance Committee has recommended the reduction of the $400,000 as presented.  The Board can make further cuts if it chooses.  If the Board decides to add the Middle School Creative and Fine Arts (CFA) Team time back into the budget, the Level II Reductions can be reviewed for additional cuts.   It is proposed that all the teachers’ time on the CFA be reduced by one-third.

2011-12 Estimated Finance Committee Budget Implications of a $400,000 Reduction

3.59% Budget Increase (General Fund and Adult Education) =

  Town                                     Assessment                   % Increase

Bridgton                                   $420,884                                              5.42%
Casco                                          693,668                                            12.99%
Naples                              522,838                                  8.02%
Sebago                                       102,031                                              3.28%

To assist the Board in their budget deliberations, the following implications to Assessments were given for each budget decrease of $100,000.

                                       Assessment                                 % Decrease

Bridgton                  $36,303                            .47%
Casco                       22,080                           .41%
Naples                      27,072                                          .41%
Sebago                               14,545                                           .47%

At the current time, there is no Additional Consideration of $50,000 for the Capital Reserve Fund.

2010 Town Valuations
                                                  % Increase               2011-12  
                                      Assessment                   (over 2009)          Assessment %

Bridgton                  $1,060,000,000                     3.55%                                 36.30%
Casco                     644,700,000                2.49%                                 22.08%
Naples                    790,450,000               - 2.77%                                27.07%
Sebago                              424,700,000                - 3.47%                                14.54%

Historical Budget Information

   Year                         General Fund                            % Increase/Decrease

2011-12                 $26,521,005                                        5.17%
2010-11                          25,216,486                                          - 1.05%
2009-10                                        25,431,571                                         0.00%
2008-09                  25,331,558                                      -2.75%
2007-08                                        26,042,791                                                         5.00%
2006-07                                        24,802,658                                                         0.25%
5-Year Average – 2006-07 – 2010-11                                                                    0.29%

Historical State Funding Information

Year                            State Subsidy                                       Gain/Loss

2010-11                 $1,193,572                                 ($    814,958)
2009-10                   2,008,530                                          (   1,073,928)
2008-09                   3,082,458                                     (    2,447,964)
2007-08                                         5,530,422                                  (       833,300)
2006-07                   6,363,722                                (       308,909)

5-Year Average Loss of Revenue - $1,095,812

Historical Town Assessment Information

Assessment      Inc./Dec.
Assessment      Inc./Dec.
Assessment     Inc./Dec.
Assessment     Inc./Dec.
-$  32,845
-      6,708

5-Year Average Increase:   Bridgton                      $285,949
                                            Casco                 291,005
                              Naples               281,820
                                            Sebago                         134,794

Budget Meeting Schedule

Monday, March 21, 2011       6:00 p.m.           Songo Locks School                 Public Hearing
Monday, April 4, 2011           7:00 p.m.           Lake Region High School        Vote on Budget/Sign Warrants
Tuesday, May 17, 2011          6:30 p.m.           Lake Region High School         District Budget Meeting -
                                                                                                                               (Actual Budget Vote)
Tuesday, May 24, 2011          8:00 a.m. -         Vote in Resident Town             Budget Validation Referendum
                                               8:00 p.m.              

Question and Answer Session

The $50,000 for Capital Reserve, which is an Additional Consideration, is currently not included in the budget.

Next year the Jobs Bill money of approximately $200,000 will be used by the Grade 1 and Grade 3 teacher at Stevens Brook Elementary School which were added this year due to enrollment numbers.

Maintenance Budget

$100,000 has been cut from the Maintenance budget.  This includes the following:

$30,000 – Parking lot extension and expansion at Songo Locks School.
   5,000 - A gate (hallway) for the west wing to block off traffic
   3,800 – Quarry tile repairs

Maintenance Budget

$4,000 – Window replacement – on-going
 2,500 -  Library shades
10,000 -  Locker replacement

$10,000 - Locker Replacement/Lockers Rooms  - repairs  
$10,000 – Electricity Account
   5,000 – Supply Account
   4,700 – Equipment Account

$2,000 – Sink in nurses area
 5,000 – Electricity Account

Central Office
$2,500 – Carpet Replacement

$2,000 – Disposal Account

$2,500 – Sill repair damage

$1,000 – Special Education Paving

Maintenance Budget Discussion

$125,000 in maintenance funds has been included in the budget for PCB removal and abatement.
Mr. Madura told the Board that he thought this was the most important maintenance item at the time.
If it was not used for this purpose, it would have been allocated for roof repair at the high school.  The District is currently $3,000,000 behind in its Capital Improvement Plan by maintaining a level budget.   If the $125,000 was taken out for PCB removal and abatement, the money would be used for other maintenance items.

Money was included in the budget for PCB removal and abatement, this is not a maintenance issue, it is a project issue and should be taken out of the budget so that budget items that were reduced could be included.

