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School Board Minutes 02/23/2015

Regular Meeting
February 23, 2015

There was a Regular Meeting of the Lake Region School Board on Monday, February 3, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Great Room at Lake Region Vocational Center.


Janice Barter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were:  Debra Albert, Ben Bowditch, Stan Buchanan,
Alison Caulfield, Beth Chaplin, Karen Eller, Jody Gray, Cindy LeBlanc, Joseph McMahon, Philip Shane, and Karla Swanson-Murphy.  Paula Grace was excused.

Administrators present were:  Tonya Arnold, Lisa Caron, Cheryl Cline, Ted Finn, Kirsten Goff, Deborah Howard, Andrew Madura,
Stephen McFarland, Elisabeth Peavey, Rosie Schacht, Sherrie Small, Joshua Sturk, Paul True, Cheryl Turpin, and Alan Smith, Superintendent of Schools.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Agenda with the following additions:

7.K.  Authorize a Grant Agreement and Acceptance – Federal Distance
      Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program
7.L.  PDT Architects Proposal

Motion carried unanimously.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 5, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Minutes of the Board Workshop of January 12, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Minutes of the Special Board Meeting of January 26, 2015.  Motion carried unanimously.


Four Star Writing Program at Stevens Brook Elementary School

Lee-Ann Van Atta, a Grade 1 Teacher, shared the following information:

  • Students practice writing everyday.
  • The Four-Star Writing Program has been in place for 14 years and includes grades 1 - 5.
  • Four Star Writing Goals
  • Recognize and honor students writers from all ability levels who meet appropriate, yet challenging writing critera.
  • Engage staff and students in the use of a developmental writing rubric to improve student writing.
  • Involve parents in learning the components of good student writing.  
  • Four Star Writing Guidelines
  • Writing must be a final draft on an independently written piece that has not been edited by a teacher or a parent.
  • Writers may independently use resources such as a dictionary, word-wall, or thesaurus.
  • Students may either write a fiction or nonfiction story for the first two writing pieces.  The third writing piece may be any type of writing, including poetry.
  • Submitted writing needs to be legible and make sense.
  • Writing also needs to be free of violence and inappropriate language.
  • Students submit their writings to their teacher; the teacher includes a cover sheet with the level of the writing the piece should be scored at; and then the writing is given to a scorer.   
  • All students who submit a writing get a 4-Star Pencil
  • There is a progression of awards for meeting the level criteria to be selected as a Four Star Writer as follows:
1st Writing - Black Hat with 4 Stars; 2nd Writing – Silver Pin; 3rd Writing – Gold Pin; 4th Writing - Yellow Hat with 4 Stars;
5th Writing – Silver Pin; 6th Writing – Gold Pin; Continues the same progression with a white hat and a red hat.
  • Hats and pins are presented at the School Meeting.  The student sits in a special chair while their story is read; parents are invited to attend; and students are presented with their hat or pin depending on which writing they are on.
Lee-Ann Van Atta was thanked for the presentation.


Steve McFarland shared information with the Board as follows:

  • A new catalog with a new look, new classes, new teachers and new locations was prepared for the Winter Session.
  • A new computer lab for student testing has been set up.
  • Mr. McFarland made a presentation to M.S.A.D. #72’s School Board in January with a follow-up proposal requesting additional revenue.
  • The Adult and Community Education program is serving all areas of the District – WorkReady is delivered in Bridgton and is most noteworthy.
  • The program is developing partner relationships with the high school, including student services.
The Vocational Center is being utilized at night, with a growing list of programs.

Future Plans

Crooked River Adult Education is a partner with Opportunity Alliance in a grant proposal recently submitted to the Ham Foundation in Conway, titled, “Community-Building in Bridgton through Two-Generation Education”.  The grant had to be specific to Bridgton and its purpose was to increase education programming and addresses the challenges of poverty as follows:

  • The Head Start program will be expanded to include the months of June, July and August.
It is hoped to engage the Stevens Brook Elementary School Kindergarten Teachers with the summer students, so teachers will know the students’ strengths and challenges prior to the start of the school year to help in the transition process.
  • Connect Head Start Parents with Crooked River Adult Education Services and Advisor, specifically in the areas of College Transitions and Career Pathways.
Connect Head Start parents with community members and leaders who will act as informal mentors in providing information and linkages to asset-building opportunities.

