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School Board Minutes 01/05/2015

January 5, 2015

There was a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board on Monday,
January 5, 2015 in the Great Room at Lake Region Vocational Center.


Janice Barter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were:  Debra Albert, Janice Barter, Ben Bowditch, Stan Buchanan, Beth Chaplin, Paula Grace, Jody Gray, Cindy LeBlanc, Joseph McMahon, Philip Shane, and
Karla Swanson-Murphy.  Allison Caulfield was absent and Karen Eller was excused.

Administrators present were:  Tonya Arnold, Lisa Caron, Cheryl Cline,
Kirsten Goff, Deborah Howard, Andrew Madura, Stephen McFarland,
Elisabeth Peavey, Rosie Schacht, Sherrie Small, Cheryl Turpin, and
Alan Smith, Superintendent of Schools.  Joshua Sturk was excused.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the agenda with the addition of the Agenda Addendum.  Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 15, 2014.  Vote:  9-Yes, 0-No, 2-Abstentions.  Motion carried.




Lake Region Middle School – Tonya Arnold

  • The Achievement and Effort Award Breakfast was very well attended.  The Award was for students who had all M’s, at least one E for achievement, and 3s for effort on the Term 1 Report.  Each Team also selected a student for the Most Improved, Team Player, and special Citizenship Award. Citizenship grades are used in a banking and budgeting fashion.  Students can use their points on selected acitivities.  Future events will include ice skating, hiking or games.
  • The Student Support Center has provided intervention instruction to 61 students.  Twenty-seven students have improved to grade level on the Scantron post assessment.   
Average gains in Math are as follows:

Geometry                         – 233 points
Data Analysis and Probability    - 327 points
Number and Operations            - 123 point
Algebra                          - 288 points
Measurement                      - 293 points

Lake Region Middle School – Tonya Arnold (continued)

Average gains in Reading:

Long passages            - 223
Fiction Comprehension    - 284
Vocabulary Development   - 115
Nonfiction Comprehension – 228
Common areas of weakness are in the following areas:  Calculating, identification and classification of shapes, intersecting and perpendicular lines, finding measures of central tendency, order of operations, writing equations using variables from a word problem, and interpreting bar and pictographs accurately.
  • The late arrival staff collaboration today was focused on unit planning and uploading the key components into Atlas.  The after school staff meeting was used to learn more about how to better use Schoology as an assignment tracking and communication tool.
The Geography Bee will be on January 8 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at Lake Region Middle School.  
The Spelling Bee will be on Wednesday, January 21, with a snow date of Tuesday, January 22.
Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) will be doing a new investigation with the students related to pH scale and chemical changes and the connections in the lakes region to the National Atmospheric Deposition Program.
Students will be attending the District II Instrumental Festival on
January 30 and 31 at Leavitt High School, with a snow date of February 4.  

Lake Region High School – Ted Finn

  • The High School Band and Chorus did a great job performing at this year’s Holiday Concert.  The Liaison Committee and the Student Council were thanked for organizing another successful Tree Lighting Ceremony, despite the wet and windy weather that night.
  • Eight staff members visited Bucksport High School during December to learn more about the BARR program (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) and how it has increased the level of student motivation as well as the overall graduation rates.  The High School is looking at implementing this program next year for grade 9 to improve the transitional process between the middle school and high school.  A grant application was submitted to help implement this program.  The High School was the first in the State and the first in the country to get their application in.
  • The Winter sports season is up and running.  The student athletes and coaches have been working hard to represent their teams and Lake Region High School with pride and class.
  • A family of two students who attend Lake Region High School experienced a house fire on Christmas Eve.  Mr. True and the Sports Boosters organized efforts to raise money for their family at the quad basketball games between Lake Region and Poland.  Just over $1,300 was presented to the oldest child who is a grade 12 student.  The school also collected monetary and other donations for the family.  The family was very appreciative of the support.
  • Mid-term exams will take place between January 20 and January 23.  The semester will end on January 23.

Lake Region High School (continued)