Ms. Barter explained that the project does not encompass the whole school.  Two-thirds of the windows and doors are not part of the project.  Mr. Madura has been trying to do a few windows each year.  The PCB issue came up and the windows have to be replaced within a 3-year period.   Forty percent of the windows and doors will be part of the renovation project.  Also, the District received $247,000 from a grant that the Towns applied for.  $200,000 will be used for the windows.  The other $47,000 was used for some HVAC upgrades.  The $200,000 has to be spent by September, 2011.  The windows needing replacement most will be done first.   The cost of the PCB removal and abatement will be $1.3 million.  There was a discussion in the Finance Committee that this amount should be split with the taxpayers.  This was voted down.  Currently $400,000 is being recommended to be reduced from the budget.

Grade 8 Transition Program

$150,000 has been budgeted for the program.
$100,000 is the cost of the two teachers’ salaries and benefits, the remaining $50,000 would cover the costs of the facilities, supplies, and transportation.
If the Grade 8 Transition program is not initiated, two teachers will need to transfer to Lake Region High School.
The Curriculum Committee will be reviewing the program on February 16.


A question was asked regarding a curtailment of wages.  Ms. Small responded that provisions were made in the budget to work through negotiations.

 Pre-Kindergarten Program

  • $165,000 was budgeted from the ARRA Grant money for this year only.
  • $150,000 is a good estimate of what the program would cost if it were to continue.  This would cover salaries, consumable supplies, and transportation.
  • There are 30 students currently in the program; 15 from Bridgton due to its location, and 15 from the other 3 towns.
  • A meeting had been scheduled with the Department of Education and PROP but it has been cancelled twice due to inclement weather.   The District may try to schedule another meeting and also invite Child Development Services to attend regarding the possibility of getting some funding for the program.
  • A request was made for a presentation on the success of the program for this year.  Dr. Beecher told Board members it may be two or three years before the District can see the benefits from the program.  
  • Some students are coming to school who do not know their nursery rhymes.  This program is working on a nursery rhyme a week and students are acting them out.
  • By having the Pre-K program this year, these students will be ready for instruction when they begin kindergarten.
  • If this program is eliminated, some students will be in kindergarten for two years.  Retentions are a hidden cost.  
  • Dr. Beecher explained that retentions are very difficult and that there is a developmental focus in determining the need.   Every child who is retained might not be in kindergarten.      
  • The Board has to decide where the savings will be in the long run.
Leadership Positions

  • There is no reduction of leadership positions in the budget.  
  • Ms. Mondville mentioned that at the Dine and Discuss, there was a concern that there was a lack of cuts at the administrative level.
  • There was a discussion as to whether a Principal and an Assistant Principal is needed at Lake Region Middle School and Songo Locks School.
  • Mr. Mortenson told Board members that it would be difficult to do his job without an Assistant Principal.    The Assistant Principal deals with the 504 needs and all the discipline needs.  Without an Assistant Principal, these issues would fall back onto the Team Leaders.  Both positions require more than an eight hour day.  He also reminded Board members, that Songo Locks School changed to a K-5 school which increased its enrollments drastically.
  • Is it possible to have a ½ time Vice-Principal and a ½ time teacher.
  • Is it possible to have one Vice-Principal between Songo Locks School and Lake Region Middle School.
Adult Education Program

  • The Adult Education budget was cut by $54,000; $15,000 from the Adult Education programs and $39,000 from maintenance.  Maintenance reductions include the following:  $600 for shades, $10,500 for air conditioning upgrade, $6,000 for window replacement, $18,000 for hot top, $1,500 for sign renovations, and $3,000 for carpet replacement.
  • The Adult Education budget is $238,000.
  • The Day Care program has been added at the Adult Ed Program.  This program will be self-sustaining.   At some point it will be a rental income.  There are currently 9 paying customers with 3 more slots available.  The program is already in the black.  It is designed as an early enrichment day care and is available to lower income families.
  • $75,000 has been budgeted for the Day Care program, however, it receives funds from the ASPIRE Program and State money.  The rate for the Day Care depends on the age of the children, whether the student is full-time or part-time, and how many children are in the family.

How many students will be coming into Kindergarten from CDS??

There will be 5 to 6 higher need students coming in; a decision by the team will be made as to where the students go.

Reduction of Autism Consulting Teachers

Ms. Caron mentioned that for the last two years, the District has been using Board Certified Analysts to assist with autism needs.  The District currently has a part-time consultant.  This is a duplication of service and can be eliminated.  The BCAs can be paid as contracted services and charged to the Local Entitlement grant which will be less costly for the District.

CFA Staff at Lake Region Middle School

There are 7 Creative and Fine Arts staff at Lake Region Middle School whose time has been cut by 1/3.  This includes music, art, physical education, health, home economics, and woodworking technology.  

  • A comment was made that the Assistant Principal at Lake Region Middle School has been a coach.  This has impacted a lot of things.
  • Concern was expressed for a 2/3rds cut to Physical Education.  In 2005-06, there were 342 students taught by a full-time physical education teacher, the middle school then absorbed the 6th grade.  There will be 424 students next year, an addition of 82 students.
  • Janice Barter mentioned that there a list of contact times.  She asked if this could be available for Thursday.  
  • Kathleen Beecher mentioned that the middle school has 70 minute prep times due to teaming.  
  • Class size information was requested along with what is happening at the other schools.
  • A student from Lake Region High School mentioned that from a student’s point of view, band and chorus saves students.

A motion was made by Laurie Mondville, seconded by Richard Merritt, to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.


                                                                                Date Approved