Key Results for the children include:
  • Increased school readiness/literacy levels
  • Reduced “learning gap” that children experience over the summer months
  • Potential to serve as a model for M.S.A.D. #61 as it considers and plans to implement a pre-K program
Capture data to help transition all students in M.S.A.D. #61 from Head Start programs and eventually Pre-K programs to Kindergarten


Key Results for the parents include:
  • Parents will create an Individualized Learning Plan
  • Adult Education programming will increase dramatically in Bridgton by using the Community Center in the mornings and Stevens Brook Elementary school in the evenings
  • Greater connection to the local Bridgton Literacy Task Force
  • Line to Literacy for ME plan, designed to help Maine’s children and adults meet the literacy demands of post-secondary education, careers, and civic life
  • There is a population of approximately 15,000 people in the District; 9,000 ages 18 – 64 years old.
  • If the Board decides to reopen Crooked River Elementary School for students, it is hoped that it will be for the 2016-17 school year, as it would be difficult to relocate for the coming year.
  • The program would be most effective if it was located in Bridgton
  • Increasing the overall educational attainment of residents contributes more to a community in tax revenues and decreased reliance on social services including General Assistance, Medicaid, and unemployment.  He shared charts that showed the differences that having an education can make.    
  • Mr. McFarland introduced his staff as follows:  Ryan Adams, Donna Morton, Phoebe Montieth, Rhonda Jacobson, Darlene Perry, and Elaine Rowe, and Dana McConkey.
Mr. McFarland was thanked for his presentation.

Maine Education Talent Search

Maggie Davis, the Maine Education Talent Search Advisor at Lake Region High School since May, 2014 was introduced.  She shared that this is a federally funded position which has been available at Lake Region High School for 12 years.     

The program serves students from Grade 6 to Grade 12.  The program works with students to help them aspire to, prepare for, and access the best educational opportunities available.

Mr. Finn added that Ms. Davis has full access to the students.  One hundred students have been in the program since May, 2014, and another one hundred students will be added by May, 2015.  The program services students in grades 6-12 and students set academic and career goals.

Three students, Kiana Prescott, Grace Farrington, and Samantha Young, attended a three-day Regional TRiO Conference in So. Portland during February vacation.  This included students from all over New England.  Six students represented the State of Maine and three were from Lake

Maine Education Talent Search

Region High School.  There was a Keynote Speaker, College visits, workshops, a College Fair, and other activities for students.

The students shared their favorite part of the conference as follows:

  • Keyana Prescott - STEM – Medical Career – Health professionals shared their careers.
  • Grace Farrington – the Keynote Speaker was Kristie Daggett from Aroostok County – She came from a rural area and the TriO Program helped her decide where to go to college and to get through the first year jitters, and gave her encouragement that she could do the work.
  • Samantha Young shared that the College Fair included a lot of colleges.  The college representatives talked with students to get to know them.  She liked Springfield College the best.
The Talent Search program has a curriculum which begins with Grade 6 students and it offers workshops on making the right choices now and how the choices affect you later.  The program also helps with college searches, college visits, study skills, and life skills.


Barry Johnson commented that the Lake Region Teachers Association supports the need to be creative in making up the storm days.  He reminded the Board that a change in working conditions which is a unilateral change without negotiations is not being professionally courteous.  Changing the March 6 Workshop Day and the April 19 Non-Student day are acceptable by the Association.  The Saturday make-up day is a concern as people have second jobs, day care issues, or other special events planned.  He requested that the Board and Lake Region Teachers Association discuss this issue.


