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Community Disaster Committee Minutes 06/20/2007
Community Disaster Committee

Minutes of Committee Meeting, Wednesday, June 20, 2007.  

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Members present:  Carol Brown, Jason Schoolcraft, Tim Smith, Allen Crabtree, and Dan Nowell
Members absent: Ken Littlefield, Anita Chadbourne, Robert Nicholson
Guests present: Helen Trombley

1.      Minutes from March 21 meeting were distributed and approved.

2.      Generators – Allen reported on a program through the Homeland Security Grant Program that would be available this summer which gives priority to funding generators for emergency shelters.  He spoke with CCEMA about it and recommended that we apply.  The committee concurred.  There was discussion about whether to apply for three generators for the town hall complex (see last meeting minutes) or to add generators for the DPW and Rescue barns as well.  Allen will check with CCEMA about this.  

Action items - Allen will prepare a grant application request form for review by the BOS and the Town Manager, and will track the grant application process to see when the window will open.

Jason will follow up with McIver Electric to get additional quotes for the generators and installation.  Also the terms for a service contract for the generators once installed.

3.      Old Town Hall Renovations - Jason said that the repairs to the projector room would be minor, requiring a few sheets of 3/8” drywall, paint, as well as tiles for the floor.

The Recreation supplies still need to be removed from the command center so that repairs/renovations can be done.

Dan said that he was still waiting on Kurt Christensen to give an estimate for installing the showers.

The radio we received from the CCEMA was used during the Patriot’s Day storm at the Station 1 command post and worked well.

Action items – Jason will prepare a list of supplies needed for the projector room and submit it to the Town Manager for review and approval.

Allen will speak with the Town Manager about having the recreation supplies removed.

Dan will follow up with Kurt to get an estimate for the showers.

Allen will work with the TM to draft a status report for the BOS with committee recommendations for work to be done to get the Town Hall ready for use as a shelter, and asking the BOS to designate the Town Hall as the primary shelter for the town.  He will bring the draft report back to the committee for their review before submitting it to the BOS.

4.      Shelter Supplies – Carol spoke with the people handling the Gifts in Kind program.  The types of items are generally not what we need for the shelter, although some of the office equipment (desks, chairs, and filing cabinets) would be useful for the command center.

5.      Pandemic Flu – Helen briefed the committee on plans for dealing with pandemic flu should it strike Sebago and Cumberland County.  In this instance, people will be asked to “shelter in place” in their homes and should plan on having 2 weeks of supplies at home.  The community shelter would not be used to house people because of the infectious nature of the flu, however the shelter would be useful as a place to store equipment such as personal protection masks and gloves, and other emergency supplies.  She recommended 30 sets of PPEs at the shelter. She hopes to have a plan in place before the flu season this winter, and would like to have a chance at the September meeting to present a draft of the plan.  There will be a flu clinic in October which will be a good opportunity to educate the public.  She would also like to gather information on the elderly and disabled population in town, and suggested that perhaps while the CDBG surveys are being done this summer that this information could be gathered.

6.      Shelter Activation Criteria – There was discussion about what events should be cause for activating the town shelter.  These included an extended major power loss, severe (hot or cold) weather conditions, a large accident (e.g. – propane fire that prompts evacuations),  or other events that affect special needs/disabled individuals in town.

Action items – Allen will follow up with the Red Cross to see if they have a shelter activation protocol that we can review.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.