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School Board Minutes 08/11/2008

Lake Region School District
Board Workshop
August 11, 2008
There was a Board Workshop on Monday, August 11, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. Board members present were Wayne Warner, Chairperson, Janice Barter, Jean Clancy, John Fillmore-Patrick, Jody Gray, Glen Niemy, Donna Norton, Philip Shane, Mike Skarbinski, Chris Stanford, Brook Sulloway, and Janet Ver Planck. Richard Merritt was absent.
Administrators present were: Andrew Madura, Sherrie Weese, and Patrick Phillips, Superintendent of Schools.
A motion was made by Jody Gray, seconded by Mike Skarbinski, to approve the agenda with the addition of the agenda addendum. Motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Jean Clancy, seconded by Mike Skarbinski, to move the Freedom of Access training to the next item on the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendent Phillips provided Board members with training on the Maine Freedom of Access Law. The topic will also be on the Maine School Management Associations’ Fall Conference agenda and Board members can sign up for that also. All Board members must be trained by the end of the Maine School Management Fall Conference.
• There was a discussion regarding emails sent by Board members and whether they should be archived.
• If someone requests information from a Board member, the Board member should refer the person or the request to the Superintendent.

Two workshops have been scheduled. The first will be on September 8 at 6:00 p.m. Dale Douglass from Maine School Management Association and Bruce Smith from Drummond Woodsum will do a workshop on Boardsmanship. On September 22, Bruce Smith from Drummond Woodsum will present to the Board and the administrators information on student suspension and expulsion.
Superintendent Phillips urged Board members to submit any questions to him so he can forward them to the appropriate person to have answers available at the workshop.
Facilities Review Committee
Superintendent Phillips mentioned that the Facilities Review Committee has had three meetings to date. The initial meeting was to set ground rules and dates. Andrew Madura reviewed the Committee’s progress to date.
The Facilities Review Committee includes the following members: Robert Caron, Alan Crabtree, Andrew Madura, Richard Merritt, Donna Norton, Philip Shane, Brook Sulloway, Cheryl Turpin, Wayne Warner, Sue Witonis, Woody Woodward, and Patrick Phillips. The majority of the members were previously on the Facilities Ad Hoc Committee or the Regionalization Committee.
The last meeting was used to identify the issues. Rosie Schacht, Roger Lowell, and Zane Clement presented information to the Committee in the morning and the elementary principals reviewed options with the Committee in the afternoon.

Board Workshop August 11, 2008 Page 2
Another meeting is scheduled for October 18 from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to continue the discussion.
The Committee will work on the pros and cons of various options with the purpose of eliminating some of the options and coming up with recommendations for the Facilities Committee. All facilities will be reviewed.
Superintendent Phillips listed several critical assets for the Committee including Andy’s knowledge regarding the District’s facilities and the transportation routes, and the previous work completed by the Facilities Ad Hoc Committee and the Regionalization Committee. The Facilities Review Committee’s purpose is to look at the issues, find ways to reduce costs and still provide effective and adequate programs and building space for the students. The Committee will identify some issues that the full Board will need to make decisions on.
The Committee will be reporting to the Facilities Committee in the next few weeks. It is hoped to have recommendations to bring to the voters in November, therefore, the public will need to be informed of the recommendations as soon as possible.
Andy Madura was thanked for the presentation.
It was suggested that town informational meetings be scheduled to discuss general issues, Board goals, etc.
Superintendent Phillips mentioned that he, several Board members, and Sherrie Weese recently met with
Jim Rier at the Department of Education to discuss financial, EPS, and school construction issues.
With regard to construction requests, the District will be grandfathered and was told to keep their applications current. The District will not be penalized for making improvements to facilities and could possibly be moved up higher on the list. The question is whether it will be in time to benefit the District.
Jim Rier shared information on previous and future EPS funds.
Sherrie Weese shared a spread sheet of anticipated subsidy for 2009-10.
In reviewing 2009-10 funding, based on the 2008-09 valuations, the District will loose between $1 to $1.5 million dollars.
The District will continue working with Mr. Rier regarding the special education portion of the EPS formula.
Mr. Rier was asked if the District has to provide any information to the State upon being approved for an Alternate Plan. The District is under no obligation for any reporting. The process is assumed to be self-regulating and the taxpayers make the decision of what they will support for school funding. The Facilities Review Committee’s recommendations will be a result of the Alternate Plan.
It will be important to keep the voters informed of the budget each year.
The budget process will begin soon. It will be recommended that the budget be prepared with a 0% budget increase. Areas of focus this year will be teacher and administrator negotiations, fuel and health insurance costs. Town managers are very concerned with the economy due to property taxes and fuel costs.