Sebago Elementary School – Kirsten Goff  

  • The Geography Bee was held the first week in February.  The champion was Shelby Sheldrick and the runner-up was Ethan Newcomb.  Both students are in Grade 5.
  • Dr. Seuss’s birthday will be celebrated on March 2.  There will be guest readers and special Dr. Seuss related hats for all of the students.  The hats will have the orange Lorax mustache on them.
  • The 100th day of school will be celebrated on Friday, February 27.  Students have collected over 100 cans or boxes of food.  The food is passed down the hall, handled by each student, and is donated to the Sebago Food Pantry.

Sebago Elementary School – Kirsten Goff  

  • The staff and students are gearing up for Smarter Balance testing which will be starting at the end of March or early April.
  • A Career Fair will be held in mid-April.  This year’s focus is “writing in our careers”.  Local authors, a playwright, an editor, and a physicist, who has written proposals to sell his products and applied for patens for his inventions, will be presenting to students.
Stevens Brook Elementary School – Cheryl Turpin

  • The Geography Bee was held; Brayden Warde, Grade 4 was the winner and Annie O’Connor, Grade 5, was the runner-up.  Brayden has done the paper and pencil test to see if he qualifies for the State Competition.
  • Che Che Stoddard, a fourth grade student, served as an honorary page at the State House.
  • Stevens Brook Elementary School is in the last phase of the Keyboarding program.  Rosie Schacht was thanked for making it happen and Audrey Langey was thanked for coming to the school and providing this opportunity for students.  Keyboarding is a life skill for students.  The State testing will be done on-line this year so the training was very timely.
  • All the elementary schools are involved in curriculum work.  The first round of grade level meetings were completed prior to vacation and the next round will begin on February 26.  Teachers are working in grade level teams to articulate the grade level curriculum and enter it into Rubicon Atlas.
  • McTeacher Night was held at McDonald’s as a fundraiser on
February 12.  Stevens Brook Elementary School staff worked alongside the McDonald’s staff from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The school will receive 20% of the proceeds during that time.  A lot of families participated and had a lot of fun.
  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress Testing (NAEP) takes place every other year.  Grade 4 students at Stevens Brook Elementary School are consistently, randomly selected to participate.  This is a Federal test that serves as a common metric for schools nationwide and the scores from this test are reported out in the Nation’s Report Card.  The test was completed just before vacation.
  • A Penny Drive was held as a fundraiser for Harvest Hills.
  • The Title I After School Program will have a Book Signing event on Thursday, February 26.
  • Read Across America Day will be held on March 13, 2015.
  • Enrollment changes this year are 110 to date; 69 moved in and 41 moved out.
Songo Locks School – Cheryl Cline

  • Sebago Elementary School staff joined the Songo Locks School staff for professional development on January 5.  Staff worked on the Math Section of the Smarter Balanced practice test.  The test was analyzed to look for vocabulary and verbs the students would need to be familiar with and what tools (calculator, highlighter, zoom) the test requires the students to use.
  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress Assessment (NAEP) was done on January 29.  All 4th grade students participated in one of the following assessments:  reading, math, or science.
  • Grade 5 students are participating in the Children Helping Officers in Cooperation with Educators and Students or C.H.O.I.C.E.s. Program; presentations are focused on making good and bad choices, peer pressure, and drugs and their effects.
  • Students and staff are working toward a goal of reading for 4,674 hours outside of school time for the Iditarod Reading Challenge.  That is the number of miles from Maine to Alaska.  A total of 3,000 hours have been read to date and the deadline is March 6.
In connection with the above reading challenge, Thomas and  Charlotte Carol came to Songo Locks School to talk about mushing.
  • On February 27, the school will kick off a week of celebrating     Dr. Seuss and reading with a Story Character Dress Up Day.  This will begin the One Book One Community reading program.  A picture book titled Akiak will be given to students in grades K-2 and a chapter book Togo will be given to students in grades 3-5.  One book will be provided to each family.   
  • Staff participated in a book study called Mindset.  The author, Carol Sweck, is a psychologist who has completed decades of research on achievement and success. Fixed mindset and growth mindset were explored.  There will be on-going discussions at staff meetings on how to encourage growth mindsets in the school and classrooms.  
Special Services – Lisa Caron

  • There are three educational technician openings at the current time due to recent resignations.
  • State Review
  • The Special Services Office had to do a review of 20% of the files – 70 files.
  • The On-site Review was done by the Department of Education on January 15 – 10% of the files were reviewed – a total of 36 files – 26 were elementary files – 10 were secondary files.  Each file had several areas that had to be in compliance.  One error was found in the elementary files and 2 errors were found in the secondary files.  She commended her staff for their work.


