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2010/09/19 Minutes
Sebago Fire and Rescue Building Task Force

Minutes from Meeting of September 19, 2010

Meeting opened at 6:05 pm.

In attendance were Anita Chadbourne, Phil Strike, Carl Dolloff, Jim Smith, Ann Farley and Allen Crabtree.

Absent were Tim Smith and Alan Greene who both had work commitments.

Materials from prior committees were distributed to help bring the task force members up to speed, including the Neal Courtney report from 2004, a slide presentation by the Public Safety Committee to the June 2007 Town Meeting, an architect’s drawing and budget for the fire house proposed as part of the unsuccessful DHS 2009 grant request.

There was discussion on each of these, and agreement that several pieces needed to be addressed in order to prepare a package to bring to town voters next year.

1.      Building Design – Review the 2009 building design (that was prepared for siting a new fire station on the Station 2 property) and see if any changes should be made.  What building design is needed to meet the present and future needs of Sebago Fire and Rescue departments?

Assigned to Alan, Phil, Carl, Tim and Anita to meet, develop a design and bring back at the next meeting for consideration.

2.      Site Selection – Three sites are in consideration – Station 2 property, Town Land at the ball fields or next to the Rescue Building, and land in Crowe’s sand pit.  There was considerable discussion about all the sites.  The ideal site would be 3 to 5 acres in size.  In order to select one site we need costs for each as well as understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each.   

Assigned to Jim to meet again with Shaw Brothers about the costs of a site next to Route 114 at Crowe’s old sand pit to bring back to the next meeting for discussion.  Ann and/or Allen will try and attend if available.

3.      Costs and Budget – Jim said that he had received preliminary estimates for a new building based on the 2009 design – one in steel, one in wood and one with block construction.  The building would be closed in an complete from the outside but no rooms or offices would be constructed inside, for later completion.  The bids ranged from $375 thousand to $425 thousand to $700 thousand.  It was agreed that steps #1 and #2 above need to be pinned down before any further cost estimates can be developed.

4.      Participation by Standish – We discussed previous meetings we have had with Standish about their providing a tanker-pumper to be housed at the new station.  They will need a timetable from Sebago in order to move ahead, while we need a firm commitment so that we can do the same.  It was agreed to invite a delegation from Standish to a future task force meeting once we are more prepared with specifics and a plan on our part.

Assignment – Alan Greene will contact the Standish Chief and continue discussions and report back at the next task force meeting.

5.      Future Use of Old Facilities – when a new fire/rescue building is built, what will become of Station 2, Station 3 and the Rescue building?  These need to be pinned down, as people will want to know.  Anita suggested that either the State Police or County Sheriff may want to use the Rescue Building for a substation, similar to what is done in Standish and Naples.

Assignment - Jim to talk to the State Police and/or County Sheriff to see if there is any interest.

6.      Financing – There was discussion about bonding, financing or other means of paying for the new building.  As more information becomes available this will be developed in the future.  For now, a target cost of $500 thousand would be used to determine what options are available and what each would cost.

Assignment – Jim will ask Michele to research financing options and bring back to the next meeting.

7.      Public Hearings – Once the Task Force has developed a complete package, with reasons and options, one or two public hearings should be held to hear citizen input.  The word should get out as widely as possible, including the spring newsletter and perhaps a direct mailing to taxpayers.  This should all take place in the spring – probably March.

8.      Town meeting – a package to finance and build the new station would be put on the warrant for the June 2011 town meeting and brought to the voters then for approval.

Next meeting of the task force is on Sunday, October 10, at 6pm at the town offices.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.