Board Workshop August 11, 2008 Page 3
A motion was made by Mike Skarbinski, seconded by Glen Niemy, to approve the Minutes of June 17, 2008. Motion carried unanimously.
MLTI Technical Facilitator
A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Mike Skarbinski, to approve the MLTI Technical Facilitiator’s job description as a first reading. Motion carried unanimously.
A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Donna Norton to approve the following personnel items as a block:
• Cynthia Ludwig as a Special Education Teacher at Lake Region Middle School, replacing Sue Meuse who has resigned.
• Stephanie Whiting as a Title I Teacher at Songo Locks School, replacing Johanna Bartlett who has transferred to another position.
• Lisa Nelson as a District-wide Occupational Therapist, replacing MaryAnne Moison who has resigned.
• Reappointment of Dan Jenkins as a 2nd Year Probationary Special Education Teacher at Lake Region High School.
• Elaine Rowe as Administrative Secretary at Crooked River Elementary School, replacing Brenda Cross
• Sarah Gerry as a Title I Educational Technician III at Songo Locks School. This is a new position as a result of Title I funding.
• Jan Wilk as a part-time Title I Educational Technician III at Sebago Elementary School (9 hours) and Stevens Brook Elementary School (12 hours), replacing Christine Dinsmore.
• Kayla Bailey as a Day Treatment Support Technician at Lake Region Middle School, replacing

Jennifer Coulombe who has resigned.
• Sarah Champoli as a Day Treatment Support Technician at Songo Locks School, replacing Jennifer Kelly who has resigned.
• Laura Spinner as a Day Treatment Support Technician at Stevens Brook Elementary School. This is a new position.
• Christine Piland as a District-wide Special Education Permanent Substitute, replacing Kellisha DeCarlo who has resigned.
• Appointment of Additional Duty positions per the Memo dated August 5, 2008.
• Janice Shanks as a Grade 1 Teacher at Songo Locks School, replacing Cassandra Smith who has resigned.

Motion carried unanimously.

Board Workshop August 11, 2008 Page 4
A motion was made by Janice Barter, seconded by Mike Skarbinski, to approve the above block. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendent Phillips mentioned that there are additional positions still being filled.
MSBA Resolutions and Delegates
Chairperson Warner mentioned that the MSMA Fall Conference would be held on October 23 and 24.
The following Board members are planning to attend the conference: Janice Barter, Brook Sulloway,
Donna Norton, Jody Gray, Mike Skarbinski, and Wayne Warner.
A motion was made by Donna Norton, seconded by Jody Gray, to elect Wayne Warner as the Delegate to the Delegate Assembly at the MSMA Fall Conference. Motion carried unanimously.
Superintendent Phillips distributed the Resolutions passed in 2007-08 and asked Board members to submit any suggested resolutions to him by August 13 so he could forward them to Maine School Management
Board Evaluations/Goals
Superintendent Phillips distributed copies of the Distrrict’s Strategic Plan to Board members for dissemination in their respective community.
Goals Discussion
• Last year’s goals included regionalization and facilities. As the regionalization portion of the goal has been completed the goal was revised to read: “Provide opportunities for the public to be educated on the District’s budget, regionalization process and STRATEGIC facilityies PLAN.
• It was requested that the goals be revisited throughout the year to be sure the Board is on task and achieving the goals.
• Concern was raised regarding bullying in the schools. Bruce Smith will discuss this topic on

September 22. The on-going goal was revised as follows: Continue to provide a safe environment for all
students and staff that is conducive to learning, WITH AN EMPHASIS ON PREVENTING BULLYING
• The Board needs to agree on the goals. Superintendent Phillips will work with the Leadership Team to determine actions and measures to execute the goals during the month of September and bring the results back to the Board.
• Board goals should be broad.
• Programs, such as Peer Helpers, are disjointed throughout the District. Is it possible for the Leadership Team to develop a network of natural non-violent ways to solve problems?
• The Facilities plan will be a 10-year plan or longer and will be flexible.
• Find ways to integrate art, music and physical education into the curriculum. An On-Going Goal was added as follows: ENSURE THAT STUDENTS CONTINUE TO RECEIVE INSTRUCTION IN AREAS BEYOND THE CORE CURRICULUM.
• The following On-going Goal was changed as follows: Encourage the investigation and implementation of alternative and supplemental programs for all grade levels to INCREASE affect the graduation rate.