Food Service Bad Debt Write-Off

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approved writing off $7,600.00 in bad debt from the food service program.   

Mr. Madura explained that it is being recommended that $7,600 in bad debt be written off.  These funds have accumulated from student accounts who met the free and reduced guidelines and have at least a $100 in bad debt which cannot be collected.  These funds have been rolling over from previous years.

Vote:  11-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstention.  Motion carried.

2014 Line Item Transfers

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the following Line Item transfers:

$270,322.92 from the Regular Instruction line to:

Transportation line             - $169,805.18
Operations and Maintenance line - $100,517.74

Sherrie Small explained that this is a formality that is done each year.  The funds needed to be transferred due to the cost of oil last year and all the fuel tanks were topped off in the spring while the fuel oil prices were down.

Motion carried unanimously.

Overnight Field Trip Request for the World Quest Team

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve an overnight field trip for the World Quest Team to attend the National Competition in Washington D.C.

Mr. Finn shared that Lake Region High School has been the State Champions for three years in a row.  The students will be fundraising for the funds to go on the trip.

Motion carried unanimously.

Addition of Lead Intervention Teacher

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the addition of a Lead Intervention Teacher at Songo Locks School.  

Vote:  11-Yes, 0-No, 1-Abstention.  Motion carried.
2014-15 School Calendar Change

A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Karla Swanson-Murphy, to change the March 6 Workshop Day and the April 17 Non-Student Day to school days for students and staff.  

Discussion included the following:

  • The recommendations in the agenda information were suggestions from the Leadership Team.  The seniors are currently two days short from the 170 day attendance requirement.
  • Changing the March 6 workshop day and the April 17 Non-Student day to school days would make-up the necessary days for seniors.
  • A teacher workshop day was recommended for Saturday, March 7.  If staff have plans that cannot be changed, the administration will review their issue on an individual basis.
  • It was also recommended that if additional storm days were used, they would be made up on the Saturday of that week (half day of school with lunch being served)
  • In the past, teachers have not come on a Saturday make-up day.
  • A lot of students do not come if school is on a Saturday.
  • If the days are not made up, we will be violating the # of days for seniors and extending the days students have to go to school in June.   
It was suggested that the administrators meet with the Teachers Association to work out the best plan for making up the workshop day.   

2015-16 School Calendar

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the 2015-16 school calendar as a first reading.  

A discussion was as follows:

  • There is not a lot of leeway in the calendar for storm days with regard to seniors.  We could be in the same situation next year as this year.
  • The school year is currently planned to start on September 2 for students and end of June 14 if there are no storm days.
  •  Graduation is planned for June 12.
Alternatives were suggested as follows:

  • Have the first day of school by on August 31
  • Have December 23 be a half-day of school
  • Keep February vacation, change April vacation as follows:  Monday is a holiday, go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday, and have Thursday and Friday off for a 4-day weekend.
2015-16 School Calendar  (continued)

  • Going to school at the end of June is too hot
  • Make the October Workshop Day a ½ day
  • Make the November Non-Student day a ½ day
  • The Vocational Calendar has to be in-line with the sending schools with only 5 days difference.  The sending schools’ calendars have already been set up.  The calendar will need to be reviewed.
  • M.S.A.D. #72 and M.S.A.D. #55 work closely with the District.   They were notified of the 2014-15 proposed calendar change and will try hard to get students here the maximum number of days possible.
A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Debra Albert, to table the 2015-16 school calendar.  Motion carried unanimously.  


