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School Board Retreat 08/11/2014

August 11, 2014

There was a School Board Retreat on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Library at Lake Region High School.

Board members present were:  Debra Albert, Janice Barter, Stan Buchanan, Allison Caulfield, Karen Eller, Paula Grace, Cindy LeBlanc, Joseph McMahon, and Philip Shane.

Administrators present were:  Tonya Arnold, Carrie Castonguay, Kirsten Goff, Lisa Caron, Ted Finn, Deborah Howard, Andrew Madura, Rosie Schacht,
Guy Stickney, Joshua Sturk, Paul True, Sherrie Small, J. P. Yorkey, and       Alan Smith, Superintendent of Schools.

Administrators shared the following:

Sebago Elementary School, Kirsten Goff

Kirsten Goff shared a video which included pictures from Grandpal’s Day and Read Across America Day.  

Lake Region Middle School, Tonya Arnold

The Middle School has been working on their Vision and a 3-year Action Plan.

Last year, the school implemented using class time well using learning targets, assessments for the targets, and putting curriculum on Rubicon Atlas.  A video was shared on how this had impacted students and their work.  

Students learned high level 21st Century Skills using this process.

Lake Region High School, Ted Finn

  • Update from the Class of 2014 – 118 graduated, 6 to 8 students met the graduation requirements by July 31.
  • Summer School was held from June 25 through July 3.  Twenty-five students recovered credits.
  • There are 2 new academies – a Freshman Academy was added for transitional purposes to give students additional supports; a Sophomore Academy was added to help students with college/career readiness.  
  • Proficiency Based Reporting – The High School will be explaining to parents that Proficiency Based reporting will breakdown the standards into small bodies of work and they will be able to see how their child is progressing better than with the current report card.
  • The teachers are working on writing the standards starting tomorrow and will have them completed by the end of the first semester.  Assessments will show the full class performance along with each individual student so the teacher can make adjustments in their teaching or help individual students as needed.
  • Each Standard gets broken down into 7 or 8 content areas.
  • The original year to have a Proficiency based report card was 2019. Districts can submit a plan and extend the deadline to 2020.  
  • The High School has to follow the Common Core requirements in Math, Language Arts and Science.  The Next Gen testing will be based on the Common Core.
  • Mr. Finn will be having Principal Advisory meetings each month and will have a topic related to Proficiency Based Reporting each month so parents can understand the changes.
Lake Region Vocational Center, Rosie Schacht

Ms. Schacht shared a list of facts about the Vocational Center as follows:

  • Students are served from three area high schools – Lake Region High School, Fryeburg Academy, and Sacopee Valley.
  • Enrollments to date:  93 students in the morning session; 131 students in the afternoon session; a total of 224 students.
  • Eleven different vocational programs are offered.
  • Eighth grade students are served in Diversified Occupations.
  • The Automotive Technology program is National Automotive Technology Education Foundation Certified and the students leave with multiple Automotive Service Excellence Certificates.
  • Health Occupations students work toward their state CNA License; this year there are two sections serving 21 students.
  • Culinary Arts is nationally certified through the American Culinary Federation and students work toward their national Servsafe Certification.
  • Business Technology students have access to all Microsoft Office certifications.
  • Fire Science students meet the requirements to sit for Firefighter I and II exams, the same exams as all firefighters take across the state.
  • Construction Technology will be working on national certification through  American Homebuilders while earning their OSHA 10 cards.
  • Law Enforcement standards mirror those standards taught at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  The majority of students go on to post-secondary law enforcement programs or join the military.
  • Four programs offer duel enrollment with Southern Maine Community College –
  • Law Enforcement, Culinary Arts, Automotive Technology, and Health Occupations – where students earn college credit while successfully completing their high school credits.
Athletic Director, Paul True

  • Mr. True shared a list of the Fall Athletic Schedule.  As the schedule sometimes changes due to weather, he reminded Board members to check “Schedule Star” on-line for the most up-to-date information.
  • A copy of the schedule for games and activities for Homecoming Week were also shared.
  • The Fall Parent Athletic Night was held on July 31.  Attendance was ok.   
  • Projected numbers are going up a little.  Male participant numbers are going up and female participant numbers are going down.
  • The field crew has done an amazing job with the fields.  It is greatly appreciated.

Joshua Sturk/Cheryl Turpin – Teacher Evaluation System

Proficiency Based Reporting and what it means as far as technology.  

There was a Summer Technology Institute and 32 teachers participated.
  • Teachers learned how to plan and deliver curriculum to students and how technology integration fits into the evaluation tools.
  • Programs available for teachers:
  • Schoology – Explained what it replaces and how to do some things that teachers are not currently doing.
  • Rubicon Atlas – Curriculum Units are entered on-line.  Parents can track what standards their child has mastered.
Cheryl Turpin mentioned that a Committee has been working on the Teacher Evaluation System for the past 4 years.  Joshua Sturk was included on the Committee for the technology piece.   The purpose is to improve instructional growth.  The old “Focus/Non Focus” has been eliminated and administrators are now looking at proficiency.