Board Workshop August 11, 2008 Page 5
The Board should give more direction in the budget process. The budget process was explained. Board members can bring up a topic at any meeting.
Protocol for adding items to the agenda: If someone wants an item on the agenda, they should call or send a request to the Superintendent.
A first reading of the Board’s goals will be included on the August 25 agenda.
Policy Work
• Board committees will review the policies that fall under their areas.
• The code of conduct needs to be reviewed.
• The Superintendent’s Evaluation Policy will be reviewed by the Personnel Committee as it needs some revisions.
• Facilities and Personnel Committee meetings will plan to be held one hour prior to Board meetings; Personnel Committee prior to the first meeting of the month and Facilities Committee the second meeting of the month.
• The Curriculum Committee usually meets between 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. so school employees can come to the meetings. A schedule will be set at the first meeting of the Committee.
• The Finance Committee will meet to set up a schedule.
• The Liaison Committee will meet to set up a schedule and try to get school personnel to participate on a more regular basis.
• It was requested that items discussed at a Committee meeting prior to the Board meeting not be included on that evening’s agenda whenever possible.

Policy Committee
Superintendent Phillips mentioned that several Boards have Policy Committees. They serve as a clearing house and also disseminate policies to the Committees. They also review policy recommendations for continuity and consistency.
In the past, the Chairperson of each Committee has served as a Policy Committee. This has worked well.
The Superintendent and Chairs of each Committee will investigate the policies to be reviewed and report back to the Board.
School Board Chairperson Term Limit
It was the consensus of the Board to elect a Chairperson on an annual basis as is currently done. Board members were encouraged to serve as Chairperson as it is a learning experience and will make a stronger Board.
Facilities Tour
Superintendent Phillips mentioned the importance of the Facilities work this year and that the Facility Tour should focus on the implicated buildings. He asked for a time that Board members would be available.

Board Workshop August 11, 2008 Page 6
Facilities Tour (cont.’d)
The following suggestions were made:
• Go to the schools when they are in session
• Go for either an afternoon or a morning and include lunch at a school
• Saturday morning
• Invite Town Selectmen to attend

Superintendent’s Report
There will be a Leadership Team Retreat on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Mary Jane McCalmon will facilitate the meeting. It will be the most important two days with this team. The group will focus on goals for the year ahead and discuss questions that relate to the systemic analysis of the District.
A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19 to do an audit of the District’s curriculum and learning systems. The professional staff will discuss how are we doing with curriculum, professional development, data analysis, and reporting to parents.
Superintendent Phillips has been visiting with each principal at their school to become familiar with their programs and buildings. He mentioned that he is very impressed with the administrators and the programs.
He mentioned that the curriculum process is being reviewed. No decisions have been made regarding the system. If anyone has any questions, ask them to speak to Mr. Phillips. Any changes in the process will go to the Curriculum Committee to be reviewed.
A Ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at Lake Region Middle School as soon as it is ready. A time and date will follow.
The gym floor at Lake Region Middle School will need to be redone during February or April vacation. There was a problem in putting down the apoxy mix and it caused some discoloration. It is a warranty issue and is in the process of being resolved. The bleachers will be installed soon.
Superintendent Phillips mentioned that he is happy to be in the District and is enjoying the work.
• Mark Schrader has resigned as a Special Education Teacher at Lake Region High School.
• Christine Dinsmore has resigned as a Standards Interventionist at Sebago Elementary School.
• Evelyn Abrams will transfer from a Library Educational Technician to a Title I Educational Technician III at Stevens Brook Elementary School, replacing Evelyn Abrams.
• Carole Carey has transferred to a full-time Title I Teacher at Songo Locks School.
• Diane McLaughlin is transferring from a Permanent Substitute at Sebago Elementary School to a part-time Elementary Library Educational Technician III at Crooked River Elementary and Sebago Elementary Schools.

Minutes August 11, 2008 Page 7
A motion was made by Mike Skarbinski, seconded by John Fillmore-Patrick, to adjourn.
Motion carried unanimously.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Date Approved