A motion was made to approve the following personnel items as a block:

  • Reappointment of Building Administrators and Director per the Memo dated February 23, 2015.
  • Johanna Bartlett as the Lead Intervention Teacher at Songo Locks School.
  • Jessica Grover as a Special Education Health Care Technician at Lake Region High School, replacing Karina Johnson who resigned.
Motion carried unanimously.  

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the above block.  Motion carried unanimously.

Certification Policy Revision

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the revision to the Certification policy.  Motion carried unanimously.

Superintendent Smith explained that the change would allow people to  mentor staff out of their current area of certification they are working under.

Motion carried unanimously.

Academic Leader Job Description

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the Academic Leader job description as a second reading.  

Academic Leader Job Description  (continued)

Superintendent Smith mentioned that the job description was revised as follows:

  • Five years classroom teaching experience was changed to Three – five years
  • Reports to was change to Principal and/or Superintendent
  • Terms of Employment – In-line with other job descriptions
Vote:  10-Yes, 1-No, 0-Abstentions.  Motion carried.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the following donations as a block:

  • Songo Locks School received $50.00 from the for a classroom project called:  “Yoga: Get Moving and Get Fit!”
  • Songo Locks School received $550.00 from for a classroom project called “First Year Teacher’s Project.”
  • North Bridgton Public Library has made a donation to Lake Region High School, Lake Region Middle School, and Stevens Brook Elementary School to be used for the school libraries.
Motion carried unanimously.

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve the above block.  Motion carried unanimously.

Vote to Authorize a Grant Agreement and Acceptance of a Related $496,078 Grant under the Federal Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program

A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, that I move the Vote entitled, “Vote to Authorize a Grant Agreement and Acceptance of a Related $496,078 Grant under the Federal Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program,” be accepted in form presented to this meeting and that and attested copy of this Vote be included with the minutes of this meeting.

Vote to Authorize a Grant Agreement and Acceptance of a Related $496,078 Grant under the Federal Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant Program



Voted:  That under and pursuant to the provisions of Title VII of the    
        Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996, as
        amended, Title 20-A of the Maine Revised Statutes of 1986, as
        amended, and all other applicable law, Regional School Unit
        No. 61 (the “District”) is authorized to accept a Federal
        grant in the amount of $496,078.00 (the “Grant”) and to fully
        perform the terms and conditions of the Grant, including
        without limitation all Grant matching contribution
        requirements; that in connection with the Grant, the
        Superintendent of Schools is authorized on the District’s
        behalf to execute and deliver a Distance Learning and
        Telemedicine Grant Agreement dated on or about November 21,
        2014, between the District, as Grantee, and the United State
        of America, as Grantor, on such terms and conditions as the
        Grantor may require (the “Grant Agreement”); that the
        accomplishment of the Project, as defined in the Grant
        Agreement, is approved for the purpose therein stated, namely,
        to furnish or improve distance learning (the “Project”); that
        the Superintendent is authorized to execute and deliver such
        other documents, certificates and other instruments and to
        take all such other actions as the Superintendent may deem
        necessary or advisable to effectuate and administer the Grant
        and to complete the Project; and that all such actions, if
        any, taken by the Superintendent prior to the date hereof are
        ratified and approved as fully as if taken after the date

Motion carried unanimously.  

PDT Architects Proposal

A motion was made by Philip Shane, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to approve PDT Architects proposal of $9,000.00 to review the District’s elementary facilities options and recommend a proposal.

Superintendent Smith reported that a meeting was held with PDT Architects to ask them to review the District’s options for the elementary facilities and come up with a proposal on what it would cost to do that and the time frame.

The proposed cost was $9,000 and it will take approximately 6 weeks to come up with a proposal.

Discussion included the following:

  • If this is a 10-year plan, how does the Middle School and High School get included into the plan.  Superintendent Smith responded
that if the Board wanted him to, he would talk to the Architect to include the Middle School and High School.
  • The original items will be reviewed first and the addition of the Middle School and High School will be brought to the Facilities Committee at a future meeting.
PDT Architects Proposal (continued)

  • Is the parking at Songo Locks School included in the elementary facilities review?  Superintendent Smith suggested that the parking issue be put on hold until the Architects proposal is received.
  • Mr. Madura added that DeLuca Hoffman, the company that did the parking lot proposal, works very closely with PDT Architects.  The parking will be included as part of the recommendations.
  • Approval will be needed from the Department of Environmental Protection before any work can be done.