  • Lake Region High School is proud to be home to the display case containing the stones marked for fallen Maine military personnel.  The display case will be in the Library Media Center until March.  Community members were invited to come in and check it out.  Carmel Collins, Linda Davis, and the folks from the Summit Project were thanked for making this possible.
  • The Visual and Performing Arts Academy will be hosting its annual show called “The Happening” on Tuesday, January 13 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.        Dr. Greenstone and a group of this students will be performing a Cabaret on Thursday evening, January 8.
  • Channel 13’s “School Spirit Challenge” will be coming to Lake Region High School on February 13.  The school will be competing against 9 other schools to see who can collect the most food (non-perishable) and/or monetary donations (all for the Good Shepherd Food Bank).
Lake Region Vocational Center - Rosie Schacht
  • The SkillsUSA had an area grocery “Pack the Pickup”.  They collected 30 boxes of food and $315 in cash.  It was given to the Community Cross Walk in Naples.  Each year a different food pantry is chosen.
  • SkillsUSA will sponsor a Spaghetti Supper on January 16 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Casco Fire House.
  • All college visits have been completed.  A few individual visits are still being arranged for Southern Maine Community College and Central Maine Community College.   
  • Ms. Schacht was publicly invited to speak at the Masons’ District Meeting on December 12.  The Oriental Lodge of the Masons have been sponsoring the Vocational Student of the Month program for the past 10 years.  She received a special award for community support.  
  • The recruiting process begins in February.  Staff will visit the sophomore’s History Class to get them thinking about taking Vocational classes.  The staff goes to Sacopee Valley and Fryeburg for an assembly.  Lake Region High School students attend an assembly and tour the programs.  Students then fill out their applications.
  • Everyone was asked to invite community people, family members, and neighbors to come in and visit the Vocational Center.
Adult and Community Education, Steve McFarland

  • There was a good ending to the fall semester.  Four people have recently passed the GED test and one is close.  One student is college bound and one student is career bound.
  • Southern Maine Community College will be offering College Algebra and an Intoduction to Psychology Class.  High school students were invited to participate to help reduce their tuition costs.  Classes will begin the last week in January.  
  • The new Adult and Community Education catalog went out last week.
  • He thanked all the M.S.A.D. #61 staff for all their support and help with the program.  He asked everyone to spread the word about the High School Program and the possibility of attending college or a class to get a better career.
  • There will be an Open House on Wednesday, January 7.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the appointment of Raquel Gerry as a Special Education Teacher at Sebago Elementary School, replacing Cindy Jones who has resigned.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Additional Duty positions as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to accept the Public Health Program School Mini-grant from Opportunity Alliance for $750.00.  The funds will be used to develop a staff wellness program.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to accept a grant of $400 from the EcoMaine School Recycling Grant.  The funds will be used to go towards compost bins and materials.


Liam Opie, an 8th grade student at Lake Region Middle School, mentioned he had been on the honor roll 5 times and he was Champion of the Geograhy Bee twice at Stevens Brook Elementary School.  He, on behalf of 54 students and himself, expressed anger and concern for the Common Core State initiatives.  Too much time is spent on each standard and it is taking away from student’s learning.    He mentioned that the standards-based grading system is very confusing and asked the Board to reinstate the number-based grading system.
Liam was thanked for bringing his concerns to the Board.


Superintendent Smith mentioned that the extension for the proficency-based graduation requirements was approved by the Maine Department of Education.

Liaison Committee

Paula Grace reported that the Liaison Committee would be meeting on January 12 at 5:30 p.m.

Curriculum Committee

Debra Albert reported that the Committee met on December 16.  There were two English/Language Arts presentations; Grade 9-12, Jennie Burnette and Ian Carlson, and grades 7-8, Leanne Fasulo and Chris Small.  

Curriculum Committee (continued)

Information shared included the following:

  • The Humanities Class meets twice as often as a regular class so students earn 2 credits for the class.
  • The goal of the Honors class is to make the students’ leaders
  • There are classes for remediation and intervention for students who need extra help.
  • Traditional grading is being used at the current time, but the Department is working towards standand’s based reporting
  • At the Middle School, teachers are deconstructing a standard.  They are currently reporting on 12 Common Core standards. Students must show mastery of a standard to move forward in their educational progression.
Personnel Committee

Stan Buchanan reported that the Committee met prior to the Board meeting.  They reviewed two job descriptions; Academic Leader and Lead Intervention Teacher.  The Academic Leader will be go to the Board as a first reading at the next meeting.  The Lead Intervention Teacher will be revised and reviewed at the next Board meeting.

Facilities Committee

Phil Shane reported that the Committee will meet on January 12 at 6:00 p.m. prior to the Board Workshop.

Finance Committee

Karla Swanson-Murphy reported that the Committee would meet on January 8 at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Office.  The Budget Timeline was distributed with the official dates.  

Superintendent’s Report

  • Superintendent Smith mentioned that he had tried to get someone from the Maine Department of Education to attend a meeting with Board members, Town Officials, and legislators regarding the funding formula for the District.  He will try to get the Acting Commissioner to come sometime in February.   
  • Mr. Smith has visited all the schools.  He saw great work being done and complimented the administrators and staff for their work.

Paul Condello will be a Long-Term Substitute Language Arts and Science Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, effective January 14, replacing Kathy Minigell.


Personnel Matter  

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to go into Executive Session to discuss a Personnel Issue (Superintendent’s Evaluation, pursuant to M.R.S.A. 405 6.A.)

The Board went into Executive Session at 7:38 p.m. and returned to Public Session at 8:10 p.m.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.


                                                                        Date Approved