Per the Board policy, there are 3 levels of teacher evaluation.  The Administrators would like the Master Teachers to share their knowledge with other District staff.

The new system includes brief, frequent, non-scheduled observations in classrooms for 5 – 15 minutes.  

The System is based on Kim Marshall’s rubrics supported by content found in the “Skillful Teacher”.  Training has been available to District staff for the past three years.  

Special Services, Lisa Caron

The Special Services Department is due for its Formal Cycle of the “6-Year Annual General Supervision System” this year.  
A hand-out was distributed to explain what is included for this review.  It  includes the following:
  •  Desk Audit
  •  Self-Assessment
  •  Parent Survey
  •  Site Visit     
  • A letter of findings from the Department of Education will be sent to the District by May 15, 2015.
  • By June 30, 2015, the District must submit a Correction Action Plan for all identified areas.  
  • By November 30, 2016, the District must submit evidence for compliance with the Corrective Action Plan.  

Transportation – Andy Madura

Bus Video Camera Systems

There are currently 4 cameras – they show 4 different views, with time checks.
The video can be used as a tool to help investigate an issue.  


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Paula Grace, to approve the agenda with the addition of the agenda addendum.  Motion carried unanimously.  



A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Paula Grace, to approve the appointment of the following personnel as a block:

  • Jenny Elise Cameron as a Middle School Guidance Counselor at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Megan Grimshaw who has resigned
  • Ryan Williams as an English Teacher at Lake Region High School, replacing
Don Weafer who has resigned
  • Lila Theriault as a Math Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Cynthia Bruno who has resigned
  • Lauren Moulton as a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Beth Woodhead who resigned
  • David Southwick as an Art Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Cynthia Worcester who resigned
  • Lynda Foster as a World Language Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Pascal Delsol who resigned
Devin Fitzgerald as a Kindergarten Teacher at Songo Locks School
Leanne Fasulo as an English/Language Arts Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Kathryn Maietta who resigned

Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Paula Grace, to approve the above block.  Motion carried unanimously.  

Board Goals

There was a discussion regarding the Board Goals.  The following was mentioned:

District Elementary Facilities

A lot of work has been done on this issue.
  • The Board needs to come to a consensus on what to do.  It is hoped that 3 or 4 options can be identified and the Board can decide on an option.  
  • A long-term solution would be for 50 years.
  • A short-term solution would be for 10 years.
Superintendent Smith would like to wait until school begins before making any recommendations.  

District Elementary Facilities (continued)

  • By October, there should be an update of possible options.  
  • The Goal was changed to:  Finalize a plan for the District Elementary Facilities by February 2015.  
Infinite Campus

There was a discussion regarding communication between teachers and parents and the need to let the parents know if there is a problem with the student’s grades.  

Mr. Sturk mentioned that for approximately $1,000, a feature can be added to Infinite Campus to notify parents of a teacher’s concern.  

Goal:  Investigate high performing schools and current research to determine the tools necessary to enable the success of students from Per-Kindergarten through post-secondary.

Performance-based education

  • The District has dynamic, powerful educators – staff presenting to staff is very helpful.
  • Teachers have been looking at data for 2 or 3 years.  The District needs to look at the children and compare apples to apples from year to year.  
  • Board members would like to know what is going on in the classrooms with regard to curriculum, more than what field trips are planned.  What is our curriculum; what is taking place; where are students now; how are they progressing; and what can we do better?
  • The Curriculum Committee dovetails where the District wants to go.  What is being done, and how decisions are made?
  • A new Math program was initiated.  Where are we?  Some training was done, however, it was not timely.  Presenters came and a workshop was done for elementary teachers at the next level.  How do you measure the opportunity of growth?
  • Rubric for Evaluating Teachers – What does it look like?
  • What are the dates administrators and teachers need to follow?
  • How is the tool implemented for growth?
Several people have resigned.  Should there be an Exit Committee?  Is the reason they are leaving money or something else?
  • Superintendent Smith has invited anyone interested in talking to him to come in.  He has had some great conversations.
  • The Personnel Committee reviews exit interview forms.  
Anonymous Survey Monkey

Maine Principals Association presented the Anonymous Survey Monkey as a tool that could be used for teacher or administrator evaluations.    

The evaluation tool will be piloted this year.  Results will come back to the Board in Executive Session.

Janice Barter will rewrite the Goal regarding “Investigate high performing schools and current research to determine the tools necessary to enable the success of students from Pre-Kindergarten through post-secondary”.

Superintendent Smith will write a goal on “proficiency-based education”.

                                                                         Alan R. Smith