Ted Finn shared that the Channel 13 School Spirit Challenge will be on Thursday, February 26 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.  Board members were invited to attend to see what Lake Region is all about.

Phil Shane congratulated the Boys’ Basketball Team for being runner-ups in the Western Maine Basketball Tournaments.


Committee Reports

Facilities Committee

Phil Shane had no report as everything had been previously discussed.

Finance Committee

Karla Swanson-Murphy reported that the Committee met on January 8.

The following items were included on the agenda:
  • Meeting with the District’s auditor
  • Food Service Debt
  • Pellet Bid Results
  • DonorsChoose was moved forward for investigation
  • There have been 3 budget meetings since the last Finance Committee meeting.  The budget is currently at a 4% increase.
  • A March 12 meeting was tentatively scheduled to finalize the budget, if necessary.
Curriculum Committee

Karen Eller mentioned that the Committee met on February 10.  The Minutes were included in the Board’s packet.  Staff reports were made from the Middle School and High School on Math Curriculum.  It was noted that the Middle School needs to collaborate with Grade 5 and the High School needs to collaborate with Grade 8 to make a smoother transition for students.
Curriculum Committee (continued)

The next meeting will be on March 10 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. at the Central Office.  The agenda will include the following:  Grades 3-5 and K-2 Math presentations; a presentation on SARSSM – Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine; and a Lake Region School District Oral Health presentation.  

Liaison Committee

Alison Caulfield reported that the Committee met prior to the Board meeting.  

The next meeting is scheduled for March 16 at 5:30 p.m.   

The agenda will include the following:  “Be My Guest”, Laker Pride Awards – Nominations are due by February 27, Discuss and Dessert, Employee Recognition, and Breakfast with the Board.  

Personnel Committee

Stan Buchanan reported on the following:

The Non-Teaching Association was contacted to begin negotiations.  Cindy LeBlanc will be on this negotiating team.

Karen Eller will be the Chief Negotiator for the Administrator’s Contract.  Stan Buchanan and Debra Albert will also be on this Negotiating Team.  

Janice Barter asked anyone interested in being on the Non-Teaching Negotiations team to give her a call.

Superintendent’s Report




  • John Patrick Yorkey resigned as an Assistant Principal at Lake Region Middle School, effective June 30, 2015
  • Richard Shepard resigned as a Fire Science Program Instructor at Lake Region Vocational Center, effective January 9, 2015
  • David Sargent, a Special Education Technician at Lake Region Middle School resigned, effective January 23, 2015

Resignations (continued)

  • Darlene Ridlon resigned as a Day Treatment Educational Technician at Songo Locks School, effective February 11, 2015
  • Gail Brooks resigned as a Standards Interventionist at Songo Locks School, effective February 13, 2015
  • Jennifer Rudin resigned as a Special Education Day Treatment Support Technician at Songo Locks School, effective February 13, 2015

  • Andrea Kuvaja transferred from a Bus Monitor to a Van Driver, effective January 6, 2015
  • Karyn Roy transferred from a Special Education Resource Room Teacher to an IEP Team Coordinator for Songo Locks School (and District) for 2 days per week, effective January 28, 2015 for the remainder of the 2014-15 school year only.  
  • Rosemary Clow transferred as a Special Education Technician III from Sebago Elementary School to Songo Locks School, effective
February 5, 2015, replacing Marie Libby who resigned


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to go into Executive Session to discuss the acquisition of property pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. SS 405 6.C.  Motion carried unanimously.

The Board went into Executive Session at 8:50 p.m. and returned to Public Session at 9:20 p.m.


A motion was made by Karla Swanson-Murphy, seconded by Beth Chaplin, to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 9:21 p.m.


                                                Date Approved